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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Saad Ibrahim DEANS  
Saadati Nazanin PRESDT  
Saadulla Rozhan PRESDT  
Saavedra Jessica PRESDT  
Saavedra Vanessa DEANS  
Saba Gabrielle DEANS  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sachdeva Surpreet PRESDT  
Sachtleben Bethany PRESDT  
Sadick Susan DEANS  
Sadr Amir DEANS  
Sadrzadeh Kamran DEANS  
Saeed Ahmed DEANS  
Saeed Fatima PRESDT  
Saeed Hayel DEANS  
Saeed Muhammad DEANS  
Sae-Ouy Amy DEANS  
Safi Masih DEANS  
Saha Jessica DEANS  
Sahakian Alina PRESDT  
Sahilu Hiwote DEANS  
Sahraei Ayaz DEANS  
Said Olga DEANS  
Saidi Aaron DEANS  
Saidi Samay DEANS  
Saing Ranock PRESDT  
Saini Devneet DEANS  
Sajjad Maryam PRESDT  
Sakayan Vartan DEANS  
Salah Hannan PRESDT  
Salajka Sarah DEANS  
Salam Malik Khatera PRESDT  
salama remonda PRESDT  
Salameh Nael PRESDT  
Salang Verna PRESDT  
Salas Andres PRESDT  
Salas Gladys PRESDT  
salas kaylyn DEANS  
Salazar Christopher DEANS  
Saldias Carlos DEANS  
Saleem Aneeqa PRESDT  
saleh iusra DEANS  
Saleh Madina DEANS  
Salgado Carroll DEANS  
Salgado Mauricio PRESDT  
Salgado Nicholas PRESDT  
Salguero Randa DEANS  
Salguero Rivera Maria DEANS  
Salib Sally DEANS  
Salifou Nicole-Sophie DEANS  
Salih Hayat DEANS  
Salinas Andrea DEANS  
Salinas Carla DEANS  
Salinas Edgar PRESDT  
Saljuki Farida DEANS  
Salmeron Marlene DEANS  
Salous Duna DEANS  
Salous Ranyah DEANS  
Salvador Eric DEANS  
Salvador Jennifer PRESDT  
Sama Ronald DEANS  
Samantar Abdirashid DEANS  
Samba-Koroma Mariama DEANS  
Samee Uzma DEANS  
sami sarah DEANS  
Sammari Meryem PRESDT  
Sampong Nerissa DEANS  
Samuels Ivory DEANS  
Samuelu Eric DEANS  
samvura samuel DEANS  
Sanborn Heather DEANS  
Sanchez Clare DEANS  
Sanchez Diego DEANS  
Sanchez Elyse DEANS  
Sanchez-Corea Julieta DEANS  
Sanchis Juan DEANS  
Sandagger Amy DEANS  
Sanders Deborah DEANS  
Sanders Monique PRESDT  
Sanders Stuart DEANS  
Sandhu Angad DEANS  
Sandoval Kevin PRESDT  
Sandstrum Ian PRESDT  
Sandt Graciela DEANS  
Sanginmanesh Parisa DEANS  
Sanguinetti Giorgio DEANS  
Sanie Jasmine DEANS  
Sanie Nargis PRESDT  
Sanio Aaron DEANS  
Sanixay Andre DEANS  
Sansbury Richard PRESDT  
Santamaria Anabertha PRESDT  
Santana Jaqueline DEANS  
Santiago Alexandria DEANS  
Santiago-Rodriguez Leslie DEANS  
Santillan Alvaro DEANS  
Santillan Rodrigo DEANS  
Santos Iza DEANS  
Santos Maria Isabel DEANS  
Santos Richard DEANS  
Santos- Reyes Rosalba DEANS  
Sanzo Angela PRESDT  
Sarabi Iraj PRESDT  
Sarakinis Sophia DEANS  
Sarcione David DEANS  
Sargent Michele PRESDT  
Sargent Monica PRESDT  
Sarik Courtney PRESDT  
Sarik Kyle DEANS  
Sarkar Badhan DEANS  
Sarkor Alston DEANS  
Sarmiento Roberto PRESDT  
Sastry Priya DEANS  
Sather Erik PRESDT  
Sather Michael DEANS  
