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College Catalog 2014-2015

General Forensic Investigation
Career Studies Certificate
Offered through AN, MA, WO

Purpose: This curriculum is designed to provide an introduction to the forensic investigation aspect of law enforcement and investigation. It provides an overview of forensic evidence, investigation methods, and procedures suitable for persons exploring the field as a career option or in need of training for promotion. The curriculum can be applied toward program electives in the Associate of Applied Science in Administration of Justice.

One Year Credits
1st Semester
ADJ 171 Forensic Science I 4
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I 3
Total   10
2nd Semester
ADJ 212 Criminal Law, Evidence, and Procedures II 3
1ADJ 275 Forensic Pathology or 3-4
  2ADJ  298  Homicide Seminar or  
  BIO  101  General Biology I or  
  CHM  101  General Chemistry I  
3ADJ Forensic Elective 3
Total   9-10
Total credits for the General Forensic Investigation Career Studies Certificate=19-20

All first-time students must take a one-credit Student Development (SDV) course prior to enrolling in their 16th credit at NOVA.

1 Course should be selected according to desired forensic specialty or emphasis.

2 Homicide Seminar must be three-credit option.

3 Approved forensic elective courses include the following: ADJ 118, ADJ 127, ADJ 134, ADJ 157, ADJ 164, ADJ 165, ADJ 172, ADJ 173, ADJ 174, ADJ 175, ADJ 176, ADJ 186, ADJ 226, ADJ 235, ADJ 236, ADJ 237, ADJ 276, ADJ 278.