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TUITION PAYMENT PLANe-Cashier Frequently Asked Questions about
NOVA's Tuition Payment Plan


Students must accept the following terms and conditions to qualify for the TUITION PAYMENT PLAN.

  1. It is my responsibility as a student using the tuition payment plan to notify the Loudoun Campus Business Office at (703) 450-2562 for any change in my enrollment that affects my tuition payment plan agreement.

  2. I am responsible for making payments according to the schedule set forth in my payment plan contract. I may not alter the payment schedule once the contract is signed. My payment plan contract may be cancelled at any time if I am not current on all payments due.

  3. If I terminate my tuition payment plan agreement, I am personally responsible for paying any tuition and fees due to NOVA prior to the tuition payment deadline.

  4. NOVA will not produce a paid receipt for my tuition when I use the tuition payment plan. A copy of my tuition account is available for me on NovaConnect on NOVA's web site.

  5. Refunds of payments I made to the tuition payment plan, due to my timely withdrawal from a class or classes, will be handled in accordance with normal NOVA refund policies. Refunds will be made by check made out to the student regardless of who actually made the payments.

  6. If my tuition payment plan payments and financial aid for which I am eligible do not cover the entire cost of my tuition and fees, I am responsible for making payment for the remaining balance immediately and in full.

  7. If I default on my tuition payment plan contract and as a result fail to pay all tuition and fees due to NOVA, a hold will be placed on my NOVA student account and I will become ineligible for any further services from NOVA.


Students registering after April 30 must enroll in the tuition payment plan before 4 p.m. of the next business day to hold their classes.


Students registering after July 31 must enroll in the tuition payment plan before 4 p.m. of the next business day to hold their classes.






1.  Do I need to sign up for the plan before I can register?
Enrolling prior to course registration is the only way to ensure your classes are not dropped; however, we can only prevent enrollments from being dropped for those students who have enrolled in the plan by 4 PM EST Monday through Friday.

2.  What happens if I enroll after 4 PM or on the weekend?
We cannot guarantee that we will receive the information in time to prevent your classes from being dropped and you may have to re-register.

3.  If I can enroll in classes for two semesters at a time, what do I do if I wish to use a tuition plan for more than one semester at a time?
You make a separate agreement (with a separate down payment) for EACH semester you wish to have covered.  If so, be aware that at some point you may have payments for each of these semesters withdrawn from your account at the same time.

4.  When will my down payment be taken?
Down payments are withdrawn from the account specified within 24 hours of submitting your agreement.

5.  When will my tuition payments be deducted from my account?
Payments are deducted on the 20th of the month.  This date cannot be modified to fit your circumstances, so it is of utmost importance that you make sure your bank account or credit card account is up to date.

6.  Why do I still see a balance on my account?
Funds you pay into the plan are received by NVCC in two portions.  Funds from timely terminated agreements are received after the census date; other funds are received after the final payment date.  Payments will be posted to your NVCC account after those dates.

7.  What should I do if I add or drop a class?
You must contact the Loudoun Campus Business Office by calling (703-450-2562) or by emailing jstevens@nvcc.edu or sshue@nvcc.edu to have your agreement amount adjusted to meet your tuition total.  Decreases or terminations must be requested by the 15th of the month in order to prevent the next scheduled payment from being deducted from your bank. Once the agreement is adjusted, you will be mailed a confirmation of your new payment amount.

8.  What should I do if I enroll in a plan and do not get the courses I need?  How do I get my money back?
Notify jstevens@nvcc.edu or sshue@nvcc.edu to have your agreement for that semester terminated.  Once the tuition payment plan has deducted your enrollment fee and forwarded any tuition amounts collected, you will be refunded.  Refunds will be mailed to the student at the address noted in their PeopleSoft account.

9.  Can I terminate my agreement at any time?
You may request that your agreement be terminated if your account meets the following criteria:

  • You are not enrolled for the semester for which the agreement has been submitted.
  • You have altered your class schedule and already paid the amount equal to your tuition total into the plan.
  • You have received financial aid or other funds for the entire amount of tuition or the difference between your balance and what the tuition payment plan has collected.

10.  Can my agreement be terminated by the tuition payment plan?
Your agreement can be terminated for a variety of reasons.  Please refer to the copy of your agreement that you should have printed from the web.

For question not covered here, please contact: sshue@nvcc.edu.