Satterfield Creighton PRESDT  
Satterwhite Brooke DEANS  
Satterwhite Christopher DEANS  
Saud Haleema PRESDT  
Sauder Jeremiah DEANS  
Saunders David DEANS  
Saunders Ikram DEANS  
Saunders Jordan DEANS  
Saverino Michelle DEANS  
Savich Amanda PRESDT  
Sawangkawat Kanoknipa DEANS  
Sawasky Mark PRESDT  
Saxton Keith DEANS  
Sayegh Yasmine PRESDT  
Sayles Ashley DEANS  
Sayyad Leanna DEANS  
Sbaiti Hashim DEANS  
Scannell Alexandra DEANS  
Scardino Samantha DEANS  
Schafer Monic PRESDT  
Schaffer Amy DEANS  
Schantz Matthew PRESDT  
Schantz Sara DEANS  
Schanze Kelli DEANS  
Scharles Kati DEANS  
Schaufele Rosalind DEANS  
Scheetz Kathryn DEANS  
Schell Nathan PRESDT  
Scheller Gail DEANS  
Schena Eric DEANS  
Schexnayder Vena DEANS  
Schiavone Gina DEANS  
Schiding Terri DEANS  
Schield Brieana PRESDT  
Schillero Christopher DEANS  
Schindler Michael DEANS  
Schleede Diana PRESDT  
Schloss Joann PRESDT  
Schmale Marta DEANS  
Schmidlen Monica PRESDT  
Schmidt Monika DEANS  
Schmidt Randall PRESDT  
Schmidt Sarah DEANS  
Schnabel Michael DEANS  
Schnack Kevin PRESDT  
Schneider Brittney DEANS  
Schneller Zachary DEANS  
Schoenberger Andrew DEANS  
Schofield Amber DEANS  
Scholz Patricia DEANS  
Schott Matthew DEANS  
Schramm Lynnsie DEANS  
Schreiber Jeffrey DEANS  
Schubert Marion PRESDT  
Schucker Jamie DEANS  
Schuknecht Rebecka DEANS  
Schultis Anastasia PRESDT  
Schumacher John DEANS  
Schupp Talena DEANS  
Schuster Sarah PRESDT  
schwalm roger DEANS  
Schwartz Emily DEANS  
Schwartz Michael DEANS  
Scibelli Deborah DEANS  
Scicchitano Jason DEANS  
Scoffield Julien DEANS  
Scott Austin DEANS  
Scott Douglas PRESDT  
Scott Glennette DEANS  
Scott Jeanne DEANS  
Scott Jessica PRESDT  
Scott John DEANS  
Scott Lindsey DEANS  
Scott Lori DEANS  
Scott Nicholas DEANS  
Scott Robert PRESDT  
Scott William DEANS  
Scrivener Justin PRESDT  
Scyoc Shannon PRESDT  
Seaboy Danielle DEANS  
Seaman Lauren DEANS  
Sedaghatpour Maryam PRESDT  
See Nicholas DEANS  
Seemann Matthew DEANS  
Seemiller David DEANS  
Sefain Ashraf DEANS  
Segura Elida DEANS  
Seid Hassen DEANS  
Seidov Mikhail DEANS  
Seifert Tiffany DEANS  
sejas adriana DEANS  
Sejas Rony DEANS  
sekellick michael DEANS  
Sekhon Jenney PRESDT  
Sekhon Mandeep DEANS  
Sellers John DEANS  
Sellers Pamela DEANS  
Semikina Liubov PRESDT  
Seminario Fernando DEANS  
Semyonov Igor PRESDT  
Sen Sushant PRESDT  
Sendolo Fanchon DEANS  
Sengmany Anousith DEANS  
Sengnou Seudieu Liliane mirabelle DEANS  
Sensoy Dicle DEANS  
Senzara Gakunzi DEANS  
Seo Minjung PRESDT  
Seong Chang Kyun DEANS  
Serenko Ekaterina DEANS  
Sergei Daniel DEANS  
serota kaitlyn DEANS  
Serpa Polo Gabriela DEANS  
Serpa Polo Marcela DEANS  
Serpas Jennifer DEANS  
Serrahn William PRESDT  
Serrao Kakoli DEANS  
Servera Ian DEANS  
Serwaa Boadu Theodora DEANS  
