We need volunteers! The success of our program depends on strong involvement from local educators.

You can help ensure a robust STEM pipeline by investing in SySTEMic Solutions in the following ways:

STEM Activities

Inspire Your Students Teach Hands-On Lessons in Elementary School

Inspire Activate your students interest by making it fun and exciting. If you are an elementary school teacher this process cannot begin soon enough.

TeachTeach hands-on science lessons in elementary school. SySTEMic Solutions' program Explore Science! is a great resource for doing this.

Participate in High School STEM Panels Sponsor STEM Clubs at Your School

Information Technology

Participate in high school STEM panels where you can contribute your knowledge and experience in helping students with their STEM career path and introducing them to industry professionals.

High School STEM PanelsSponsor STEM Clubs at your school. Clubs are a great way to keep students' interest in STEM outside the classroom setting. Involvement in STEM clubs connects them to regional and national challenges such as Digital Media Challenges, CyberPatriot, Realworld Design Challenge and more.

Participate in Professional Development  

Professional DevelopmentParticipate in Professional Development, which supports you by providing STEM specific coursework, hands-on workshops and developing a STEM teacher network to share best practices.



Mentor a Robotics Team Judge a Competition


Mentor a robotics team and help students understand how robotics integrates vital STEM disciplines. Use your expertise to inspire leadership and teamwork.

JudgeJudge a competition such as Roboticon or FRC.

How Do These STEM Career Activities Help the STEM Pipeline?

They provide invaluable experience for STEM students and help them understand what is needed in the workforce. It allows them the opportunity to advance more quickly in STEM and decide their course of action earlier than usual, solidifying their interest in a particular field so that they can develop industry specific skills.

For more information contact a SySTEMic Solutions STEM Education Coordinator.