Northern Virginia Community College



The college TLTR convened on April 27, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. on the Annandale campus. All campuses and member offices were represented except Loudoun.

Guest Nancy Stafford of media processing described the mission of the media processing office and talked about software issues of interest to faculty members, including such matters as mass ordering for discounts, policies of software manufacturers, etc. She also discussed specific software products such as Marken 32 and pointed out that some campuses were using certain software items while others were not, perhaps because they did not know that the college had purchased such items. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the posting of software-related information on a web site, perhaps the college TLTR website, about what packages are available, costs, what campuses or units are using different products, special offers and discounts, and so on. Discussion of this issue will be continued in during the fall semester.

A document described here as the Woodbridge proposal was presented by Pam Narney of the Woodbridge TLTR. (Copies had been provided in advance to each TLTR.) The document discusses faculty concerns about the uses of technology in teaching, including such matters as time necessary to develop computer and other technology skills, reassigned time for developing web-based courses, and so on. The document also had implications for the proposed reorganization of the college for technology purposes. A general discussion ensued concerning the Woodbridge proposal, and it was clear that many issues contained therein need to be addressed both by the TLTRs and other organizations throughout the college. Ms. Narney asked that feedback be sent directly to her at the Woodbridge campus.

Cathy Simpson of TAC discussed the forthcoming technology training plan. She indicated that it would be forwarded to the TLTR members for information and feedback and pointed out that there are many different sources of training at the college and that the purpose is to get all the various training plans combined in one document. Details are still being discussed by her group, including such matters as funding, responsibilities, reorganization and so on. The plan will be forwarded in the near future for feedback by TLTR members.

Dr. Sachs led a general discussion of the proposed technology reorganization and indicated where itmatters stood and what might happen in the future. He was interested in discussing such issues as barriers to learning with technology, efficient and effective use of technology equipment, classroom configuration, and related concerns and suggested that these issues should be an agenda item for an early TLTR meeting in the fall. The chair requested copies of the draft plan for forwarding to the TLTR members. (Has been provided since the meeting.)

This concluded the college TLTR meetings for the year 1999-2000. No chair has been designated for the year 2000-2001. Mr. Sage agreed to call the first meeting in the fall.