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the American Culture and language institute orientation

Hello and welcome to our school. We know that as a new student you may have many questions. Please take time to review this information. Most of the topics contain links to other sources on the Internet. Just click on them!

In order to view the presentations, your browser will need to be Internet Explorer. If you don't have it, you can easily download it.

  • Orientation Day
    How do I get a parking sticker? Where is my classroom? What activities can I do at NOVA?
  • Things are different here!
    What is academic honesty? What do American teachers expect? What is sexual harassment?
  • Answers to F-1 Visa Questions
    How do I maintain my student status? Can I work? Can I travel?
  • What's next?
    When do I take the Accuplacer test? How do I register for academic classes?
  • Healthcare in the US
    How can I get health insurance?
    Do I really need it? I don't feel well. What do I do?
  • Exploring the Washington Area
    What's fun to do near NOVA? Where can I travel by Metro?  What are interesting places in other parts of Virginia?
  • Safety Smarts
    What do I do if the police stop my car?  How can I be safe at home and school? Where is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) closest to my house?
  • Scam Buster
    He said I won a free vacation for two? Is it really true?
  • Help! I'm in trouble!
    I feel unhappy. What should I do? Am I feeling culture shock?
  • Volunteering in America
    How can I meet new friends and help people in my community?