Seshaka Guy DEANS  
Sessions John DEANS  
Sessums Emily DEANS  
setsoafia lawer PRESDT  
Sevilla Grace PRESDT  
Sewell Seth DEANS  
Sewell Tessa PRESDT  
Seymore Tiffany DEANS  
Seymour Erica DEANS  
Seymour Thomas DEANS  
Seyoum Aradom DEANS  
Seyyed Saeedeh DEANS  
Sgroi Kimberly PRESDT  
Shaat Dana PRESDT  
Shabab Samem DEANS  
Shabib Alia DEANS  
Shackleford Stephanie DEANS  
Shadan Elham PRESDT  
Shadish Jason DEANS  
shafaghi mazda DEANS  
Shafkat Iram DEANS  
Shafovaloff Erica DEANS  
Shah Imran DEANS  
Shahbakhti Mahdi DEANS  
Shahi Banti DEANS  
Shahid Junaid PRESDT  
Shahid Roma PRESDT  
Shahidi Mani DEANS  
Shahrava Naghmeh DEANS  
Shahzadi Erum DEANS  
Shaikh Fozia PRESDT  
Shaikh Kanwal DEANS  
Shaikh Malika DEANS  
Shaikh Waleed DEANS  
Shaikh Zoya PRESDT  
Shakhbanova Elmira DEANS  
Shakhova Ekaterina DEANS  
Shakya Shova DEANS  
Shakya Shrestha Anuja DEANS  
Shamley Madrienne DEANS  
Shams Mohammad DEANS  
Shamshad Fahad DEANS  
Shanahan Renee PRESDT  
Shanley Colleen DEANS  
Shannon Paul DEANS  
Shanta Michael PRESDT  
Shapard Yui DEANS  
Shapbell Brett DEANS  
Sharif Nathifah DEANS  
Sharif-Reyazi Homa PRESDT  
Sharify Shala DEANS  
Sharma Ankit DEANS  
Sharma Gajender DEANS  
Sharma Rishi DEANS  
Sharma Sunjay DEANS  
Sharma Swati DEANS  
Sharp Darren DEANS  
Shash Mohammed DEANS  
Shasho Entela DEANS  
Shaukat Muhammad DEANS  
Shaw Aaron DEANS  
Shaw Khaoula DEANS  
Shaw Linda DEANS  
Shaw Paul DEANS  
Shaw Robert PRESDT  
Shaw Stania PRESDT  
Shawler Stephanie DEANS  
Shawuti Salayiding DEANS  
shawuti zulibukaer PRESDT  
Shea Colleen DEANS  
Shearer Brittany DEANS  
Sheats Livingston DEANS  
shebru henock PRESDT  
Sheehy Patrick PRESDT  
Sheeley Heather DEANS  
Sheerin Mary Catherine DEANS  
Sheets Travis DEANS  
Sheikh Amna PRESDT  
Sheikh Humera PRESDT  
Sheikh Obaid DEANS  
Sheikh Qasim DEANS  
Sheikh Rania PRESDT  
Sheleheda Hylary DEANS  
Shelestova Anastasia DEANS  
Shell Darryl DEANS  
Shelly William DEANS  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shepard Karena DEANS  
Sheppard Joseph DEANS  
Sheppard Matthew DEANS  
Sheridan Sabina DEANS  
sherman kaitlynn PRESDT  
Sherman Lacey PRESDT  
Sherman Natasha DEANS  
Sherred Danielle DEANS  
Sherwood Jody DEANS  
Shields Matthew DEANS  
Shifflett Kristen PRESDT  
Shim Jae Seon DEANS  
Shin Diana DEANS  
Shin Erika DEANS  
Shin SangOh DEANS  
Shin So Young PRESDT  
Shin Soo PRESDT  
Shin Yoo Rim DEANS  
Shipp Danielle DEANS  
Shirazi Mohammad DEANS  
Shire Daneen DEANS  
Shirinov Suhrob PRESDT  
Shirley Andrew DEANS  
Shirley Delores DEANS  
Shirron Rose DEANS  
Shirzadian Sepehr PRESDT  
Shockey Maleighia DEANS  
Shoja Mariam PRESDT  
Sholokh Tereza PRESDT  
Shor Jeffrey DEANS  
Shrestha Anugh PRESDT  
Shrestha Dilasha DEANS  
Shrestha Jeena DEANS  
Shrestha Rojina DEANS  
Shrestha Subesh DEANS  
