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American Business Certificate Program

The American Culture and Language Institute at NOVA's Loudoun Campus offers this certificate program to students as an overview of American business. The courses focus on American business structures, and the culture of the workplace, as well as business technology. This is particularly useful for students intending to use their English in international business, either in the United States or in their home countries.

Participants must complete 2 required courses and 2 electives. Students take a written examination over the materials covered in these courses before receiving their final certificate.

Not all courses are offered every term. Students may apply other courses to this certificate with permission. For further information, speak to the ESL Coordinator at 703-450-2551.

Required Courses

  • ESL-American Business Practices
  • ESL-International Business

Elective Courses

  • Business Writing for ESL
  • Microsoft Office for ESL
  • Business Communication for ESL
  • Marketing Essentials for ESL Students