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Ed2Go - FAQ

Ed2Go - Online Courses

Where is the Ed2go website?

All course requirements and descriptions are listed at our Online Instruction Center web page: www.ed2go.com/nova. The Online classroom for all Ed2go courses is accessed through this website as well.

How do Ed2go Online classes work?

  • Each course runs for six weeks and consists of 12 lessons.
  • Two lessons are released per week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday.
  • Each lesson takes two hours to complete and is supplemented by interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials, and Online discussion areas.
  • All lessons are available over the World Wide Web. Read your lessons and ask questions of your instructor at times that are most convenient to you.

What do I need to take an Online class?

You will need the following:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer 9.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari)
  • E-mail
  • In some cases, additional software or textbooks. For a complete list of requirements, go to and look up the course you are interested in taking at www.ed2go.com/nova.

What happens if I get behind on the lessons?

You can request a ten day extension at www.ed2go.com/nova and follow the steps:

  • Click on helpline at the top of the page.
  • On the next page, click on Extensions/Drops/Transfers-on the left side of the page.
  • Fill out the required information and click "Request Extension."
  • You may not request more than one extension per course.

Can I take an Online course using a Macintosh computer?

In some cases a Macintosh computer may be used. The requirements for the course will clearly state if the course is suitable for Mac users.

Can I get a Certificate of Completion for an Online class? Can I earn CPUs?

  • To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must take the final exam and earn a grade of 70 or above. The final exam is released on the day of the last lesson.
  • Once you have passed your course, you can print an Ed2go Certificate of Completion contact the Workforce Development Office to request a NOVA Certificate of Completion.
  • A score of 70% or above on the final exam the student is considered passing and you will receive a grade of "S" for Satisfactory. Anything below 70% will result in a "U" for Unsatisfactory. These grades are reflected on the your transcript. The S/U grades reflect the Virginia Community College System's grading policy for Workforce Development courses.
  • You will be awarded 2.4 CEUs for each successfully completed course. Note:CEUs are not awarded for leisure courses.

Can I use these courses to earn college credit?


Do I have to come to campus?

No, you do not have to come to campus. The registration and payment process can be done through the web or by phone and all classes are taught Online

Can I take a class from more than one computer?

Yes. The Online classroom can be accessed from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.

Things to do Before Registering

Before you can register for an Online class, you must have a NOVA Student ID#.

  • I do not have a NOVA Student ID#:  If you have never taken a class at NOVA, you will need to complete the VCCS Application for Admission as a Non-Credit Student.
  • I do have a NOVA Student ID#, but I've forgotten the number: Please call the Workforce Development Office at 703-323-3168 for assistance.

How do I register?

  • Online: Click here. Call 703-323-3168 if you need assistance.
  • Telephone: 703-323-3168.
  • In-Person: You may register in person at the Workforce Development Office, located in the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center (CE), Annandale Campus, Room CE 202.

Is there anything else I need to do after submitting my registration to the College?

You must complete an online orientation and create a user login and password for your course at.If you are taking more than one class, you must repeat this orientation process for EACH course you choose to take using the same email address and password.

How do I gain access to the online classroom and begin my course?

If you have already completed the online orientation, go back to www.ed2go.com/nova and click on the My Classrooml at the top of the page. Log in using your email address and the password you created during the orientation and click the Sign In button. On the next page, click on the Enter Classroom link located next to the title of your course.

What if I have completed all of the required steps (registration, payment and orientation) and still cannot log in to the online classroom?

Please call us at 703.323.3168 or email ylee@nvcc.edu.