Information on Syllabus Magazine

Information on Syllabus Magazine

Laura Franklin sends the following:


As a contribution to the tltr page, I thought it would be instructive to those faculty who do not know about Syllabus to find out how to have a free subscription. Info follows.



Syllabus Magazine
Free Subscription Offer
Educators in the United States are qualified to receive Syllabus magazine 10 times per year FREE!*

Nobody covers technology in education like Syllabus. Ten times a year, from August through June, Syllabus bring you a wealth of information, including valuable tips on multimedia, the Internet, distance education, quantitative tools, products, and educational discounts. Learn what different educators, researchers, and institutions are doing with a variety of technologies such as computers, video, telecommunications, and multimedia.

* Please note

Subscriptions in the U.S. are free to individuals who work in colleges, universities, and high schools. All other individual subscriptions are $24 per year. All Canadian and Mexican individual subscriptions are $24.00 a year. All international individual subscriptions are $75.00 a year.

Syllabus is indeed a leading magazine in the field. It carries useful information about educational practices and products. For full subscription information e-mail them at:

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