Community Education Course Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in teaching a non-credit course for the Workforce Development Division. Please complete and return this form, with your course outline, for consideration.
Proposed Course Title:
Instructor's Name:
Home Phone:
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Please provide a description of the proposed course as you would want it to appear in the brochure. We reserve the right to edit and revise the description for publication.
COURSE PREREQUISITES: Please list any specific skills or knowledge (if any) students should have prior to enrolling in your proposed course.
INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: List what is to be taught or what activities are to be provided. Be specific and include all topics.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: The instructional objectives listed above should lead to intended student learning outcomes. Please list how you expect a student will develop (personally, socially, or professionally) or what activity you expect a student to be able to accomplish as a result of completion of the instructional objectives.
Preferred time of day:  Morning    Afternoon    Evening
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Please check semester availability:  Spring (Jan. May)    Summer (June Aug.)  
 Fall (Sept. Dec.)
Number of class meetings:
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Maximum number of students you
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Will a textbook be used?  Yes    No  
Is it required or optional?  Required    Optional  
Name and ISBN of textbook:
Will handouts be used?*  Yes    No  
* (All handouts must be approved by this office prior to your first class)
Will the instructor or NOVA make
copies of the handouts for the students?*
 NVCC    Instructor  
* (If you want NOVA to provide copying services, you must provide a clean master)
Will any special facilities be needed
(such as tables instead of tablet armchairs),
easels, running water, etc.?
 Yes    No  
Will audio and/or visual equipment
be needed? Please specify.
INSTRUCTOR DESCRIPTION: Prospective students often inquire about the background of instructors, including their skills, work and teaching experience. Please attach a brief (60 words or less) description which we might read over the phone. Also, please indicate how you would like your name to appear in the printed Schedule of Classes (e.g. Robert Z. Smith, business consultant; Susan A. Jones, CPA; Larry Brown, MBA).
Please provide us with the name, address, and telephone number of two references who are familiar with your teaching.
Please paste your resume, in TEXT format, into the box below, so we may assess your qualifications to teach the proposed course.