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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Ma Wing DEANS  
Mac Donald Juan DEANS  
Macdonald Julie DEANS  
Macdonald Megan PRESDT  
MacDonald Meredith PRESDT  
MacDonald Neal DEANS  
Macgregor Alick DEANS  
Mach Srey Mom DEANS  
Machado Claudia DEANS  
Machado Robert DEANS  
Machuca Luis PRESDT  
macias luis DEANS  
Mackey Jessica PRESDT  
MacKnight Jenna DEANS  
Macomber Daniel DEANS  
Macy John DEANS  
Madden Ian PRESDT  
Maddox Reginald PRESDT  
Maddox Timothy DEANS  
Madebo Mekuria DEANS  
Madkour Hisham DEANS  
Madubuko Ijeamaka PRESDT  
Maestri Anthony DEANS  
maffett ashley PRESDT  
Magee Ashley PRESDT  
Maggard Amanda DEANS  
maghsoudi paria DEANS  
Magill Douglas DEANS  
Maginness Taylor PRESDT  
Magner Erin PRESDT  
Magno Jen David DEANS  
Mahajan Rachit DEANS  
Mahaney Augustus DEANS  
Mahboube Ahlam PRESDT  
Mahdavi Azar DEANS  
Mahmoudi Shayan PRESDT  
Mahoney Megan DEANS  
Mahra Jabeen DEANS  
Mai Bang PRESDT  
Maia Jessica PRESDT  
Maier Erica DEANS  
Maier Jacqueline PRESDT  
Main James DEANS  
Maiorana Naseem DEANS  
Majano Diana PRESDT  
Majd Alireza PRESDT  
Majdas Piotr DEANS  
Majdi Javid DEANS  
Major Nicholas DEANS  
Makki Khalid DEANS  
Makki Roya DEANS  
Makris George PRESDT  
Makwana Paresh PRESDT  
Malcolm Arlene DEANS  
Maldonado Joshua DEANS  
Malek Auryana DEANS  
Malik Abu DEANS  
Malik Amna PRESDT  
Malik Farah DEANS  
Malik Humera DEANS  
Malkin Rachel PRESDT  
Mallini Monica PRESDT  
Malone Brittany PRESDT  
Malone Christi DEANS  
Malone Zachary PRESDT  
Malychev Liliya PRESDT  
Mamadvalieva Savrigul DEANS  
Mamidanna Raji DEANS  
Mammah Ulrica DEANS  
Mamo Abraham DEANS  
Mamo Hirut PRESDT  
Mamo Tamiru DEANS  
Mamushet Genet DEANS  
Mamuyac Rufino Tomas DEANS  
Man Yenny DEANS  
Manafi Azadeh PRESDT  
Manakul Watcharaporn DEANS  
Manchin Stephanie DEANS  
Mandhaiya Sanjay DEANS  
Mandiringa Remeredzai DEANS  
Mandujano Pilar DEANS  
Mangal Durkhanai DEANS  
Mangal Zainab DEANS  
Mangan John DEANS  
Mangar Lisa PRESDT  
Mangold Alyssa DEANS  
Manion Michael PRESDT  
Manley Alexander DEANS  
manley sandra DEANS  
Mann Jason DEANS  
Mann Sandres DEANS  
Mannan Stephanie DEANS  
Manninen Tanja DEANS  
Manno Justine DEANS  
Manocchio Kaitlin DEANS  
Mansaye Amna PRESDT  
Mansfield Calvin DEANS  
Mansfield Mitchell DEANS  
Mansouri Arya PRESDT  
Mansourimoaied Katherine DEANS  
Mantilla Claudia PRESDT  
Manuel Victoria DEANS  
Manz Kathy DEANS  
Maplesden Helen PRESDT  
Maradiaga Kullike DEANS  
Maravas Matt DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Mardelli George DEANS  
marie Gebeyaw DEANS  
Marin Gabriela DEANS  
Marinec Matthew DEANS  
Marinkovic Carlos PRESDT  
Marjan Mohammed DEANS  
Mark Candice DEANS  
Markell Caitlin PRESDT  
Market Brenda DEANS  
Markin Kristy PRESDT  
Markish Anthony DEANS  
Markley Gabrielle PRESDT  
