Defining & Measuring Organizational Processes

Project managers need to maximize performance and output from limited resources. PMI’s global standard, the PMBOK®, mentions “Organizational Process Assets” more than 50 times as an input or output of the 48 processes it identifies. Project managers need to identify and understand the interactions between project processes, organizational processes, and support processes. Learn techniques to define repeatable processes, measure process execution effectiveness (metrics), and the need for continuous process improvement (efficiency). Topics include Business Process Identification; Business Process Mapping (Process Charts) techniques and goals; Process Relationships across the organization and other projects; metric determination, collection, and analysis; Continuous Process Improvement techniques to ensure efficient use of resources; and baseline determination and control of processes.



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BUSC 1556--01M Sa 6/13 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. $329.00 Innovation Park - MIP 142
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Instructor: Julie DeSot
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