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CLEP Testing

Save Time. Save Money. Take CLEP.
The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 33 examinations. Earn credit for knowledge you've acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships.

How CLEP Helps You

  • Save time. Depending on your college's CLEP policy, a satisfactory score on a CLEP exam can earn you from 3 to 12 college credits.
  • Save money. CLEP charges $80.00 per exam. This fee must be prepaid via MyAccount NOVA charges a testing fee of $75.00 cash only (Please bring extact amount). A fraction of the tuition and fees for the corresponding course.
  • Make college more interesting. Skip general introductory courses and move on to more advanced classes, or explore new and challenging academic areas.
  • Graduate on time. CLEP can help you to the finish line if you're a few credits shy of graduation

Satisfy a proficiency requirement. Demonstrate your ability in college math or a foreign language.

Anyone can take a CLEP exam at NOVA, Alexandria Campus. A candidate does not have to be a NOVA student to test here.

Registration Procedures:

  • Email Workforce Development-Testing Services at to schedule your exam. (Exams are scheduled for weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)
  • Fill out the Online Registration-Admission Form. Please print a copy of the form out before you submit it online. Use a separate application form for each CLEP exam you wish to take. You may schedule only one exam for each day.
  • Then on the day of your exam go to Bisdorf Bldg, Room 230 to submit your printed registration form and payment. Please arrive 30 minutes before the testing time in order to complete the registration process. You must also bring two forms of identification. The primary form must be a valid government-issued photo ID

    with signature, such as a passport, state-issued driver's license, or state-issued ID card. Secondary form of ID must have a photo or signature, such student ID,  A military ID (Common Access Card) or An unused ID from the primary choices.
    If you fail to present appropriate ID, you will not be tested. Please note: credit cards, employee ID, social security card have been removed as an acceptable form of secondary ID. Full payment is accepted at the time of registration.

  • Fee Payment: Two separate payments are required for each exam you register to take.
    $80.00: This fee must be prepaid via MyAccount
    $75.00: Cash only payable to NOVA for test administration.

Exam Length
Each exam is 90 minutes.

Examination Cost
CLEP delivers big savings in time and money. The registration fee for each examination is only $80.00. This $80.00 fee must be prepaid via MyAccount NOVA charges $75.00 (cash only, please bring exact change) per exam to cover administration costs.

Computer Based Testing (iBT)
Before taking the exam, candidates will see several tutorials beginning with things as simple as "How to use the mouse" and continuing to more specific information about how to answer questions contained in the test. Candidates can exit each of the tutorials, but it is not advisable for them to do so because they may miss important information about a specific question type.

Exams are scored upon completion of the exam. A screen will offer the candidate the option to cancel or report scores at the end of the testing sessions. If he/she chooses to report scores, the testing center will print a report for the candidate (except for English Composition with Essay). Educational Testing Service (ETS) will send an official score report to the designated score recipient.

College Credit Through Advanced Standing Handbook

More Information about CLEP
CLEP is a program of the College Board, a nonprofit association of colleges, universities and high schools. Find out if your college accepts CLEP.  Use the CLEP college search.  Read descriptions of all 33 exams online and decide which to take by going to can also purchase and download Individual Subject Study Guides.

Continuing Education only administers the CLEP tests. For transcript evaluations or any other questions regarding CLEP subjects, please visit Counseling Services at your school.

NOVA Counseling Services
Bisdorf Building, Room 194

Workforce Development
Alexandria Campus

Bisdorf Building, Room 230
5000 Dawes Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311-5097