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Certificate Programs

Numerous certificate programs are offered to provide focused training in specific areas. This training allows each participant to develop new skills or enhance skills to become more productive on the job. Career-oriented certificate programs provide updated skills in high-tech areas and business management. As skills are gained, students develop a competitive spirit to seek advancement in the workplace. Invest in yourself today to advance your career tomorrow.

Once you have completed the courses required for a certificate from the Alexandria Campus, print and complete the Application for Program Certificate and return to Recileant Jones, WDD Alexandria, 3001 N Beauregard, Alexandria, VA 22311.  

Contact Information:

Alexandria - Recileant Jones via e-mail or by phone at 703-845-6081
Woodbridge - Emily Burrell via e-mail or by phone at 703-878-5817
Manassas - Cindy Langguth via e-mail or by phone at 703-257-6590