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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Rabanales Iliana DEANS  
Rabatin Madonna PRESDT  
Rabba Sandra DEANS  
Race Sarah PRESDT  
Rachid Grace DEANS  
Rachner Matthew DEANS  
Radcliffe Nancy PRESDT  
Rader Whitney DEANS  
Radi Tareq PRESDT  
Rafa Karen PRESDT  
Raffiqi Wali DEANS  
Rafiqi Khalida PRESDT  
Rafols Carissa DEANS  
Raggio Erica DEANS  
Raggo Cynthia DEANS  
Rahbar Soheil PRESDT  
Rahimi Mounir DEANS  
Rahiminejad Khashayar PRESDT  
Rahimzadeh Pooya PRESDT  
rahman urhum PRESDT  
Rahmanyar Meena PRESDT  
Rahmoune Meryem PRESDT  
Raihanoune El Mehdi DEANS  
Raines Sean PRESDT  
Raja Falak DEANS  
Raja Sundas PRESDT  
Rajaonahelison Liva PRESDT  
Ramadan Stephanie DEANS  
Ramaraju Marjan PRESDT  
Ramezan Samira DEANS  
Ramirez Alfredo DEANS  
Ramirez Angelica DEANS  
Ramirez Arturo DEANS  
Ramirez Cynthia PRESDT  
Ramirez Dina DEANS  
Ramirez Jannyl DEANS  
Ramirez Keven DEANS  
Ramirez Kylie DEANS  
Ramirez Renzo DEANS  
Ramirez Venessa DEANS  
ramirez wendy PRESDT  
Ramirez Wilmer DEANS  
Ramirez Yasmina DEANS  
Ramos Fernando DEANS  
Ramos Ivette PRESDT  
Ramos Lucila DEANS  
Ramos Luz DEANS  
Ramos Rafael DEANS  
Ramos Ruben DEANS  
Ramos Yanileht PRESDT  
Ramos Yesenia DEANS  
Ramos Duran Bertha DEANS  
Rampey Nicholas PRESDT  
Ramsauer Haley DEANS  
Ramsby Kristina DEANS  
Ramsden Emily PRESDT  
Ramserran Benjamin DEANS  
Ramthun Chad DEANS  
Randall Eric DEANS  
Randall Raymond DEANS  
Randhawa Jaspal DEANS  
Randhawa Navneet DEANS  
Randlett Daniel DEANS  
Rangi Mandeep PRESDT  
ranjbar bahareh DEANS  
Rapolti Alexandru DEANS  
Rapp Dayana DEANS  
Rascher Cassidy DEANS  
Rascher Noel PRESDT  
Rasheed Firial PRESDT  
Rasheed Holly DEANS  
Rashid Aza DEANS  
Rashid Mohammed DEANS  
Rashidi Mahnaz DEANS  
Rasooli Souher DEANS  
Rasooly Azadeh DEANS  
Ratanaprakai Natchaya DEANS  
Ratsabout Poupeth PRESDT  
Ratsimanohatra Hajaniaina DEANS  
ratti reynaldo DEANS  
Rattner Lisa DEANS  
Rawal Manju PRESDT  
Rawat Lokesh PRESDT  
Rawlings Aaron DEANS  
Raxajak Kethsuda DEANS  
Ray Brandon DEANS  
Raybuck Shirley DEANS  
Raysin Amanda DEANS  
Razzaq Saira PRESDT  
Reavey Kimberly PRESDT  
Recarte Karen DEANS  
Recinos Wilmar PRESDT  
Reckmeyer Patricia PRESDT  
Reda Biniam DEANS  
Redding Melanie DEANS  
Redhead Rodney DEANS  
Redmon Cassi DEANS  
Redwine Shawn DEANS  
Reed Cristina DEANS  
Reed Taylor PRESDT  
Reese Grady DEANS  
Reese Justin DEANS  
Reeves Telisha DEANS  
Reeves Travis DEANS  
Reffell Hannah PRESDT  
Reguerin Brian DEANS  
Rehayem Chehnaz PRESDT  
Rehman Usama DEANS  
Reid Andrew DEANS  
Reider Ingrid DEANS  
Reifert Graham DEANS  
Reilly Heather DEANS  
Reinertson Anna DEANS  
Reiss Michael DEANS  
Reiter Christopher DEANS  
Reitz Paige PRESDT  
Rekhi Mona DEANS  
Rekik Rahma PRESDT  
Remiany Hassan DEANS  
Remski Allison DEANS  
Ren Guochao PRESDT  
Renalds Alexandra PRESDT  
Rendon Bernot Ricardo DEANS  
Renfrow Johannah PRESDT  
Renteria Pamela PRESDT  
Resa Lydia DEANS  
Resch Alexandria DEANS  
Resimont Virginia PRESDT  
Restivo Justin DEANS  
Retamal Ivonne PRESDT  
