Excel - Introduction

This course is designed for both new users and those who want to become more efficient users of Excel. Explore the basics of spreadsheet design and layout and as well as tips, tricks and shortcuts. You’ll learn how to add, rename and organized spreadsheets; add and format data; copy and paste data; insert/delete rows and columns; sort data; and create a simple chart. A key component of the course will be learning to manually write formulas and insert built-in functions. Course manual provided.


Prerequisite: Basic Windows skills.

Parking Information

Catalog Number Day(s) Date(s) Time Fee Location
ITEC 1586--01W Sa 4/25 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. $199.00 Woodbridge Campus - WC 334
Instructor: Yvonne Morton
Sessions: 1 (0.6 CEU)