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College Catalog 2014-2015


EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT Code: 6320 Catalog Year: 2014-2015
Certificate   Offered through AL, ELI, LO, MA
  Courses Credits
One Year
CHD 118 Language Arts for Young Children or 3
  1 CHD  119  Introduction to Reading Methods  
CHD 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
CHD 145 Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children or 3
  1CHD  225  Curriculum Development for School-Age Child Care  
CHD 146 Math, Science and Social Studies for Children 3
CHD 165 Observation and Participation in Early Childhood/Primary Settings or 3
  1CHD  270  Administration of Childcare Programs  
CHD 205 Guiding the Behavior of Children or 3
  1 CHD  230  Behavior Management for School-Age Child Care  
CHD 216 Early Childhood Programs, School, and Social Change or 3
  1CHD  210  Introduction to Exceptional Children  
EDU 235 Health, Safety, and Nutrition Education 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
PSY 235 Child Psychology 3
2SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total 31
Total credits for the Early Childhood Development Certificate=31

1Students preparing to work with school-age children should take these courses.

2 May substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.