Students in a computer lab.

Woodbridge Campus welcomes you to the Open Computer Lab! Staffed by knowledgeable, friendly and helpful full-time staff and student workers, we are here to assist you with your computing needs.

Located on the third floor in room 336, the Open Computer Lab contains 73 powerful Windows-based PCs for working on out-of-class assignments,

The lab also contains two scanners and four high-speed network printers (one is a color printer) for academic use. Special hours may be posted for holidays, semester breaks and summer session. Please check "HOURS” for change in hours and lab closings. To contact the Open Computer Lab, call 703.878.5713/2714.

Lab Procedures

  1. Students must be currently enrolled at NOVA or intending to apply for admission in order to use the lab.
  2. Please log on to the “SIGN IN” computer at the lab entrance and indicate the services you will be using.
  3. You must log on to the lab computers before use. See Lab assistant for help if you do not know your user ID and/ or password.
  4. You must bring a 3.5” diskette or a USB drive with you for use in the Open Computer Lab. This is for your protection as well as for the lab. No files will be saved on the “C” Drive. Preventive maintenance on the lab computers is performed on a routine basis. Any files that may have been placed on the “C” drive will be deleted.
  5. Inform the lab assistance if you cannot find the software you require for your assignments.
  6. If there is a problem with the equipment, please ask for assistance.
  7. Always log off the network when you are finished using a computer.

The Open Computer Lab uses Symantec Antivirus Protection software. It is set to scan files and clean automatically.