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Auditing a Course

Auditing a Course

Students may audit a course and attend without taking examinations. The regular tuition rate is charged. Audited courses carry no credit and do not count as a part of one’s course load, which will affect a student’s status if he or she receives financial aid or veterans benefits or holds an F-1/M-1 visa. Students who wish to change status in a course from credit to audit or from audit to credit must complete the Auditing a Class Form (125–012) and have it signed by the instructor and the academic dean within the add/drop period for the course (no later than the census date). Students may also audit NOVA Online courses with the instructor’s permission. The instructor may still require a certain level of attendance or completion of some assignments; students should follow the guidelines on the course syllabus or negotiate expectations with the instructor early in the semester.

Students who wish to earn credit for a previously audited course must retake the course by reenrolling in the course for credit and paying normal tuition to earn a grade other than X. Advanced standing credit will not be awarded for a previously audited course.

Complete instructions for auditing a class can be found on Form 125–012.