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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Kaabi Olfa DEANS  
Kabato Mekedes PRESDT  
Kabir Bushra DEANS  
Kabir Emran DEANS  
Kabiri Faezeh DEANS  
Kabiri Zahrah DEANS  
Kabugi Magana DEANS  
Kaganda Evetha DEANS  
Kahler David DEANS  
kahssay abdu DEANS  
Kajoshaj Amela DEANS  
Kakeh Nabeelah DEANS  
Kaker Abdullah DEANS  
Kalafa Evan DEANS  
Kalantarzadeh Elham DEANS  
Kaldmaa Kristin DEANS  
Kales Chris DEANS  
Kalhorn Jesse PRESDT  
Kaline Jessica PRESDT  
Kallio Lily DEANS  
Kalt Adam DEANS  
Kamalmaz Amal DEANS  
Kamara Hassan DEANS  
Kamara Saffie PRESDT  
Kamiyama Justin DEANS  
Kamyabi Omid DEANS  
Kanaan Tony DEANS  
Kandahari Shabnam DEANS  
Kandil Gabriel PRESDT  
Kane Boubacar PRESDT  
Kane Brian DEANS  
Kang Chan Hee PRESDT  
Kang John DEANS  
Kang Joong Chul DEANS  
Kang Junho DEANS  
Kang Meejin DEANS  
Kang Sung-Jun DEANS  
Kang Vikramjit DEANS  
Kann Amanda DEANS  
Kantrowitz Jason DEANS  
Kanwal Hina DEANS  
Kapali Rachana DEANS  
Kapes Katrina DEANS  
Kapinos Laura DEANS  
Kaplan David DEANS  
Kaplan Nicole PRESDT  
Kapur Dhriti PRESDT  
Karadsheh Bassel DEANS  
Karamanis Lorraine DEANS  
Karavatas Stephanie PRESDT  
Karawa Shawnda DEANS  
Karim Abdullah DEANS  
Karim Sabrina PRESDT  
Karimy Mohammad PRESDT  
Karkee Jeet DEANS  
Karki Varun PRESDT  
Karky Pranit PRESDT  
Karpova Polina DEANS  
Karsten Frederick DEANS  
Kasap Zeynep DEANS  
Kasawat Rami DEANS  
Kashef Asma PRESDT  
kashoofy mahdi PRESDT  
Kassebaum Malia DEANS  
Kassem Nariman DEANS  
Kassem Sahar DEANS  
Kastava Christine DEANS  
Kastens Theana DEANS  
Katcher Jordan PRESDT  
Kattan Rana DEANS  
Kattige Sonali DEANS  
Kauffman Emily DEANS  
Kauffman Stacy PRESDT  
Kaur Jaspreet PRESDT  
Kaur Jaswinder PRESDT  
Kaur Jatinder PRESDT  
Kaur Manjot PRESDT  
Kaur Navpreet DEANS  
Kaur Poonamjit DEANS  
Kaur Suman DEANS  
Kaushal Akanksha PRESDT  
Kaushal Nainoksha DEANS  
Kavelashvili Marina DEANS  
Kawaguchi Kozo PRESDT  
Kay Loreen PRESDT  
Kayani Sumera DEANS  
Kaye Paul DEANS  
Kaye Samuel DEANS  
Kayitesi Marie Claire DEANS  
Kayser Samuel DEANS  
Kazemi Mariam DEANS  
Kazilbash Nida DEANS  
Kazim Firat PRESDT  
KC Devendra DEANS  
Kearney John DEANS  
Kearney Michael DEANS  
Kearon Meaghan DEANS  
Kebede Blen PRESDT  
Kebede Yeshiwas DEANS  
Kedikilwe Poloko DEANS  
Kediyal Suchita DEANS  
Keebaugh Scott DEANS  
Keeleong-Mindang Stephanie DEANS  
Keeler Amber DEANS  
