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Annandale Campus

Annandale Campus

8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia 22003
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Campus Offices and StaffRoomTelephone
Main Number 703-323-3000
Provost: Dr. Charlotte Calobrisi, Acting Provost CG202 703-323-3223
Academic Support Services: Sarah Bogdewiecz, Coordinator CG406 703-323-2221
Adjunct Faculty Specialist: Ethel Brent DeLaney CT232 703-323-3169
Bookstore CA202 703-323-3185 
Business and Public Services Division: Celeste Dubeck-Smith, Dean CC220F 703-323-3157
Business Office: Brad Keppler, Acting Business Manager CA104B 703-323-3060
Campus Academic Administration: Christine Holt, Dean CG202 703-764-7784
Campus Operations: Rizwan Rahman, Director CG202 703-425-5194
Center for Academic Assistance and Enrollment Services CG224 703-323-5085
Counseling Services: Kelly DeSenti, Associate Dean of Students CA112 703-323-3200
Credit Program Developer: Dr. Lisa R. O’Quinn CC216E 703-323-3164
Enrollment Services: Margaret Omwenga, Registrar CC114 703-323-3499
Evening Administration: Dr. Andrew S. Goldstein, Coordinator CT233 703-323-3723
Faculty/Staff Resource Center: Hector Revollo, Manager CG206 703-323-3771
Financial Aid CA113 855-323-3199
Information and Instructional Support Services CG402 703-323-4259
Languages and Literature Division: Dr. Bruce Mann, Acting Dean CN228 703-323-4441
Learning and Technology Resources: Dr. Braddlee, Dean CG206 703-323-3004
Library CG300 703-323-3128
Liberal Arts Division: Dr. Burton Peretti, Dean CM342 703-323-3107
Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division: Dr. Abbas Eftekhari, Dean CS208 703-323-3109
Military Services 703-845-8132
Open Computer Lab CT122 703-323-3726
Pathway to the Baccalaureate CA112 703-323-3359
Police/Public Safety CA105 703-764-5000

Student Life:
Tom DiCato, Senior Advisor
Jessica Gardner



Student Services: Dr. Ellen Fancher-Ruiz, Dean CA315 703-323-3382
Student Success: Wes Hillyard, Coordinator CA113 703-323-3328
Student Support Services: Marilyn Deppe, Coordinator CA113 703-323-3328
Testing Center: Jason DeFreitas, Supervisor CA115 703-323-3149
Veterans Advisor: Romulo Sarmiento CA114B 703-323-3149
Workforce Development: Martha Kossoff CE202 703-323-3168