Students and parents

Students, you are the future of STEM.

We want to do all we can to get you excited about it and continue your education on through to a STEM career!

Parents, your involvement and encouragement can make a difference in your kid's commitment to STEM.

Below are some ways that you can both get involved:

STEM Activities

Enroll in Our Summer Robotics Camps Start STEM and Robotics Clubs at Your School


Camps at the elementary through high school level are offered in Annandale, Loudoun, Manassas, Woodbridge and Arlington.

Click here
to find out more. Scholarships are available!.


Start STEM and robotics clubs at your school. We have many resources for you to make this a reality. Contact our STEM Education Coordinators for more info.

Take STEM Dual Enrollment Courses Support SySTEMic Solutions on Social Media

Dual Enrollment

Take STEM Dual Enrollment courses in high school to start your college career early. This will save you time and money and get you on a career track. Click here for more info about Dual Enrollment at NOVA.

Social Media

Support SySTEMic Solutions on social media. 'Like' our SySTEMIC Facebook page and stay in the loop on what's happening with robotics and other STEM activities that we're involved. Promote the page to your FB friends.

Parents can Mentor and Volunteer for STEM Camps and Clubs  


Parents can mentor and volunteer for STEM camps and clubs. Encourage and teach your kids and others. Contact our STEM Education Coordinators for more info.


How Do These STEM Career Activities Help the STEM Pipeline?

They provide invaluable experience for STEM students and help them understand what is needed in the workforce. It allows them the opportunity to advance more quickly in STEM and decide their course of action earlier than usual, solidifying their interest in a particular field so they can develop industry specific skills.