Retamoso Alvaro DEANS  
Revilla Alejandra PRESDT  
Revollo Erick PRESDT  
Reyes Edwin DEANS  
Reyes Iris DEANS  
Reyes Israel DEANS  
Reyes Jersey-Roy DEANS  
Reyes Jonathan DEANS  
Reyes Krystal DEANS  
Reyes Michelle DEANS  
Reyes Winter DEANS  
Reyes Castillo Vanessa DEANS  
Reyes Escobar Roxana DEANS  
Reyes-Borja Kryscia DEANS  
Reyna Victoria DEANS  
Reynolds Jason DEANS  
Reynoso Jaime PRESDT  
Rhali Wafa DEANS  
Rhee Jae Ruon PRESDT  
Rhim Ji DEANS  
Rhim Youngjae DEANS  
Rho Sookja DEANS  
Rhodes Anna DEANS  
Rhodes Elise DEANS  
Rhoney William PRESDT  
Riad Ashraf DEANS  
Riahi Golbarg DEANS  
Riaz Hamza DEANS  
Ribadulla Michael DEANS  
Ribeiro Laurinda DEANS  
Ribeiro Leandro PRESDT  
Rich Steven PRESDT  
Richards Erika DEANS  
Richards Katja DEANS  
Richards Loretta PRESDT  
Richardson Ashley DEANS  
Richardson Charles DEANS  
Richardson Jason DEANS  
Richardson Jay DEANS  
Richardson Jennifer PRESDT  
Richardson Keith DEANS  
Richers Jonathan DEANS  
Ricken Tracy DEANS  
Ricker Susan DEANS  
Rickett Corina PRESDT  
Riddell Maria DEANS  
Rider Justina DEANS  
Rieder Joanne PRESDT  
Riedy Sierra PRESDT  
Rifenbery Timothy PRESDT  
Rifkin Jeffrey DEANS  
Rigg Morgan DEANS  
Rigley Danielle PRESDT  
Rigsbey Tina PRESDT  
Rihl David PRESDT  
Rilko Madeline DEANS  
Ringer Andrew PRESDT  
Rinker Mallory DEANS  
Rios Edit DEANS  
Rios Vanessa PRESDT  
Rios de Mercado Aleida DEANS  
Ripley Anhela DEANS  
Ripley Damian DEANS  
Ripper Brittany DEANS  
Risi Cristina DEANS  
Risinger Joshua PRESDT  
Rismiller Jeffrey PRESDT  
Ritenour Kara DEANS  
Ritt Thomas DEANS  
Rittenhouse David DEANS  
Rittenhouse Ginger PRESDT  
Rittgers Gloria DEANS  
Rivas Rosa DEANS  
Rivera Alexander DEANS  
Rivera Catalina DEANS  
Rivera Diana DEANS  
Rivera Joey PRESDT  
Rivera Jose PRESDT  
Rivera Julissa DEANS  
Rivera Maynord DEANS  
Rivera Nicolas DEANS  
Rivera Arnez Roberto DEANS  
Rivero Andres DEANS  
Rizo Benjamin DEANS  
Rizvi Nameer DEANS  
Rizzo Adam PRESDT  
Rizzoni Amanda PRESDT  
Roa Martinez Dicxy DEANS  
Robbins Candace DEANS  
Robbins Zachary DEANS  
Roberson Pamela DEANS  
Roberts Danielle DEANS  
Roberts Johnathan DEANS  
Roberts Laura DEANS  
Roberts Mariah DEANS  
Roberts Mitchell DEANS  
Roberts Sharon DEANS  
Roberts III George DEANS  
Robertson Dale DEANS  
Robertson Rhonda DEANS  
Robertson Sebastien DEANS  
Robins Andrew DEANS  
Robinson Annah DEANS  
Robinson Jennifer PRESDT  
Robinson Nailah PRESDT  
Robinson Ricky DEANS  
Robinson Shelby DEANS  
Robinson Trineka PRESDT  
Robison Brandalyn PRESDT  
Robison Joanne DEANS  
Robles Kevin DEANS  
Roby Melissa PRESDT  
Roca Alexandra PRESDT  
Roca Ruben DEANS  
Rocha Jose DEANS  
Rocha Laura DEANS  
Rocha Magali DEANS  
Rock Matthew DEANS  
Rocke Julia DEANS  
Roddewig Brian PRESDT  
Rodeheaver Samuel PRESDT  
Rodokanakis Phillip DEANS  
Rodrigo Bianca Eunice PRESDT  
Rodriguez Alvaro DEANS  
Rodriguez Ana DEANS  
Rodriguez Carlos PRESDT  
Rodriguez Claudia DEANS  
Rodriguez Dorabess DEANS  
Rodriguez Dwayne PRESDT  
Rodriguez Juan DEANS  
Rodriguez Lupita DEANS  
Rodriguez Marcelo DEANS  
