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Admissions and Records Services


It is to your advantage to complete and submit the Application for Admission early.  Once the application has been processed and you have been admitted you will be able register for classes. For additional information see the Admission to the College section from the College Catalog.


All applicants for admission to Northern Virginia Community College, who are claiming entitlement to in-state tuition privileges, are required by the Code of Virginia, 23-7.4, to complete an Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates form. For additional information see the In-State Tuition Eligibility and Domicile Requirements sections from the College Catalog or review the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia web site at:


Enrollment Verification may be released, with your written request and signature, by completing the Student Permission for Release of Enrollment Verification form.  Information concerning full or part-time enrollment for the upcoming semester will be released after the late registration and add/drop period.  Please allow 10 working days for action on your request.


You must complete the Request for Evaluation to have official transcripts and/or training documentation evaluated for transfer credit.  You may use the Request For Incoming Transcripts form for requesting all documentation. All documentation must be received by the Admissions and Records Office directly from the originating institution or agency.  No hand-carried documents will be accepted. For additional information see the Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing section from the College Catalog.


Each student anticipating graduation must complete the Application for Graduation and submit the signed application to the Admissions and Records Office of their home campus by the specified deadline for each semester.  Degrees and certificates are issued at the end of each semester.  The college commencement ceremony is held once a year in May.  If you are graduating in the Summer, Fall, or Spring semester you are invited to attend the commencement ceremony.  Graduation announcements, caps and gowns will be available for purchase at each campus bookstore.  You will be notified about the ceremony by the College Marketing and Public Affairs Office during the Spring semester.

Please follow the instructions below to apply for graduation.  Please follow the instructions below to apply for graduation:

  • You are responsible for completing the Application For Graduation, discussing your degree/certificate requirements with your faculty advisor, and submitting the application with all required signatures by the designated deadline according to the semester of anticipated graduation to the A&R Office.  You must complete one application for each degree/certificate for which you apply. Your faculty advisor must sign each Application for Graduation.  Incomplete applications will be returned to the student.

    • You, along with your faculty advisor, must review your record to determine that you have met all course AND credit requirements in your certificate/degree program. Any Petition for Waiver and Substitution of Course approvals for courses must be submitted prior to or along with your application for graduation. If you are using transfer credits from a college you are currently attending or if you are enrolled in courses to be completed at the end of the semester of graduation, your faculty advisor must designate that information on your Application for Graduation.


    • To determine your eligibility for graduation, you should use the certificate or degree requirements outlined in the college catalog and/or ask your faculty advisor to review a "Curriculum Progress Review" screen (RI30) with you for your curriculum and catalog year. You may choose to use the catalog in effect at the time of your initial program placement in the curriculum from which you are graduating, or any subsequent catalog of your choice. The catalog you use shall have been in effect no more than seven (7) years prior to the semester of graduation.  You must have completed 25% of the credits required in your curriculum as resident credits at NVCC.


    • The Admissions and Records Office will review your record after submission of the Application for Graduation and notify you of any necessary materials.  Due to deadlines for ordering diplomas and preparing graduation information, NO applications will be accepted after the deadline date for each semester.


    SUMMER SEMESTER 2004 MAY 28, 2004

    For additional information see the Graduation Requirements section from the College Catalog.


    Student Visa Information (F-1/M-1).   NVCC is authorized by the United State Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to enroll non-immigrant international students.   Admissions offices must comply fully with federal law and regulations regarding admission of non-immigrant students and issuance of I-20 forms for student visas (F-1/M-1).

    You must be in the United States at the time of your application to the College.  NVCC is unable to offer housing or other support services to our students and therefore does not admit students to our credit programs directly from other countries.

    The availability of non-credit English As A Second Language (ESL) programs varies by campus.  You should contact the Continuing Education Office at the campus of your choice for information about these programs and procedures for requesting an I-20 for ESL study.

    For additional information see the International Students section from the College Catalog.


    A NVCC transcript of your academic record may be issued from the Office of Admissions and Records upon receipt of your written permission and signature. You may submit the Request For Official Transcript at least 10 working days before a  transcript is needed.  You may also submit a request in person, by mail or fax to (703) 878-5692.  For additional information see the Transcripts section from the College Catalog.


    • Student Permission for Release of Enrollment Verification.  Enrollment verification can be released with a written request and signature from the student. 

    • Student Information Update.  Any name or social security number change requires documentation authorizing the change.  Address changes may be made by contacting the Admissions and Records Office at your home campus.

    • Change of Campus Request.  You must request a change of campus at least five working days prior to the beginning of in-person registration.   Requests received after this date will be sent after the last day of the add/drop period. 



    Last Updated 03/31/04