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LPN Cost

Tuition for one semester is $5,500. This program is one year course with three semesters, so total tuition of the program is $16,500.

Funds available

To get more information about funds, please, contact the main office at (703) 822-6523.

Estimate Expenses:

Criminal background check, drug screen test and immunization tracker: $114

Liability insurance: $35

Books: $600

Uniforms/supplies: $250 ($100 /skill pack; $50 /supplies $100 )

Licensure fees upon graduation: $330 (Virginia Board of Nursing $130 / Testing Company $200)

Parking: $105 ($95 online) The college offers free Evening and Weekend Student Parking.  Students will be able to park for free on all campuses when classes end after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends in Student (B Lots) only. Students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff parking lots.  Please contact parking service: 703-822-6688 or visit

CPR/BLS: $120

CPR material: $16.20

TEAS test: $45

HESI testing packet: $212

Clinicals will be offered at nursing facilities, outpatient clinics and physicians office.