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International Admission Information for Non-Credit ESL

The Intensive English program at The American Culture and Language Institute of Northern Virginia Community College prepares the documents required for submission to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS, formerly INS) for a Student Visa (F-1). Information and application packages for overseas I-20s, for change of status to F-1, and for school transfers are available at the Student Services Center, room Mh 111 or online at http://www.nvcc.edu/future-students/enroll-for-classes/international-students/index.html.

Email us at acl@nvcc.edu with questions regarding the Intensive English program.

ALL documents submitted to the college must be in English or have an official certified translation attached. Only complete application packets will be accepted and processed.

The application deadlines for Overseas I-20s and Change of Status are for:

Spring Semester November 1
Summer Semester March 15
Fall Semester June 1

Overseas I-20 Application

We accept students coming from overseas for our Intensive ESL (English as a Second Language) program. For academic/credit admission students have to contact Student Services at 703.450.2501 for further information or visit the International Student website.

An I-20 form is an invitation to study at the college. It does not guarantee approval of a Student (F-1) visa. Students wishing to study ESL need to apply to the college with the required forms and documents. After the application is approved and processed, the college will issue an I-20 form. Students then go to the US embassy in their country and apply for a Student (F-1) Visa. Overseas students are encouraged to have a representative/sponsor here in the United States to correspond with the college on the students' behalf and help with housing and transportation. Please note that the college does not provide housing and transportation.

Students must pay a $200 SEVIS fee for their I-20. The fee can be paid by credit card at www.FMJfee.com Students then print a receipt and take it to the embassy with the I-20 and financial documents to request a F-1 visa.

Transfer I-20 Application

F-1 students already studying in the United States can submit the required forms and documents to transfer to NOVA. Please submit all documents at least 30 days before the start date of the next semester. Applications must be completed and approved before the I-20 from the previous school expires.

Changing Fom Another Visa Status to an F-1 Visa

Applicants in the United States on a valid visa may change their visa status to F-1. The ESL Center will assist in the preparation of the required document to submit to the BCIS (formerly INS). A change of status can be a difficult and long process. Students are responsible for submitting all documents to the BCIS. Please contact the Office of International Student Services at oiss@nvcc.edu before filling out a Change of Status application to ensure a change of status is possible.