Shrestha Sushanta DEANS  
Shrewsberry Harold DEANS  
Shroyer Eric DEANS  
Shtoyunda Oxana PRESDT  
Shuaib Danieh DEANS  
Shuaib Hajera PRESDT  
Shuaib Pary DEANS  
Shull Daniel PRESDT  
Shull Samuel DEANS  
Shultz Anne DEANS  
Shum Cheukfan DEANS  
Shumway David DEANS  
Shvedova Iryna PRESDT  
Siapno Maria DEANS  
Siathone Amanda DEANS  
Sickles Katharine DEANS  
Siddiki Rabelle DEANS  
Siddique Adeel DEANS  
Siebor Anna DEANS  
Siegenthaler Courtney DEANS  
Siemion Kelly DEANS  
Sieverts Emerson DEANS  
sifuentez steve DEANS  
Sigala Lorena DEANS  
Sikandar Areeba PRESDT  
Sikander Aisha DEANS  
Silaeva Maria DEANS  
Sileo Danielle DEANS  
Siles Borda Mishell PRESDT  
Sills Douglas PRESDT  
Silva Adelaide DEANS  
Silva Amanda PRESDT  
Sim Gokhan DEANS  
Sima Wesenyelew DEANS  
Simmonds Michael DEANS  
Simmons Caitlin PRESDT  
Simmons Christopher DEANS  
Simmons Drew DEANS  
Simmons Janette DEANS  
Simmons Lauren PRESDT  
Simmons Victoria PRESDT  
Simnett Gordon PRESDT  
Simon James PRESDT  
Simonson Daniel PRESDT  
Simpkins Jessica DEANS  
Simpson Andrew PRESDT  
Simpson Emily PRESDT  
Sims Deja DEANS  
Sims Mary PRESDT  
Sinclair Irene-Margarette PRESDT  
Sindi Haveen DEANS  
Sindi Maryam DEANS  
Singeltary James PRESDT  
Singer Joshua PRESDT  
Singh Amy PRESDT  
Singh Guriqbal DEANS  
Singh Gurpreet DEANS  
Singh Gyanendra DEANS  
Singh Harjot DEANS  
Singh Harmanpreet PRESDT  
Singh Indranie DEANS  
Singh Karanbir DEANS  
Singh Prateeksha DEANS  
Singh Rajnish DEANS  
Singh Samantha PRESDT  
Singleton Rhonda DEANS  
Sinkfield Chernenka DEANS  
Sison Nicolle DEANS  
Sistrunk LaTricia DEANS  
Siyoum Samuel DEANS  
skaja steven DEANS  
Skelton William DEANS  
Skinner Stephanie DEANS  
Sklaris Rebecca DEANS  
Skokowski Scott DEANS  
Skoog Patricia PRESDT  
Skooti Ali DEANS  
Slabinski Nicholas DEANS  
Slater Kelly DEANS  
Slaubaugh Amy DEANS  
Slaughter Meredith PRESDT  
Slawson Micah DEANS  
Sliger Melanie DEANS  
Sloan Taylor PRESDT  
Sloan William PRESDT  
Slough Veronica DEANS  
Slykhuis Caitlin PRESDT  
Small Giorgina DEANS  
Small Virginia DEANS  
Smentkowski Stacie DEANS  
Smiljanich Paul DEANS  
Smit William DEANS  
Smith Ashley PRESDT  
Smith Brian DEANS  
Smith Christine PRESDT  
Smith Christopher DEANS  
Smith Courtney PRESDT  
Smith Dallas DEANS  
Smith Daniel DEANS  
smith deirdre DEANS  
Smith Donovan PRESDT  
Smith Elizabeth DEANS  
Smith Emily DEANS  
Smith Erica PRESDT  
Smith Georginnia DEANS  
Smith Haley DEANS  
Smith Janet DEANS  
Smith Jarrett DEANS  
Smith Jason DEANS  
Smith Jaynie DEANS  
Smith Jennifer PRESDT  
Smith Joshua PRESDT  
Smith Joyce DEANS  
Smith Judy PRESDT  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Lauren DEANS  
Smith Nicole DEANS  
Smith Patrick DEANS  
Smith Peter PRESDT  
Smith Rebecca DEANS  
Smith Ryan DEANS  
