Lab Policies

  1. Food and beverages are not allowed in the lab.
  2. Children are not permitted in the lab; please make other arrangements if you plan to utilize the lab facilities.
  3. Use of cell phones is prohibited in the lab.
  4. These computers are for all students to use. Please DO NOT change the configurations or download any programs without prior approval from the OCL manager.
  5. Keep talking to a minimum and at a low level.
  6. The computers and software in the lab are to be used only for course-related assignments.
  7. Do not abuse the lab or equipment. If you are having a problem with the equipment or a program, ask for assistance.
  8. The lab personnel are not expected to do the work for you. They will try to help you with routine problems, but if you are having difficulty understanding your assignment, please contact your instructor or go to the Tutoring Center for assistance.
  9. All computers are connected to laser printers, operating on a pay-per-page system. Check “Printing Procedures.”
  10. All computer work must be completed 15 minutes prior closing time.
  11. Please check your work area before leaving. Lab staff is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items (including student data disks and books).