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College Catalog 2014-2015

Finance Specialization
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Offered through AL, AN, LO, MA, WO

Purpose: This program is designed to be broadly based and cover general concepts and principles as they apply to a wide area of finance including the financial management of business firms, real estate finance, international finance, personal finance, and securities investments. A graduate of this program will be competent for an entry-level position in any of the financial services industries and will have the overall academic preparation needed to make it possible to advance to a higher-level position.

Two Years Credits
1st Semester
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting 3
BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
1MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I 3
2PED 116 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 1
3___ Social Science Elective 3
4SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total   17
2nd Semester
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II 3
BUS 125 Applied Business Math 3
ENG 112 College Composition II 3
FIN 107 Personal Finance 3
ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts or 3
  AST  236  Specialized Software Applications or  
  BUS  226  Computer Business Applications  
MKT 201 Intro to Marketing 3
Total   18
3rd Semester
BUS 220 Intro to Business Statistics 3
BUS 241 Business Law I 3
5CST Elective 3
6ECO 120 Survey of Economics 3
FIN 215 Financial Management 3
7___ Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Total   18
4th Semester
BUS 200 Principles of Management 3
BUS 205 Human Resource Management 3
FIN 108 Principles of Securities Investment 3
FIN 248 International Finance 3
2PED/RPK Elective 1
REA 217 Real Estate Finance 3
Total   16
Total credits for the Finance Specialization=69

1 May substitute a higher-level math. Consult with a academic advisor for appropriate selection.

2 The PED requirement may be met by one of the following options: PED 116, 2 cr.; PED 116, 1 cr. plus a PED activities course, 1 cr.; or PED 116, 1 cr. plus RPK activities course. PED 116 is offered as both a 1-credit and a 2-credit course.

3 See social/behavioral sciences courses listed under General Education Electives.

4 May substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.

5 Select from the following: CST 100, CST 110, CST 115, CST 126, CST 227, or CST 229.

6 Students wishing to transfer to a four-year college need to take ECO 201-202.

7 See humanities/fine arts courses listed under General Education Electives.