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LPN Admission

Application deadline for the LPN 2016 program is July 1, 2015 through October 30, 2015, classes begin January 2016. . The first semester for this class will begin in January 2016 with graduation date of December 2016.

Entrance (Application) Requirements
The following are required for consideration into the program:

  1. Completed College Application
    If you have never taken a class at NOVA or any other Virginia Community College, you must complete the Application for Admission online. After submitting your application, you will be given a User ID, which you will need when you register. Click here for VCCS Online Admissions.
  2. Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam. You must receive a score of 65% or higher. TEAS scores are only good for one year from the due date for enrollment. Download the TEAS Form.
  3. Complete the Practical Nursing Program Application Form.
  4. Personal interview

Enrollment (Admission) Requirements
The following are required for enrollment after being accepted into the practical nursing program:

Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screen Test

Background checks and drug screen tests are required of all students prior to entry into any clinical course.

This process can be completed online at include Packet code: NB08.

The background check and drug screen test must be completed prior to your enrollment in your first clinical course. Applicants who do not pass the background check and drug screen test will not be allowed to enroll in any practical nursing course.

Physical Exams and Immunizations (Hep B, Varicella, MMR, Tdap) and Negative PPD or CXR

A physical examination, including immunizations, properly documented on the NOVA Health form.

Students who fail to return health forms will not be able to enter or re-enter the program.

the NOVA Health form.

All students must show proof that they are free from tuberculosis (TB). Students are required to demonstrate proof of immunity for rubella, measles, mumps and chickenpox, varicella and hepatitis. Tetanus/Diphtheria immunization must be within the past 10 years. A three-dose Hepatitis B (HBV) immunization series is also required.

At the end of the background check order process you will be prompted to visit Magnus Health Portal (Certifiedbackground) to build your immunization tracker and upload specific documents required by NOVA for immunization, medical or certification records.

All documentation regarding immunizations must be submitted by the specified deadline to the tracker system.

Healthcare CPR

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance - Nursing students have responsibility for their personal actions when in contact with clients even though they are not yet licensed.

Students are legally and financially responsible if another person is injured or suffers loss as a result of their negligence.

Clinical affiliate agreements require that students carry personal malpractice insurance.

Minimum coverage amounts are $1,000,000 individual and $6,000,000 aggregate.

Criteria for Admission

Admission to the LPN is competitive and only a limited number of students will be accepted. Fully-qualified students will be ranked according to previous education, experiences, and TEAS scores.

Point Value for Qualification

Previous Education  
AAS Degree 1 pt
BS or BA Degree 2 pts
Master's Degree 3 pts
Previous Experience  
CNA 2 pts
Medical Assistant 2 pts
EMT 2 pts
TEAS Scores  
> 85 3 pts
75-84 2 pts
65-74 1 pt
Interview Scores  
40-45 3pts
35-39 2pts
25-34 1pt
0-24 0pt
Approval - Virginia Board of Nursing  

The Practical Nursing Program at NOVA is approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing, Perimeter Center, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Richmond, VA 23233. Phone: 804.367.4515

Legal Restrictions: The State Board of Nursing has the authority to deny licensure to any applicant who has violated any of the provisions of 54.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia. There is also a July 1992 change in Virginia law that prohibits licensed nursing homes, home care organizations, licensed homes for adults, and licensed adult day care centers from hiring any individual who has been convicted of a broad range of criminal acts. Any student entering the program who has committed any illegal offenses other than minor traffic violations should discuss these matters with the Program Head or Nursing Coordinator prior to admission.