Infosec Learning Cyber Security Workforce Education Program

Courses are self-paced, and instructor facilitated. Instructors have decades of industry knowledge and experience and are available by e-mail throughout the course. Virtual labs provide real-world, hands-on experience in online, remote live lab settings. You will be provided with easily accessible eBook content for your study and reference.

Within 72 hours of receiving your online registration, we will e-mail you instructions on how to begin this online course. The e-mail will contain your access code and a link to the Infosec Learning website where you will create a username and password, redeem this access code, and begin your course. You will have access to the course for twelve weeks from the time that you redeem your access code.

Once you complete the course, your instructor at Infosec Learning will notify us. We will then prepare your Certificate of Completion and mail to you. CEUs are awarded upon successful completion. If you have any questions, please call 703-257-6590.


Network Security Essentials (Online)

Need a refresher on the basics of network security? This course explores TCP/IP network protocols and applications, network threats and vulnerable points of access, and different tools and techniques that strengthen network security. Learning Objectives: Explain the fundamental concepts of network security. Review essential Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) behavior and applications used in IP networking. Recognize the impact that malicious exploits and attacks have on network security and understand the hacking process. Identify network security tools and discuss techniques for network protection.


Prerequisite: You should have basic network experience.

Catalog Number Day(s) Date(s) Time Fee Location
ITEC 1456--01M / Online $900.00 Manassas Campus - Online
Class Number: 30487      
Registration is continuous throughout the semester.
Instructor: Infosec Learning Staff TBD
Sessions: 0 (3.1 CEU)