Web Development Certificate

This program is designed for individuals who want to gain control of any beginning and advanced website development. It is a code-based, software-independent program designed to teach the foundation skills of web design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL working together to build interactive websites. The program also includes an overview course on basic web management to enable you to learn how to actually publish a small or medium size website in a shared hosting environment. It is ideal for individuals who wish to create sites for small business, non-profit or personal use or as a foundational lead-in to a professional development career with a large business. All courses may not be offered every semester.

Individual courses may be taken without pursuing the program certificate. You may choose to complete the Level I skills certificate only.

Required Courses:

Level I:
Basic Web Management
Web Basics - HTML & CSS
Java Script Basics
Java Script Advanced

Level II Courses - Not offered this semester.
MySQL Basics
PHP Basics
PHP Advanced