Example of Claim Letter

3000 East James Road
Alexandria, VA 22303
July 20, 1997

Mr. Joel Turner, Manager
Professional Computing, Inc.
2500 Leesburg Pike, Suite 10
Alexandria, VA 22300

Dear Mr. Turner:

I am pleased with the Pentium computer that I purchased from you on July 10, 1997. However, I have discovered one problem that needs to be corrected.

When I purchased the computer, I requested a Matrox Millennium graphics accelerator with a 4 megabyte base board. When I picked up the computer, I signed a statement on the invoice that the computer was configured properly. However, as you can see from an attached copy of the invoice, it does not make clear how much memory was installed with the accelerator. Before signing the statement, I asked about the amount of memory that had been installed. Your salesman, Richard Riley, told me that my system contained a board with 4 MB of memory.

Unfortunately, I have since discovered that my system has only 2 MB of memory. I am upset about the lack of memory since I am unable to produce the project for which I specifically purchased my new computer.

I need to have the memory installed as soon as possible, or I will return the computer within the 30-day period allowed in the sales contract. Please let me know when I can bring the computer in for service. You can reach me at home (572-3304) or at work (634-6803).



Nancy Hoagland

Enc. Invoice No. 34-2580



Northern Virginia Community College
Alexandria Campus
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
3001 North Beauregard St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22311-5097

Last edited August 23, 2002