Smith Stephanie DEANS  
Smith Stuart DEANS  
Smith Tariq DEANS  
Smith Tracy PRESDT  
Smith Tyler DEANS  
Smith Wilbert DEANS  
Smith William DEANS  
Smoot Ryan DEANS  
Smtih Brian DEANS  
Snead Charles DEANS  
Snell Laura PRESDT  
Snell Michael DEANS  
Snellings Harold PRESDT  
Snoussi Mohammed DEANS  
Snow La'Shunda PRESDT  
Snyder Mark PRESDT  
Snyder Quinn DEANS  
Soares Bruna PRESDT  
Soberano Royce DEANS  
Sodano Paul PRESDT  
Soe May DEANS  
Soe Seinn PRESDT  
Sohi Sukhpreet DEANS  
sohrab shaista DEANS  
Sok Christine PRESDT  
Soland Murray DEANS  
Solano Mario PRESDT  
Soles Brendan PRESDT  
Soliman Peter DEANS  
Solis Julia DEANS  
Solomon Jonathan DEANS  
Solomon Solomon DEANS  
Solon Amelia PRESDT  
Solongo Bishrelt DEANS  
Solorzano Basualdo Melina DEANS  
solos lukshmi DEANS  
Sommer Christopher DEANS  
Somoza Jessica DEANS  
Somoza Jose DEANS  
Son Dat DEANS  
Son Ji Sun PRESDT  
Son Jung Hwa PRESDT  
Son So Hee DEANS  
Song Chung-ah DEANS  
Song Dawid PRESDT  
Song Dawn DEANS  
Song Jee Hyun DEANS  
Song Jin Young PRESDT  
Sonte Apollinaire DEANS  
Sorensen Ariel DEANS  
Soria Natalie DEANS  
Soroczak Mikki DEANS  
Sosa Nestor DEANS  
Sothoron Alina DEANS  
Soto Noel DEANS  
Soueid Michael DEANS  
Souphida Anthony DEANS  
Souther Jennifer DEANS  
Souza Cesar PRESDT  
Sowells Danny DEANS  
Spain David PRESDT  
Sparkman Benjamin PRESDT  
Sparrow Lee PRESDT  
Spaulding Monica DEANS  
Spear Laura DEANS  
Spears Christina DEANS  
Spears Krystal DEANS  
Speas Neal DEANS  
Specht Alexander DEANS  
Speck Elizabeth DEANS  
Speckhard Camille PRESDT  
speckmann michael DEANS  
Spector Brian DEANS  
Speed Caydra DEANS  
Spence Krissi DEANS  
Spence Samantha DEANS  
Spencer Jessica DEANS  
Spencer Victoria DEANS  
Sperling Donat PRESDT  
Sperry Keenan PRESDT  
Spicer Mark PRESDT  
Spillman Faith DEANS  
Spital Angela DEANS  
Spyros Sarah DEANS  
Squires Ian PRESDT  
Sreang Sotheara PRESDT  
srivastava payal DEANS  
Sroufe James DEANS  
St Clair Milenka DEANS  
Staats Joshua PRESDT  
Staats Stephanie DEANS  
Staeben Nina DEANS  
Staff Lisa DEANS  
Staller Emma DEANS  
Stames Caitlin PRESDT  
Stamper Michael DEANS  
Standley John DEANS  
Stanfield David PRESDT  
Stanley Aubrey PRESDT  
Stanley Rachel DEANS  
Stanley Steven PRESDT  
Stanley Terri DEANS  
Stanton Alex DEANS  
Stanton Lorece DEANS  
Stark Erica PRESDT  
Stark Lisa DEANS  
Stark Tiffany DEANS  
Starrs Elizabeth DEANS  
Starrs Maria DEANS  
Stasik Matthew DEANS  
Staudt Lisa PRESDT  
Stawowczyk Maryann DEANS  
Steckler Patty DEANS  
Steele Andrew DEANS  
Steele Briannah DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
steele elissa DEANS  
Steele James DEANS  
Steele Robert PRESDT  
Steever Brittany DEANS  
Stegherr Christopher PRESDT  
Stegle Victoria DEANS  
Stein Tanya DEANS  
Steinburg Jacob PRESDT  