Keene Jillyne DEANS  
kefene addis DEANS  
Keisler Jonathan DEANS  
Keister Michael DEANS  
Keith Rowena DEANS  
Keithly Thomas DEANS  
Kelch Michele PRESDT  
Kelelew Sara DEANS  
Keller Charles DEANS  
Keller Stephanie PRESDT  
Kelley Molly PRESDT  
Kelley Patrick PRESDT  
Kelley Patrick DEANS  
Kelley Voncile DEANS  
Kelly Daniel DEANS  
Kelly Daniel PRESDT  
Kelly Katelyn DEANS  
Kelly Mary PRESDT  
Kelly Sara DEANS  
Kelly Stephen PRESDT  
Kelly Timothy DEANS  
Kelpsaite Monika PRESDT  
Kemp Jennah DEANS  
Kemp Morgan DEANS  
Kempter Laura PRESDT  
Kempter Samantha DEANS  
Kenefake Jeffrey DEANS  
Kennedy Alexander DEANS  
Kennedy Brianna DEANS  
Kennedy Kelly DEANS  
Kennedy Kyle PRESDT  
Kennedy Megan DEANS  
Kennedy Nathan DEANS  
Kennedy Rachel PRESDT  
Kenney Evelyn DEANS  
Kent Elizabeth DEANS  
Kent Eric DEANS  
Keo Kenny PRESDT  
Kepus Tracey PRESDT  
Keran William PRESDT  
Kerkeslager Eileen DEANS  
Kern Owen DEANS  
Kern Patti PRESDT  
Kerr Jonathan DEANS  
Kerr Michael DEANS  
keshishian zorik PRESDT  
Keum Minkyung DEANS  
Key Leah PRESDT  
Keyser Douglas DEANS  
Khadbaatar Enkhnasan PRESDT  
Khadka Binod PRESDT  
Khadraoui Imad PRESDT  
Khaledi Siamak DEANS  
Khalid Nimarah DEANS  
Khalid Taha PRESDT  
Khalidi Nadia PRESDT  
Khalique Ismael DEANS  
Khambay Mickey PRESDT  
Khan Aasima DEANS  
Khan Akram PRESDT  
Khan Asad PRESDT  
Khan Faizan DEANS  
Khan Gul-e-lala DEANS  
Khan Harris DEANS  
Khan Hasham DEANS  
Khan Imran DEANS  
Khan Kamil PRESDT  
Khan Kanza PRESDT  
Khan Kishwar DEANS  
Khan Misbah DEANS  
Khan Mohammed DEANS  
Khan Muhammad DEANS  
Khan Muhsina PRESDT  
Khan Rumsha PRESDT  
Khan Sarah DEANS  
Khan Shazia PRESDT  
Khan Taimur PRESDT  
Khan Umair PRESDT  
Khan Zainab DEANS  
Khan Zoya DEANS  
Khanal Niraj DEANS  
khanwalkar lata DEANS  
Kharam Nashmia DEANS  
Khardi Walid DEANS  
Khasawinah Omar PRESDT  
Khatri Aarti PRESDT  
Khattak Shazia DEANS  
Khawaja Ahmad Nauman PRESDT  
Khawaja Roy DEANS  
Khayat Naseem DEANS  
khazaal raghad DEANS  
Khazmo Tracie DEANS  
Kheirani Zeinab PRESDT  
Kheuangmala Eugene DEANS  
Khin Hninn DEANS  
Khitab khan Mohammad DEANS  
Khokhar Mansoor DEANS  
Khomyak Oksana PRESDT  
Khoshshekari Colt DEANS  
Khosravi Parmis PRESDT  
Khoury Diana DEANS  
Khoury Patricia DEANS  
Khoury Warde DEANS  
Kiani Anam DEANS  
Kibler Christine DEANS  
Kibler Diane PRESDT  
Kibler Lindsey PRESDT  
Kidder Emily DEANS  
Kidwell Jordan DEANS  
Kiefer Lauren DEANS  