Marlar Matthew DEANS  
Marouf Ineas DEANS  
Marquina Dayana PRESDT  
Marr Aaron DEANS  
Marron Kelsey DEANS  
Marroquin Dora DEANS  
Marroquin Walter DEANS  
Marsh Stacey DEANS  
Marshall Gregory PRESDT  
marshall hillary PRESDT  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Michael DEANS  
Marshall Natalie DEANS  
Marshall Rebecca DEANS  
Marshall Scott DEANS  
Marske Daniel DEANS  
Marsten Elisabeth PRESDT  
Martelli Jean DEANS  
Martin Aaron DEANS  
Martin Britny DEANS  
Martin Christopher DEANS  
Martin Corine PRESDT  
Martin Derrick DEANS  
Martin Jason PRESDT  
Martin Jeffrey PRESDT  
Martin Mary DEANS  
Martin Paul PRESDT  
Martin Sarah PRESDT  
Martin Tamika DEANS  
Martinez Adriana PRESDT  
Martinez Agustin DEANS  
Martinez Cindy DEANS  
Martinez Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Eddy PRESDT  
Martinez Gonzalo PRESDT  
Martinez Haydee DEANS  
Martinez James DEANS  
Martinez Jennifer DEANS  
Martinez Louie PRESDT  
Martinez Ma. Cristina PRESDT  
Martinez Marcos PRESDT  
Martinez Rosemary DEANS  
Martinez Seferino DEANS  
Martinez Staci DEANS  
Martinez Telleria Mariana PRESDT  
Martini Rachel DEANS  
Martino Jeanette DEANS  
Marzoni Christopher DEANS  
Mascelli Melissa DEANS  
Mascher Charles DEANS  
Mashkour Ameer PRESDT  
Masiak Shannon DEANS  
Maslov Marina DEANS  
Mason Alex DEANS  
Masresha Dagemawit PRESDT  
Massey Kristin DEANS  
Masters Armand PRESDT  
Masters Kaleb DEANS  
Mastropaolo Ryan DEANS  
Mateos Hernan DEANS  
Mathews Amanda DEANS  
Mathews Angelique PRESDT  
Mathews Christina DEANS  
Mathews David DEANS  
Mathews Megan DEANS  
Mathis Mike PRESDT  
Mathis-Barnett Lisa DEANS  
Matias Carlin Monica DEANS  
Matias Jerson DEANS  
matlock isaac DEANS  
matondang bonar DEANS  
Matsumoto Nobuyuki DEANS  
Matteson Earl DEANS  
Matteucci Gino PRESDT  
Mattey Kristy PRESDT  
Matthews Chaka DEANS  
Matthews Danielle PRESDT  
Matthews Kassandra DEANS  
Matthews Stephanie DEANS  
Matthews Stuart DEANS  
Matwijec Danielle DEANS  
Matz Peter PRESDT  
Maurer Emily DEANS  
Maurer Peter DEANS  
maurya amit DEANS  
Mausolf Lauren PRESDT  
Mavlian Leon DEANS  
Maxwell Emily DEANS  
Maxwell Victoria PRESDT  
May Elise DEANS  
May Laura PRESDT  
May Meghan DEANS  
Mayel Mohammad DEANS  
Mayer James PRESDT  
Mayle Ashly DEANS  
Mayle Corie DEANS  
Maynard Savannah DEANS  
Mayo Donald DEANS  
Mayo Stephen PRESDT  
Mays Dhaakira DEANS  
Mays Kevin PRESDT  
Mazzei Marissa PRESDT  
Mbakwa Festus DEANS  
Mbawuike Chigozie PRESDT  
Mbiah Grace DEANS  
Mc connell Patrick DEANS  
Mc iver Chanel DEANS  
McAchren Ashley DEANS  
McAdoo Dionne DEANS  
mcafee kendall DEANS  
McAllister Deanna DEANS  
McAllister Kaylynn DEANS  
McAllister Megan DEANS  
McAuslin Alex DEANS  
McBride Ashley PRESDT  
McBride Keane PRESDT  
McBride Kiaya DEANS  
McBurney Kennya PRESDT  
McCabe Monica DEANS  
McCandless Allison PRESDT  
McCarry William PRESDT  
