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Test Proctoring Services

Anyone can have an exam proctored at NOVA, Alexandria Campus. A candidate does not have to be an NOVA student to test here.

  1. Proctor Fees: $75.00 per exam. Cash only, exact change please.
  2. The student will be responsible for all fees associated with proctoring the exam. (i.e. exam fee and postage). If the institution requesting the exam doesn't provide a postage paid envelope with the exam, then the student will be required to pay for the postage.
  3. Tests are administered by appointment.
  4. Email Workforce Development-Testing Services at to schedule your exam. (Exams are scheduled for weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)
  5. Fill out the Online Registration-Admission Form. Please print a copy to bring at the time of your test.
  6. Paper Exams should be mailed to:

    Khalid Mounsef
    Northern Virginia Community College
    Workforce Development
    Alexandria Campus, AA230
    5000 Dawes Avenue
    Alexandria, VA 2231
    703.845.6083 (Fax)