Rodriguez Priscila DEANS  
Rodriguez William DEANS  
Rodriguez Willian DEANS  
Rodriguez Yuri DEANS  
Rodriguez Carrion Adolfo Andres PRESDT  
Rodriguez Pantoja Patricia DEANS  
Rodriguez Reyes Diana PRESDT  
Rodriguez-Sawao Angelica PRESDT  
Roethler Marian DEANS  
Roeun Lorraine DEANS  
Rogers Brendin DEANS  
Rogers Colin PRESDT  
Rogers Jennifer PRESDT  
Rogers Jennifer DEANS  
Rogers Kristie PRESDT  
Rogers Marc DEANS  
Rogers Mary DEANS  
Rogers Michael DEANS  
Rogers Taylor PRESDT  
Roh Elizabeth DEANS  
Rohim Mohammad DEANS  
Rohrback Robin PRESDT  
Rohrer Judy DEANS  
Rokk Anna-Kristina PRESDT  
Roland Gaby PRESDT  
Rollens James DEANS  
Rollins Phillip DEANS  
Rollison Jennifer PRESDT  
Roma Gerald DEANS  
Roman Michelle DEANS  
Romano Christopher DEANS  
Romano Jimmy DEANS  
Romano Karli DEANS  
Romeo Josephine PRESDT  
Romero Cesar DEANS  
Romero Gabriella PRESDT  
Romero Genesis DEANS  
Romero Paola PRESDT  
Romero Patricia DEANS  
Romero Xenia PRESDT  
Romero Sanclemente Maria Antonia PRESDT  
Romine Jason PRESDT  
romov william DEANS  
Romulus Ashley DEANS  
Ronan Katy PRESDT  
Rook Naomi DEANS  
Rookard Katherine PRESDT  
Rooth Craig DEANS  
Roque Rupert DEANS  
Roque-torres Zhayra DEANS  
Roriz Lustosa Pires Rafaela DEANS  
Rosa Franklin DEANS  
Rosa Maribel DEANS  
Rosal Jorge PRESDT  
Rosales Ana PRESDT  
Rosales Carlos DEANS  
Rosales Jessica PRESDT  
Rosales Jorge PRESDT  
Rosales Miranda Gerson PRESDT  
Rose Denise DEANS  
Rose Jason DEANS  
Rose Michael DEANS  
Rose Sharon PRESDT  
Rose Teresa DEANS  
Rosen Jeremy DEANS  
Rositano Aubrey PRESDT  
Roskie Tim DEANS  
Ross Brooke PRESDT  
Ross Celeste DEANS  
Ross Clifford DEANS  
Ross Patricia PRESDT  
Ross Sehon DEANS  
rossi maria PRESDT  
Rossman Kenyth DEANS  
Rostek Ashley DEANS  
Roszkowski Leona PRESDT  
Roth Amanda DEANS  
Roth Raymond PRESDT  
Roth Sofia PRESDT  
Rothman Tabitha PRESDT  
Rothwell Michael DEANS  
Rothwell Richard PRESDT  
Roudebush Larch Aaron DEANS  
Rouiller Karim DEANS  
Rourke John DEANS  
Rousseau Katrin DEANS  
Rovinsky Isabelle PRESDT  
Rowan Anneliese DEANS  
Rowan Rory DEANS  
rowe kimm DEANS  
Rowley Andrea DEANS  
Rowzie Christina PRESDT  
Roxas Claudio DEANS  
Rubin Alan DEANS  
Rubin Michael DEANS  
Ruble Elizabeth PRESDT  
Rudert Savannah DEANS  
Rudy Laura DEANS  
Rueda Estela PRESDT  
Ruegner Jennifer DEANS  
Ruester Anna-Karina PRESDT  
Ruf Angela PRESDT  
Ruffing Blaise PRESDT  
Rufo Alexandra PRESDT  
Ruggieri Sharon DEANS  
Ruggles Katherine DEANS  
Ruhl John DEANS  
Ruhlin Allison DEANS  
Ruhomally Ziyaad DEANS  
Ruiz Ana DEANS  
Ruiz Nathan DEANS  
Ruiz Sandra DEANS  
Rukavina Keilah PRESDT  
Ruman Callie DEANS  
Rumford Katherine DEANS  
Rumsey Dawn DEANS  
Runaldue Nathan DEANS  
Runge Mary PRESDT  
Runkle Kristen DEANS  
Rush Keith DEANS  
Russell Holly DEANS  
Russell Lafye DEANS  
Russell Renee DEANS  
Russell Stephanie PRESDT  
Rutler Elizabeth DEANS  
Ryals Cathy DEANS  
Ryan Jennifer DEANS  
Ryan Michael PRESDT  
Ryan Patrick DEANS  
Ryan Thomas PRESDT  
Rybakova Elena PRESDT  
Ryder Bradley PRESDT  
Ryder Jessica DEANS  
Ryner Symmone DEANS