McCarthy Jennifer PRESDT  
McCarthy Kate DEANS  
McCarthy Michael DEANS  
McCartin James PRESDT  
McCauley Adelle DEANS  
McCauley Robert DEANS  
McCauley Robin DEANS  
McChain Laura DEANS  
McChrystal Molly PRESDT  
McCloskey Caroline PRESDT  
McCloud Misti DEANS  
McClure Andrew DEANS  
McClure Laura DEANS  
McCluskey Patrick PRESDT  
McConnell Maura DEANS  
McCormack Stephanie DEANS  
McCormick Carly DEANS  
McCormick Carolyn DEANS  
McCormick Emily DEANS  
McCormick Thomas DEANS  
McCorvey Patrice DEANS  
McCourt Mary DEANS  
McCowan Shaylanie PRESDT  
McCoy Elisabeth PRESDT  
McCray Andrea DEANS  
McCray John PRESDT  
McCray Jordan DEANS  
McCrea Meredith DEANS  
McCrory Johanne DEANS  
McCroskey Tamara DEANS  
McCullough Megan DEANS  
McCullough Rachelle DEANS  
McCurdy Ross PRESDT  
McDaniel Megan DEANS  
Mcdaniel Tamara DEANS  
McDaniels Heather DEANS  
Mcdermott David DEANS  
McDonald Devin DEANS  
McDonald Katherine DEANS  
McDonnell Bryan PRESDT  
McDonnell John DEANS  
McDowell Aimee DEANS  
McDowell LaVerne PRESDT  
McElfresh Allison DEANS  
McElmurray Cesarina DEANS  
Mcelrath Tiara DEANS  
McElwain Allen DEANS  
McElwain Heather DEANS  
McErlean John DEANS  
McEvoy Liam PRESDT  
McEwen Jan DEANS  
McEwen Scott DEANS  
McFarland Micah PRESDT  
McGee Heather DEANS  
McGee Katherine PRESDT  
Mcgee Katherine DEANS  
McGillicuddy Claire DEANS  
Mcginn Kara DEANS  
McGinn Sean DEANS  
McGinness April DEANS  
McGinnis Abigail DEANS  
McGlynn Caitlin DEANS  
McGrath Jennifer DEANS  
McGregor Katherine PRESDT  
McGregor Malcolm PRESDT  
McGuire Jonathan DEANS  
McHaar Lamia PRESDT  
McIntosh Kerri PRESDT  
Mcintosh Shelley PRESDT  
McInturff Stephen DEANS  
McIntyre Jaime DEANS  
McKechnie Jason DEANS  
McKee Rhyan DEANS  
McKeithan Jonathan DEANS  
McKelvey Kayla PRESDT  
McKenna Meagan DEANS  
Mckenzie Drew DEANS  
McKenzie Paige DEANS  
McLain James DEANS  
McLaren Evan DEANS  
McLaren Nicole PRESDT  
McLaren Richard DEANS  
McLaughlin Brandon DEANS  
McLaughlin Matthew DEANS  
Mclaurin Michael DEANS  
Mclear Brianne DEANS  
McLemore Henry DEANS  
McLendon Katrina DEANS  
McLeod Lauren DEANS  
McMahon Hawk DEANS  
McMillen Bethany DEANS  
McMillen Danielle DEANS  
McMiller Jason DEANS  
Mcnamara James DEANS  
Mcnamee Yenny DEANS  
Mcnealy Ingrid PRESDT  
McNeill Joel DEANS  
McNicholas Leah DEANS  
McNulty Tina PRESDT  
McPherrin Christina DEANS  
McQuay Mark DEANS  
McSorley Adjoua DEANS  
Mctillman James DEANS  
McWhirter Kristin DEANS  
Mcwhite Steven DEANS  
Meader Nina DEANS  
Meadows John PRESDT  
Mebrahtu Yonatan PRESDT  
Medani Walid DEANS  
Medehane Roza DEANS  
Medina Karen DEANS  
Medina Valerie DEANS  
Medina Herrera Fiorella PRESDT  
Medina Martinez David PRESDT  
Medler Rachael DEANS  
Medlin Dana DEANS  
Medlock Kathie DEANS  
Medrano Christian PRESDT  
Medrano Ingrid DEANS  
Meeker John DEANS  
Megli Samantha DEANS  
