Outlook Basics

Use Outlook e-mail features to send receive, reply to and forward email messages. Find out how to format, track messages and create auto-signatures. Learn to attach files to messages and open and save attached files. Discover how to use the calendar feature, manage contacts, create and send appointments and schedule meetings. Use Outlook options to work with tasks, add and utilize voting buttons and change message appearance. Customize your Outlook work area, use the Navigation Pane, and work with search options. Find out how to organize items with filters and categories. Learn how to use address books and how to archive mail.



Parking Information

Catalog Number Day(s) Date(s) Time Fee Location
ITEC 1948--01M T 4/7 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. $149.00 Innovation Park - MIP 143
Class Number: 65836      
Instructor: Yvonne Morton
Sessions: 1 (0.6 CEU)