Kilcullen Kathleen DEANS  
Kiley Colleen DEANS  
Killey Alfred DEANS  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kilvert-Jones Victoria DEANS  
Kim Ahreum DEANS  
Kim Alain PRESDT  
Kim Angie PRESDT  
Kim Ashlee PRESDT  
Kim Bong Ju DEANS  
Kim Chae Woon PRESDT  
Kim Chungwoon PRESDT  
Kim David PRESDT  
Kim Dong DEANS  
Kim Doo DEANS  
Kim Esther DEANS  
Kim Eun Jin DEANS  
Kim Gihee PRESDT  
kim hae DEANS  
Kim Haeri PRESDT  
Kim Han PRESDT  
Kim Hana DEANS  
Kim Hee PRESDT  
Kim Helen DEANS  
Kim Hyang Jae DEANS  
Kim Hyerin PRESDT  
Kim Hyojin PRESDT  
Kim Hyun A PRESDT  
Kim Jae Ik PRESDT  
Kim Jennifer DEANS  
Kim Joshua DEANS  
Kim JungEon DEANS  
Kim Katlen DEANS  
Kim Katrina DEANS  
Kim Ki Won DEANS  
Kim Mi Song DEANS  
Kim Mikyung DEANS  
Kim Min Woo DEANS  
Kim Minji DEANS  
Kim Minkyung DEANS  
kim myungsuk PRESDT  
Kim NaYeon DEANS  
Kim Sa Rang PRESDT  
Kim Sae Hee PRESDT  
Kim Sae Hwan PRESDT  
Kim Sang Woo DEANS  
Kim Se Won PRESDT  
Kim Sean PRESDT  
Kim Shin DEANS  
Kim Sihyun DEANS  
Kim Sonia DEANS  
Kim Soo-Ryun DEANS  
Kim Sun Gyum PRESDT  
Kim Sung Uk DEANS  
Kim Sungwoo DEANS  
Kim Yeeun PRESDT  
Kim Yi Seul PRESDT  
Kim Yongbeom DEANS  
Kim Youn Han DEANS  
Kim Young DEANS  
Kim Young Joon DEANS  
Kim Jeon Jung Hye PRESDT  
Kim Lee Choun Ja PRESDT  
Kimball Lindsay DEANS  
Kimber Christopher PRESDT  
Kimberlin Anna DEANS  
Kinder Christine DEANS  
King Aishia PRESDT  
King Amanda PRESDT  
King Markia DEANS  
King Meredith PRESDT  
King Michelle PRESDT  
King Richard DEANS  
Kingsley Lisa DEANS  
Kingsley Nuril DEANS  
King-Smith Cindy DEANS  
Kinuani Nils DEANS  
Kircher Sydney DEANS  
Kirk Chad DEANS  
Kirk Chelsea PRESDT  
Kirk Ryan DEANS  
Kirkbride John DEANS  
Kirkland Ronald DEANS  
Kirkpatrick Heather PRESDT  
Kirsch Christine PRESDT  
Kiser Kristin DEANS  
Kiser Matthew PRESDT  
Kitt Courtney DEANS  
Kitto Michaela DEANS  
Klagge Meagan DEANS  
Klapper Michael DEANS  
Klaren Jonathan DEANS  
Klatt Elizabeth DEANS  
Klegin Branden DEANS  
Klein Brandon PRESDT  
Klein Karen PRESDT  
Klein Timo PRESDT  
Kleintop Samuel DEANS  
Klindworth William DEANS  
Kluge Elly DEANS  
Kneeland Lacey PRESDT  
Knight April PRESDT  
Knight Jason PRESDT  
Knight Michael DEANS  
Knoll Abbey PRESDT  
Knott Katherine DEANS  
Knott William DEANS  
Knudsen Adam DEANS  
Knudsen Crystal DEANS  
Ko Eun DEANS  
Ko Hyoun-Jung PRESDT  
Kobayashi Takeshi DEANS  
Kobylinska Dominika DEANS  
