* Workforce Development Division

Computer Technology Certificate

Today, employers are looking for top-notch skills to support a higher level professional staff. Interpersonal and technology skills are a key to your success. This certificate prepares you to work in an office environment using the following skills: word processing, spreadsheet development, data management, reports, desktop publishing and graphic presentations. Individual courses may be taken without pursuing the program certificate. For further information, call 703-257-6590 or 703-878-5770.

Prerequisite: For Introduction courses: Solid working knowledge of Windows, basic mouse and keyboarding skills. For Intermediate courses: Students should have taken the Introduction course.

Required Courses:
MS Word 2010: Introduction
MS Word 2010: Intermediate
MS Excel 2010: Introduction
MS Excel 2010: Intermediate
MS Access 2010: Introduction
MS Access 2010: Beyond the Basics
MS PowerPoint 2010: Introduction
MS PowerPoint 2010: Intermediate