A Short List of World Wide Web Sites for the Humanist

This is a handout I distributed at my presentation on "Multimedia Technology: Born for the Humanities" at the Community College Humanities Association national meeting recently. I hope that some faculty may find it a useful way to begin exploring the manifold riches of the Internet.
--Arnold Bradford

Hyperlink version of AAHESGIT posting on educational uses of technology. Some excellent links.

Learner On-Line (main page of Annenberg/CPB). See above.

Perseus Project home page—awesome resources on ancient Greece.

The Rossetti Archive—explore the works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti— 19th century poet and painter.

Cosmic Baseball Association. The concept driving this mind-bending site is just too difficult to explain. Experience it. As a scholar, a baseball fan, and a student of world culture you will be endlessly fascinated.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This government-funded museum has excellent collections of images, especially for modern eras.

National Museum for Women in the Arts. This is a very stimulating and well-organized site. The museum itself is bold and adventuresome in spirit.

Literature and Composition
Shakespeare Illustrated site run by Professor Harry Rusche of Emory University. Concentrates on 19th c. images, criticism and productions of Shakespeare’s plays. Lots of excellent graphics. An extensive and well-organized site.

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Posted by Arnold Bradford   Last Revised: Thursday, January 22, 1998