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Motorcycle Class Registration

Registration for classes begins with a Student ID Number.

If you have never taken a course at NOVA, complete the VCCS (non-credit) Application for Admission. Your Student ID Number will be generated and used for all future college transactions. If it’s been more than 3 years since you’ve taken a course at NOVA, submit a new application, using your current Student ID Number, to update your records before registering. Don’t remember your Student ID Number? Find your Student ID here or call 703-450-2551 for assistance.

Classes fill up very quickly.

Basic Rider Course
Fri. Sat. Sun

Sidecar/Trike Course

Basic Rider Course

Mon - Tues or Thurs - Fri or Tues- Wed

Advanced Rider Training


Sidecar Class
Weekday Class
Advanced Rider

Refund & Attendance Policy
Refunds must be requested in writing 2 weeks prior to the class start date. No drops or refunds will be given after this time.  There are no exceptions to this policy. Please call 703-450-2551 to get refund information. 
Students must attend ALL sessions of this course and be on time for ALL and ANY PART of a session. THIS IS A DMV REQUIREMENT and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.  If you are late, you will 
• Not be allowed to enter the classroom – DMV Regulation
• Not be allowed to complete the course 
• Not be issued a refund
• If a student wants to retake a course, a separate payment must be made for the new course.
Class will meet in room 138 in the LR Building.

**Class will be held regardless of weather conditions!!**
Please report to class and follow the directions of your instructors.
Course Materials & Clothing Requirements
YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT THE REQUIRED PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT.  Students must bring the following riding gear, protective clothing, and/or equipment.  
(1) Helmet: 3/4 or Full face (DOT approved); helmets are available for students to borrow
(2) Eye protection (glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or face shield)
(3) Long sleeve shirt and/or jacket. Dress in layers for comfort throughout the day.
(4) Gloves (full-fingered, abrasion resistant, no skin exposed - preferably leather)
(5) Sturdy long pants (denim or heavier) that cover your ankles when seated.
(6) Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear with a low heel High top tennis/basketball or canvas shoes are not acceptable.
(7) If rain is forecasted bring rain gear.

Plan to bring drinks and snacks. You may also need sunscreen.