Mehicic Amela DEANS  
Mehryar Zohreh DEANS  
Mehta Sunita DEANS  
Meiklejohn Ryan DEANS  
Meinen Marika DEANS  
Meissner Joshua PRESDT  
Mejia Josue DEANS  
Mejia Sara DEANS  
Mejia Wilmer DEANS  
Mekhmankulova Nasiba DEANS  
Mekuria Abigail Ayele DEANS  
Melad Refan PRESDT  
Melaku Mebrat PRESDT  
Melean Emired DEANS  
Melendez Karla DEANS  
Melendez Marlena DEANS  
Melendez Ventura David DEANS  
Melgar Edwin DEANS  
Melgar Luis DEANS  
Melgar Natalia PRESDT  
Melgarejo Ariel DEANS  
Melnikova Irina PRESDT  
Melnyk Paul PRESDT  
Melville Charles DEANS  
Menard Kristen PRESDT  
Mencho-Aguilar Onelio PRESDT  
Mendez Alejandra DEANS  
Mendez Edwin PRESDT  
Mendez Vannessa PRESDT  
Mendonca Ana Paula PRESDT  
Mendoza Christina DEANS  
Mendoza Jorge PRESDT  
mendoza morris DEANS  
Mendoza Valeria DEANS  
Mends George DEANS  
Menefee Christiana DEANS  
Menges Paula PRESDT  
Mengesha Hiwot DEANS  
Menna Caroline PRESDT  
Mensah Joseph PRESDT  
Mensah Michael PRESDT  
Mensah Sylvanus PRESDT  
Mensh Judith DEANS  
Menzer Debbie DEANS  
Mercer Cheerie DEANS  
Meredith Megan DEANS  
Merlo Stephen DEANS  
Merola Karla DEANS  
Merrill Jennifer DEANS  
Merring Audra DEANS  
Merritt Andrew PRESDT  
Merson Kevin PRESDT  
Mesfin Kidisthanna DEANS  
Messan Kodjo DEANS  
Messersmith Donna DEANS  
Messina Samantha DEANS  
Metaferia Hanna DEANS  
Metcalfe Aubrey DEANS  
Metcalfe Cassandra DEANS  
Meyer Karen PRESDT  
Meyer Margot DEANS  
Meyers Claire PRESDT  
Miakhel Muzdalifa DEANS  
mian asim PRESDT  
Miandad Mahresh DEANS  
Michael Jarrett DEANS  
Michael Wayde DEANS  
Michaels Anthony PRESDT  
Michaels Carla DEANS  
Michik Melissa DEANS  
Michnay Emily DEANS  
Middleton Ray PRESDT  
Mierez Agustin DEANS  
Mignoli Brittany DEANS  
Mignone Michael PRESDT  
Mignott Jasmine DEANS  
Migues Samuel DEANS  
Mihalik Olivia PRESDT  
Mikhalchanka Viktoryia DEANS  
Milburn Phillip DEANS  
Milford Noel PRESDT  
Milhouse Robert DEANS  
Milic Boris PRESDT  
Militello Michael PRESDT  
millan stefany DEANS  
Millar Jasper PRESDT  
Miller Amy DEANS  
Miller Andrew DEANS  
Miller Cassandra PRESDT  
Miller Chandell DEANS  
Miller Christopher DEANS  
Miller Christopher PRESDT  
Miller David PRESDT  
Miller Dean DEANS  
Miller Gloria PRESDT  
Miller Jared DEANS  
Miller Jennifer DEANS  
Miller Jeremy DEANS  
Miller Kristine DEANS  
Miller Laura DEANS  
Miller Madeline DEANS  
Miller Marcus DEANS  
Miller Melissa DEANS  
Miller Michele PRESDT  
Miller Samantha DEANS  
Miller Samuel PRESDT  
Miller Sara PRESDT  
Miller Scott DEANS  
Miller Tabatha DEANS  
Miller Thomas DEANS  
Miller Timothy DEANS  
Miller Travis DEANS  
Millette Sydney PRESDT  
Mills Derek DEANS  
Mills Frank DEANS  
Mills Jeremy DEANS  
Mims Keith DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun DEANS  
Min Jung Hwan DEANS  
Min Randy DEANS  
Min Sohyun DEANS  
Mineros Sara PRESDT  