Koch John DEANS  
Kodali Pavani DEANS  
Kodali Venkataramani DEANS  
Koerber James PRESDT  
Koerner Nathan PRESDT  
Kofie Genevieve PRESDT  
Kofie Marie-Louise PRESDT  
Kofler Dawn PRESDT  
Kogan David DEANS  
Kohistany Abdul DEANS  
Kohl Eric DEANS  
Kohn Rachel DEANS  
Kohy Mohsen DEANS  
Kolansky 'Laria' Amanda DEANS  
Kolb Karen PRESDT  
kolb lauren PRESDT  
Kolodziej Cynthia DEANS  
Kolyanko Olga DEANS  
Komleva Lilia PRESDT  
Konarzewski Edward DEANS  
Konetsul Anna DEANS  
Kongjun Panida PRESDT  
Konigsberg Noah DEANS  
Koo Ja Sung DEANS  
Koo Sujin PRESDT  
Koppoe Naa-Akawa DEANS  
Korey Julie DEANS  
Korich Amyee PRESDT  
Koroma Ibsatu DEANS  
Koroma Unisa DEANS  
Korten Patrick DEANS  
Kosanko Alexandra DEANS  
Kosatii Evghenii PRESDT  
Koss Kyle PRESDT  
Kost Michelle DEANS  
Koster Hilary DEANS  
Kott Stephen PRESDT  
Kouadio Dimitri PRESDT  
Koudama Gilberte DEANS  
Kougias Chloe PRESDT  
Kouraichi Sofiene DEANS  
Kourdali Houda DEANS  
Kouri Kelsey PRESDT  
Kouzougian Kristopher DEANS  
Kovach Kimberly DEANS  
Kozak Rebecca DEANS  
Kozlowski William DEANS  
Kozusko Christopher DEANS  
kpondzo Yaovi DEANS  
Kraak Andrew DEANS  
Krafft Stephany DEANS  
Kraft Nathan DEANS  
Krahl Emily DEANS  
Krallman Michelle DEANS  
Kraselsky Shohreh DEANS  
Kratzer Nicole DEANS  
Krause Lauren DEANS  
Krauss Judith DEANS  
Krauss Lara DEANS  
krawczak Susann DEANS  
Krawitz Samuel PRESDT  
Kraynak Mark DEANS  
Krebs Amy DEANS  
Krebs Maggie PRESDT  
Krebs Stephen PRESDT  
Kress Thomas DEANS  
Kreutter Andrew DEANS  
Krishnan Priya DEANS  
Kroll Alyssa DEANS  
Kropp Shane DEANS  
Krueger Nathan PRESDT  
Kruger Marie-Christine PRESDT  
Krumme Diane DEANS  
Kryschtal Pamela DEANS  
Krzywdzinska Agnieszka PRESDT  
Ktiri Aziz DEANS  
Ku Christine DEANS  
Kuan Kevin PRESDT  
Kubiak Joseph DEANS  
Kucik Matthew DEANS  
Kuendel Daniel DEANS  
Kuflom Dehab DEANS  
Kuhman Julia DEANS  
Kuhn Jonathan PRESDT  
Kuklis Anthony DEANS  
Kulbeth Robert DEANS  
Kulick Katherine DEANS  
Kulikova Julia PRESDT  
Kumar Deepti DEANS  
Kumi Joseph DEANS  
Kunneman Ashley DEANS  
Kuratie Mihireteab DEANS  
Kurian Shino DEANS  
Kurukulasuriya Jeewani Muditha PRESDT  
kusdarman putra DEANS  
Kusi Nana DEANS  
Kusuma Jessica DEANS  
Kuz John PRESDT  
Kwalwasser Robert PRESDT  
Kwasny Nadin PRESDT  
Kwon Andrea DEANS  
Kwon Hyeok Jin PRESDT  
Kwon Seung Hwan PRESDT  
Kwon Seungmi PRESDT  
Kwon Yoorhee DEANS  
Kyriazi Joshua DEANS  
Kys Matthew DEANS