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FAQ about TRiP

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have prior computer experience? 

All students must be able to type. Basic word processing skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite are strongly encouraged. 

How many students are accepted for each class? 

We accept a maximum of 14 students. We keep the classes small so each student will have access to a computer while in class. 

What if I already have a certification? Am I an eligible applicant? 


What if I do not have a college degree, can I still enroll in the program? Yes. The TRiP Program is geared for career changers who have a minimum of a bachelor's degree or several years of professional work experience. This is a selling point to our internship providers. 

Do I have to be a resident of Virginia? 

No. We have had students from Maryland, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. 

Do I have to be a US citizen to enroll? 

No, but you must have the proper documentation allowing you to work for any US employer. This documentation must be in hand when you begin the program.