Minetree Peter DEANS  
Mingos Johanna PRESDT  
Minkler James DEANS  
Minor Ashli DEANS  
Minor Terrance DEANS  
Mirabal Michelle PRESDT  
Miranda Carol DEANS  
Miranda Oscar DEANS  
Miranda Pamella DEANS  
Miranda Rommel DEANS  
Mirra Keith DEANS  
Mirza Abdul DEANS  
Mirza Sana DEANS  
Mirza Shehryar DEANS  
Mirza Usra DEANS  
Misener Daisy DEANS  
Mishima Justin DEANS  
Mitchel Andrea DEANS  
Mitchell Alexis PRESDT  
Mitchell Aprille DEANS  
Mitchell Danyelle PRESDT  
Mitchell Doyoung PRESDT  
Mitchell Gregory DEANS  
Mitchell Kristen DEANS  
Mitchell Marion DEANS  
Mitchell Shanelle DEANS  
Mitchell Thomas DEANS  
Mitrani Dina PRESDT  
Mkaimel Samira DEANS  
Moayyer Nilofar DEANS  
Moberly Laura DEANS  
Mobley Ross DEANS  
Mocabee Tyler DEANS  
Moe Alexander DEANS  
moghaddam mehdi PRESDT  
Moghaddam Parastou PRESDT  
Mogharabnia Leila PRESDT  
Mohamed Hassanain DEANS  
Mohamed Mohamed DEANS  
Mohamed Rayan PRESDT  
Mohammad Ariana DEANS  
Mohammad Zhala DEANS  
Mohammad javaheri Mahsan PRESDT  
Mohammad javaheri Saharnaz PRESDT  
Mohammadi Elika DEANS  
Mohammadi Fareshteh DEANS  
Mohammed Abdul-Nasir DEANS  
Mohammed Adey-Ababa DEANS  
Mohammed Aula PRESDT  
Mohammed Hanan DEANS  
Mohammed Nadia DEANS  
mohammed seid PRESDT  
mohammed jawad marwa DEANS  
Mohamoud Osman DEANS  
Mohamud Ossob DEANS  
Mohbo-oh Shiwoh DEANS  
Mohr Michael DEANS  
Mokhiber Anees PRESDT  
Molina Nelson DEANS  
Molina Tamara PRESDT  
Molinaro Amanda DEANS  
Moliterno Javier PRESDT  
Molloy Belinda DEANS  
Monges George PRESDT  
Monh Reathany PRESDT  
Monico Ricardo DEANS  
Monsalve Maria DEANS  
Monson Christopher PRESDT  
Montague Kitrick DEANS  
Montalvan Cindy DEANS  
Montalvo Yorka DEANS  
Montecinos Arnold DEANS  
Montemorano Patrick DEANS  
Montenegro Luis PRESDT  
Montequin Natalie PRESDT  
Montes Bryan DEANS  
Montes Pamela DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine PRESDT  
Montgomery Kristofer PRESDT  
Monti Christina DEANS  
Montoney Lindsay DEANS  
Monzon Andrea PRESDT  
Moon Seho DEANS  
Mooney Amber DEANS  
Mooney Erin DEANS  
Moore Amanda DEANS  
Moore Amber DEANS  
Moore Erika PRESDT  
Moore Harry PRESDT  
Moore Jeffrey DEANS  
Moore Jeremy DEANS  
Moore Jorriod DEANS  
Moore Joy DEANS  
Moore Kathleen PRESDT  
Moore Mary DEANS  
Moore Melanie PRESDT  
Moore Michael DEANS  
Moore Nathan PRESDT  
Moore Nicholas DEANS  
Moore Nykel DEANS  
Moore Pamela DEANS  
Moore Russell DEANS  
Moore Stephanie DEANS  
Moore Tonika DEANS  
Moore Wyatt DEANS  
Moorman Tamara PRESDT  
Moosvi Syed DEANS  
Mora Andrea DEANS  
Morales Aldo DEANS  
Morales Angelinne DEANS  
Morales Dennis DEANS  
Morales Diana DEANS  
Morales Mario DEANS  
Morales Wendy DEANS  
Morales Monsalve Jose DEANS  
Moran Melissa PRESDT  
Moran Patrick PRESDT  
Morana Patrick DEANS  
Morar Paula PRESDT  
Morato Robert PRESDT  
Morel Francisco DEANS  
Moreno Keira DEANS  