Steiner Douglas PRESDT  
Stelly Collette DEANS  
Stemple Sarah DEANS  
Stennett Diana DEANS  
Stephens Deah DEANS  
Stephenson Ada PRESDT  
Stephenson Ella DEANS  
Stephenson Karen DEANS  
Sterian Silviu DEANS  
Stevens Amanda DEANS  
Stevens Kristin PRESDT  
Stevenson Kyle PRESDT  
Stevenson Melissa DEANS  
Stewart Don DEANS  
Stewart Jonathan DEANS  
Stewart Robin DEANS  
Stewart Tomoko DEANS  
Stewart-Nunes Sarah DEANS  
StGeorge Elizabeth DEANS  
Stieb Bridget DEANS  
Stike Ginger DEANS  
Stiles Jacqueline DEANS  
Stillman Jeremy PRESDT  
Stinnett Bruce DEANS  
Stockman Megan DEANS  
Stockman Micah DEANS  
Stockslager Supinda DEANS  
Stockton Cindy PRESDT  
Stoffel Jessica PRESDT  
Stoicu Daniela DEANS  
Stoilova Valentina DEANS  
Stokes Bridget PRESDT  
Stoll Devon DEANS  
Stoltzfus Sarah DEANS  
Stone Rachel DEANS  
Storvick Jonathan PRESDT  
Stout Kevin DEANS  
Stoy Brandon DEANS  
Strain Cecilia DEANS  
Strait Liam PRESDT  
Strait Matthew DEANS  
Strait Shannon DEANS  
Strasel Kevin PRESDT  
Strawderman Paul DEANS  
Strepkova Elena PRESDT  
Stretch Jeremy PRESDT  
Stricklen Kimberly DEANS  
Strickler Stephen DEANS  
Stroble Tanja DEANS  
Strobridge Ashley DEANS  
Strohecker Jennifer DEANS  
Strong Raymond DEANS  
Stroud Natasha DEANS  
Struyk Robin DEANS  
Stryker Jonathan PRESDT  
Studholme Michael PRESDT  
Stukey Jetly DEANS  
Sturgis Bryan DEANS  
Styles Casandra DEANS  
Su Anita DEANS  
Su Quyen PRESDT  
Suarez Bernardo DEANS  
Suarez Marcos PRESDT  
Subba Sibrab PRESDT  
Subba Chhetri Deepa PRESDT  
Sucher Anthony PRESDT  
Sudberry Richard PRESDT  
Suer Ceren PRESDT  
Suitor Earl PRESDT  
Sulaymanhel Lida DEANS  
Sullivan Alicia PRESDT  
Sullivan Thomas PRESDT  
Sullivan William DEANS  
Sult Jennifer DEANS  
Sultan Yousof DEANS  
Sultani Nadia DEANS  
Sulzbach Julie DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Summers Raymond DEANS  
Sumner Catherine DEANS  
sun jessica DEANS  
Sun Manette DEANS  
Sun Xiaokang DEANS  
Sun Xiaowei PRESDT  
Sunde James DEANS  
Sunderland Matthew DEANS  
Sung Mi Ri PRESDT  
Sunga Justin DEANS  
Suprise Tyler PRESDT  
Sur Meung Yeun DEANS  
Suresh Rishi DEANS  
Surface Katie PRESDT  
Surujpaul Yassodia DEANS  
Suschuk Roza DEANS  
Sutphin Lea DEANS  
Sutter-alpaugh Melissa DEANS  
Sutton Miles PRESDT  
Sutton Rose-Marie PRESDT  
Sutton Tiffany DEANS  
Suxo Dayshva PRESDT  
Swan Devan DEANS  
Swazya Karin DEANS  
Sweeney Kristine DEANS  
Sweet Kevin PRESDT  
Sweet Kezia DEANS  
Sweet Ryan DEANS  
sweetall donald DEANS  
Swen Lacinda DEANS  
Swiger Ashley PRESDT  
Swinton Shiron DEANS  
Sybertz Shelly DEANS  
Syckes Steven DEANS  
Syed Nadeemul DEANS  
Syed Sambreen DEANS  
Syeda Sarah DEANS  
Syeda Tasnuba DEANS  
Sylla Alpha Omar DEANS  
Sylla Lassana DEANS  
Symoun Tammy DEANS  
Sysak Stephanie DEANS  
Szody Marissa DEANS