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College Catalog 2014-2015

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Offered through AN, ELI, MA, WO

Purpose:  The curriculum is designed to provide a broad foundation that will prepare students to enter any of the varied fields in criminal justice or to prepare for professional advancement. The occupational objectives for students include local, state, and federal enforcement officers, police officers, private or government investigators, adult/juvenile correction officers, probation/parole officers and counselors, security directors (managers), loss prevention directors, classification managers, and personnel clearance administrators. Most of the ADJ courses in this curriculum are "core courses" that provide a basic entry-level foundation in both criminal justice and security administration. These courses must be taken by ALL STUDENTS in this program. At several points in the curriculum, "course options" are provided for selection by the students.

Special Curriculum Admission Requirements: Students are advised that many criminal justice and private/government security agencies require excellent moral character and a written record of conduct prior to consideration for employment.

Two Years Credits
1st Semester
ADJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice 3
1ADJ 111 Law Enforcement Organization and Administration I 3
ADJ Elective or BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
2PED 116 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 1
3 ___ Social Science Elective 3
4SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total   17
2nd Semester
ADJ 105 The Juvenile Justice System 3
ADJ 107 Survey of Criminology 3
5ADJ Elective or 3
  ADJ  159  Physical Security  
6MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I 3
2PED/RPK Elective 1
3___ Social Science Elective 3
Total   16
3rd Semester
ADJ 211 Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures I 3
ADJ 216 Organized Crime and Corruption 3
ADJ 236 Prin. of Criminal Investigation or 3
  ADJ  234  Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism  
CST 110 Intro to Communication 3
7___ Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts 3
Total   18
4th Semester
ADJ 133 Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional 3
ADJ 212 Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures II 3
ADJ 237 Adv. Criminal Investigation or 3
  ADJ  228  Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs or  
  ADJ  248  Probation/Parole/Treatment  
5ADJ Elective or 3
  ADJ  255  Security Management or  
  ADJ  256  Information Security  
PLS 135 American National Politics or 3
  HIS  121  U.S. History I  
Total   15
Total credits for the Administration of Justice A.A.S.=66

Although not required as part of this program, students planning to transfer to George Mason University (GMU) may wish to complete eight hours of a laboratory science while attending NOVA. Check the current GMU Catalog or contact a GMU academic advisor for further information.

1 May substitute ADJ 140 or ADJ 150.

2 The PED requirements may be met by one of the following options: PED 116, 2 cr.; PED 116, 1 cr., plus a PED activities course, 1 cr.; or PED 116, 1 cr., plus RPK activities course. PED 116 is offered as both a 1-credit and a 2-credit course.

3 See social/behavioral science courses listed under General Education Electives. PSY 201–202 or SOC 201–202 are recommended.

4 May substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.

5 Students interested in a career in the field of corrections should take corrections courses as ADJ electives.

6 May substitute a higher-level math. Students who wish to substitute a laboratory science for MTH 151 MUST meet with their ADJ academic advisor first. The science elective may be selected from physical and life science courses with a lab component, listed under General Education Electives. Some four-year colleges require a two-semester sequence.

7 See humanities/fine arts courses listed under General Education Electives.