Landlord Tenant Law

Designed for you as a non-lawyer landlord, information will focus on using Small Claims/General District court forms to file eviction and secure court ordered possession of premises plus money judgment. Topics include: criteria for picking the right tenant applicant, accessing Internet court records to check credit/eviction history of rental applicants, customizing standard Internet form leases, notice and rights regarding rent and non-rent lease tenant breach, court forms to use and when, applicable portions of the VA Residential Landlord/Tenant Act, and Federal and Virginia Fair Housing Acts.



Parking Information

Catalog Number Day(s) Date(s) Time Fee Location
LAWS 1947--01M Sa 5/10 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. $95.00 Innovation Park - MIP 133
Class Number: 60844      
Instructor: Paul Giles
Sessions: 1 (0.3 CEU)