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Federal Contract Management Certificate

Approved for VA Benefits

This program is designed for any business person thinking about or currently conducting business with the federal government. It will provide you with a basic background in the federal contract process, governing regulations, the bid and proposal process, contract management, and performance and contract closeout. This information is critical for any business involved in federal contracting. Individual courses may be taken without pursuing the certificate program. All courses are not offered every semester. For further information, call 703-257-6631.

Required Courses:
Contracting I: Introduction
Contracting II: The Federal Solicitation, Bid and Proposal Process
Contracting III: Proposals & Costing of Federal Contracts - Alexandria Campus & Reston Center.
Contracting IV: Contract Performance & Management - Alexandria Campus & Reston Center.
Contracting V: Contract Closeout - Alexandria Campus & Reston Center.

Electives: (Choose two)
The Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Market Business Development
Statements of Work - Alexandria Campus & Reston Center.
Subcontract Management
The Technical Proposal