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     An hour before I was taken to the operating room, my family brought a pretty pink gift bag to my bedside. In it were letters and cards from students, friends, and colleagues, expressing their concerns, offering help, and wishing and praying for my speedy recovery. I was deeply touched.

     Returning home a few days later, I found so many telephone and email messages, warm, kind and thoughtful. I feel blessed to have such caring friends. Thank you so much for all your support and good wishes. I am forever indebted to Jensy Richards and my High Intermediate Reading and Writing students for saving my life. You were all so wonderful, and I can never thank you enough.

Participating in the Psychology Project

     Participating in the Psychology Project was more than just working on some subjects that Dr King assigned us to.  Playing the New World Quest Game was a great experience, for the students learned how to work together, deal with cultural and values differences, and respect divergent opinions. We had the opportunity to learn more about many cultures, for there were students representing a great variety of countries and their beliefs and values.

     Another crucial reason for this success is that we started thinking about the world in which we live now, and, beyond that, tried to find reasonable and possible solutions for the problems our society is facing now. A third aspect to considerate

The ESL Program in Spring 2006

A Publication of
The ESL Center
Spring 2006

Vol  1, No 2

Dear Students,


     We would like to thank you for your support throughout the semester, especially your cooperation on May 1st and May 2nd.  The purpose of the Comprehensive Test is to evaluate the effectiveness of the goals and objectives planned for each level offered by the Intensive Program. During the summer, we will review the test and send you a report in the mail. The report will indicate your individual performance as well as your class average.

Dr. King with Paula Paes

A Message from a Teacher

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Instructor Linda Wright with her R/W  Level C class

is that all the students who participated in the game wanted to be there, this was not a mandatory activity.

     Finally, for an ESL student, the interaction with students who have more advanced skills with the language, and even American students, was an excellent way to acquire a broader vocabulary and put it into practice. I learned how to express my thoughts in an organized way and also how to persuade other people with my ideas, by supporting these ideas with valuable reasons.

     For these reasons, the Game was more than a final project for my English class, but it was a fantastic experience  which gave me the chance to improve my English and think more carefully about the world now, and realize that, changing and improving it is in our hands.     Paula Paes, Level D Student May 5, 2006

     Maria, words fail me. I must admit I got teary-eyed when you all appeared on the computer screen, waving at me. Thank you so very much, Maria Travizan, for your care, thoughtfulness, and the time you took putting together the “To Sir with Love” CD. And Zainab, thanks for remembering me on Valentine’s Day. Those lovely chocolates were really a treat for me.

     Thank you so much Silvana and Keila, for rising up to the occasion in meeting the unexpected challenge to find teachers to replace me in all three classes. Duane, Linda, and Winnie have been doing a wonderful job taking over the Reading and Writing, Level C intensive classes. Marsha Whitmore, too, for the great job she did in the evening reading and writing class.

     Keila, Silvana, Barbara Elvin, and Paulinha: Thank you again for finding time to come by to visit with me, and cheering me up with all the yummy food you brought. Last but not least, I would like to thank my mentor, Mrs. Elizabeth De Britain, Lisa to many of us, for keeping in touch throughout my convalescence. Thank you, Lisa, for all your e-cards and messages.

     And this to all my dear students: Your words so kind on those wonderfully creative cards really helped me through this difficult period. You are a special part of what makes my life and work so wonderful. Thank you all the instructors for your loving kindness.          MonMon Aye: ESL Instructor

The ESL program in in Spring 2006


Participating in Psychology




A Message from a Teacher


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