Moreno Celis Paola DEANS  
Moreno-Ramirez Jessenia DEANS  
Moretti Nicole DEANS  
Morgan Andrea DEANS  
Morgan Christina DEANS  
Morgan Daniel DEANS  
Morgan Jaime DEANS  
Morgan Janaki DEANS  
Morgan Jesse PRESDT  
Morgan Joseph PRESDT  
Morgan Michelle DEANS  
Morgan Syrita DEANS  
Morgan Tremecca DEANS  
Moriarty Michael DEANS  
Morin Dennis DEANS  
Morin Peter DEANS  
Morkos Wael PRESDT  
Moroney Jonathan PRESDT  
Morra Anthony DEANS  
Morrand Kate DEANS  
Morris Cheryl DEANS  
Morris Gail DEANS  
Morris Margaret DEANS  
Morris Morgan DEANS  
Morris Patrick PRESDT  
Morris Roberta DEANS  
Morrisey Michelle DEANS  
Morrison Kirstin DEANS  
Morrissey Madeleine DEANS  
Morse Kara PRESDT  
Mortenson Lee DEANS  
Morthimer Pam DEANS  
Morton Chrystal DEANS  
Morton Evan PRESDT  
Morton Jennifer DEANS  
Morton Vance DEANS  
Mosavian Aitak DEANS  
Moser Brittany DEANS  
Mosios Susan PRESDT  
Mosquera Katterine DEANS  
Moss Charles DEANS  
Mossadad Yasaman DEANS  
Most Taylor DEANS  
Moten erika DEANS  
Motley Amanda DEANS  
Motsch Michelle PRESDT  
Motta Jussara DEANS  
Mounguen-Ndom Isaac PRESDT  
Moure Jesse PRESDT  
Mousavi Sasan PRESDT  
Moxley Eric DEANS  
Moy Sandy DEANS  
Moy Skyler DEANS  
Moya Heather DEANS  
Moya Kathleen PRESDT  
Moya Yariela PRESDT  
Moya-Angulo Rudy DEANS  
Mozingo Jessica DEANS  
Mozisek Ratree PRESDT  
Mraczek DIane DEANS  
Mraizika Youssef DEANS  
Mueller Kallee PRESDT  
Mufarreh Norman DEANS  
Mufti Ashley DEANS  
Muhammad Khadija DEANS  
Muhammed Ahmed DEANS  
Mullen Amanda PRESDT  
Mullen Anna DEANS  
Mulligan Paul DEANS  
Mullins Jeremiyah PRESDT  
Mullins Julie DEANS  
Mullins Regina DEANS  
Mullins William DEANS  
Mulloy Cameron PRESDT  
Mulugeta Aden DEANS  
Mulugeta Robel PRESDT  
Mumini Adnan PRESDT  
Mumini Ceylan PRESDT  
Mun Alex DEANS  
Munday Madalyn PRESDT  
Munir Maryam PRESDT  
Munjal Meena DEANS  
Munkhbat Temuulen DEANS  
Munkhtur Yanjindulam DEANS  
Munoz Ligia DEANS  
Munoz Delgadillo Janett DEANS  
Munse Rebecca PRESDT  
Murga Luis DEANS  
Murillo Samuel DEANS  
Murphy Adam DEANS  
Murphy Anna-Marie PRESDT  
Murphy Brian DEANS  
Murphy Gary DEANS  
Murphy Joshua DEANS  
Murphy Oksana DEANS  
Murphy Rebecca DEANS  
Murphy Skyler PRESDT  
Murphy Teri PRESDT  
Murphy-Solano Paul DEANS  
Murray Brooke PRESDT  
Murray Christopher DEANS  
Murray Deana DEANS  
Murray John DEANS  
Murray Nicholas DEANS  
Murray-pino Louise PRESDT  
Murry Raymond DEANS  
murtaza ghulam DEANS  
Murthy Kishore DEANS  
Musa Nuro DEANS  
Musa Sagal DEANS  
Muscarella Louis DEANS  
Musel Nicholas DEANS  
Musick Amanda PRESDT  
Muskett Stephen DEANS  
Mussa Ubah DEANS  
Mussett Colby PRESDT  
Mussog Jamie DEANS  
Musumarra Caroline DEANS  
Mutahidi Safiulla DEANS  
Mwadjuma Solange DEANS  
Myatt Tommy DEANS  
Myelle Ummi DEANS  
Myers Cherilyn DEANS  
Myers Jaclyn DEANS  
Myoung Saem PRESDT  
Mysiuk Micah PRESDT  
Mzamo Mbonisi DEANS