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Classes for Students with Learning Disabilities

The STRIVE Program provides opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities to transition from school to post-secondary training, employment and successful community living.

All classes listed in this section are ongoing classes that change in content each semester so that students can participate regularly (enroll more than once) and have continual support. Students will be required to cover the minimal cost of entrance and activity fees. Each course includes one or more highly recommended parent meetings. Questions? Call the STRIVE Coordinator, Dr. Jean Robinson - 301-292-7600.

Classes for Students with Learning Disabilities
  Accessing Recreational, Cultural & Community Service Opportunities 
  Conquer Your Reading Challenges 
 New! Intro to Assistive Technology II 
  Job Exploration 
  Personal Life Coaching I 
  Surviving the Workplace: Skills to Maintain Successful Employment 
  Transformative Therapeutic Art