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Get Involved - Business

The success of our program depends on sustained involvement from local businesses.

You can help ensure a robust STEM pipeline by investing in SySTEMic Solutions in the following ways:

STEM Career Activities

Host Industry Site Visits and Field Trips

image of students on field tripCompanies like yours are needed to host one-day workshops and field trips for SySTEMic students in middle school and high school; providing opportunities to explore STEM education and industry more in-depth and to experience a workplace in operation.

Provide Job Shadowing

students talkingProvide Job Shadowing for 2 to 3 students who will shadow STEM professionals for a day to develop a deeper understanding of careers within your industry.

Participate in STEM Panels

image of judging panelParticipate in STEM panels that bring industry experts like you to schools to talk about your sector and job opportunities.

Offer Internships

image of business man and studentTwo-week internships for high school students and full-summer internships for college students are invaluable opportunities for students to apply their education in an industrial setting and are far more effective than any interview process in determining a student's abilities to fit within a company.

Support Professional Development for Teachers

image of business peopleSupport Professional Development for teachers, such as Teachers In Industry, by hosting externships, hands-on workshops and developing a STEM teacher network to share best practices.

STEM Competitive Robotic Challenge

Mentor a Robotics Team

image of a mentor and studentMentor a robotics team and help students understand how robotics integrates vital STEM disciplines. Use your expertise to inspire leadership and teamwork.

Judge a Competition

image of judging a competitionJudge a competition such as Roboticon or FRC.

Donation and Contribution

Donate Equipment

image of computersMentor a robotics team and help students understand how robotics integrates vital STEM disciplines. Use your expertise to inspire leadership and teamwork.

Sponsor a Team

image of a team of studentsSponsor a team or a school and help give STEM students a competitive edge.

Contribute Financially

image of a person writing a checkBecome a stakeholder and an Industry Champion for SySTEMic Solutions!

Support us financially and see how the return on investment in STEM talent entering the workforce will benefit your company. Our goal is to reach $5 million over the next three years.

How Do These STEM Career Activities Help the STEM Pipeline?

STEM career activities provide invaluable experience for STEM students and help them understand what is needed in the workforce. They give studnets an opportunity to advance more quickly in STEM and decide their course of action earlier than usual, solidifying their interest in a particular field so that they can develop industry specific skills.

For more information contact a SySTEMic Solutions STEM Education Coordinator.