College TLTR Group

Purpose statement of the College TLTR

To establish strengthen communication, cooperation and collaboration among representatives of the NVCC faculty, students, and academic support service staff; to improve teaching and learning with technology; to develop effective and efficient methods for using technology in the teaching and learning process; to share successful teaching and learning strategies and lessons learned in using technology among NVCC campuses. and to enable faculty, students, and staff to make optimum use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.


Membership would consist of the TLTR chairperson (or designee) of each campus, one student from each campus, the Coordinator of the Technical Applications Center, the Dean of Academic and Student Service s (or designee), and the Dean of Information Technology. For purposes of membership, ELI is considered as a campus.

Organizational Structure

The College-Wide TLTR would represent the efforts of the campus Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtables and serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Academic and Student Services and the Dean of Information Technology.


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