NVCC-Woodbridge Tutor Request
            Students who wish to request one-on-one tutoring by e-mail need to provide the
     following information to  the Tutoring Program located in room 328 at the Woodbridge Campus.

                    Student's name: _______________________________________
                                                        Last,              First,             Middle Initial

                    Address including zip code:_________________________________

                    Home and work phone numbers:_____________________________

                    Social security number: ____________________________________

                    Course for which you need a tutor:____________________________

                    Instructor's name and campus location of course:_________________
                    E-mail address to which you want referral sent  :_________________

                To request one-on-one tutoring fill out the above and send to:
                Or bring to Room 328

  Once the request is received, you will be sent, through e-mail, names and phone number of students who can tutor the requested course.  If no student tutor is available for a  particular course, an attempt will be made to find one; however, it can take a few weeks to recruit and hire someone.You will be informed if no tutor is available for the course that you requested. After you receive names of tutors, it is the student's responsibility to call and arrange to meet at a convenient time on campus.  A student can receive up to 2 hours of free tutoring per week for eachcourse in which he/she is enrolled.  Any questions, contact the Tutoring Center 878-5657.