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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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H mariarm Yonatan DEANS  
Ha Heon Young DEANS  
Ha Johnny DEANS  
Ha Nahlee DEANS  
Ha Tuyet DEANS  
Haas Brian DEANS  
Haase Robert DEANS  
Habaqe Jan DEANS  
Habel Jacqueline PRESDT  
Habib Aisha DEANS  
Habulan Raphael Antonio PRESDT  
Hacker Lindsey DEANS  
Hackes Alana PRESDT  
Haddad Caroline DEANS  
Haddad Jana DEANS  
Haddock Loreann DEANS  
Haddox Ronald DEANS  
Hadi Samah DEANS  
Hadley Alyssa DEANS  
Hadrani Salah PRESDT  
Hage Dabah DEANS  
Hagedorn Michael DEANS  
Hager George DEANS  
Hager Sarah DEANS  
Hagood Brett DEANS  
Hahnemann de Souza Anna PRESDT  
Haidari Mehrdad DEANS  
Haidary Najebah DEANS  
haile rediet DEANS  
Hailemariam Abrham DEANS  
Hailemariam Samrawit DEANS  
Hailey Tara DEANS  
Hailu Birikty DEANS  
Hairston Teara DEANS  
Haji Iqra PRESDT  
Hajigurban Zahid DEANS  
Hakimi Kamran DEANS  
Hakimzada Neelab DEANS  
Haley John PRESDT  
Haley Jonathan PRESDT  
Halim Mansoor DEANS  
Hall Amanda PRESDT  
Hall Andrea PRESDT  
Hall Ashley DEANS  
Hall Brian DEANS  
Hall Christopher PRESDT  
Hall Edward DEANS  
Hall Kenneth DEANS  
Hall Lindsey PRESDT  
Hall Lisa PRESDT  
Hall Machalia DEANS  
Hall Madetric DEANS  
Hallahan Brian DEANS  
Halle Steven DEANS  
Halloran Heather DEANS  
Halmi Stefanie PRESDT  
Halperson Julie DEANS  
Halpin Michael PRESDT  
Halpin Sean DEANS  
Haltom Charles PRESDT  
Hamann Michael DEANS  
Hambley Dorothy DEANS  
Hamed Saleh DEANS  
Hameed Ateequllah DEANS  
Hameed Muneba PRESDT  
Hameed Zainab PRESDT  
Hamilton Beth DEANS  
Hamilton Chasity DEANS  
Hamilton Daniel DEANS  
Hamilton David DEANS  
Hamilton Justin DEANS  
Hamilton Marlon DEANS  
Hamilton Nathaniel PRESDT  
Hamilton Rachael PRESDT  
Hammerstrom Michael DEANS  
Hammiche Susan DEANS  
Hammond Chad DEANS  
Hammond Courtney DEANS  
Hammons Lalja DEANS  
Hamn Felicia PRESDT  
Hampel Dana DEANS  
Hampton Renita DEANS  
Hamrouchi Ikram DEANS  
Han Andrew DEANS  
Han Eunice PRESDT  
Han Judy PRESDT  
Han Miock DEANS  
Han Ryan DEANS  
Han Seunghoon DEANS  
Han SongEi PRESDT  
Han Woo DEANS  
Han Xue PRESDT  
Han Yeo Hee PRESDT  
Hanafin Christopher DEANS  
Hand Krystal PRESDT  
Handy Ashley PRESDT  
Hang Chau PRESDT  
Hanlon Danny DEANS  
Hanna Mark DEANS  
Hannan Kelly DEANS  
Hanover Pettit Rebekah DEANS  
Hansen Virginia DEANS  
Hanson Emma PRESDT  
Haque Sahina DEANS  
Haraguchi Sharon DEANS  
Harasty Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Harbi Faisal DEANS  
Hardesty Matthew DEANS  
Hardgrove Kelley DEANS  
Hardin Leah DEANS  
Harding Nicholas DEANS  
Hardman Leslie DEANS  
Hardy Alec DEANS  
Hardy Andrew DEANS  
Hargrove Tamara DEANS  
Haring Jennifer DEANS  
Haring Mary DEANS  
Harmon Melanie DEANS  
Harmony Amber PRESDT  
Harney Talmira PRESDT  
Harney Tamila PRESDT  
Harpole Michael DEANS  
Harris Amanda DEANS  
Harris Andrea DEANS  
Harris Angel DEANS  
Harris Daniel DEANS  
Harris Darcell DEANS  
Harris Douglas PRESDT  
Harris Jacqueline DEANS  
Harris Kathryn PRESDT  
Harris Keli PRESDT  
Harris Kurt DEANS  
Harris Kyle PRESDT  
Harris Mary DEANS  
Harris McCoy PRESDT  
Harris Rodney DEANS  
Harris Roland DEANS  
Harris Vivian DEANS  
Harrison Bryan DEANS  
Harrison Cathleen PRESDT  
Harrison Elizabeth DEANS  
Harrison Kenneth PRESDT  
Harrison Renee PRESDT  
Harrup Chelsea DEANS  
Hart Andrew DEANS  
Hart Cassie PRESDT  
Hart Katherine PRESDT  
Hart Kim DEANS  
Hart Yurie DEANS  
Hartle Gregory DEANS  
Hartle Keleigh DEANS  
Hartman James DEANS  
Hartwick Anna DEANS  
haruna ruhia DEANS  
Harvey Blake DEANS  
Harvey Claudia PRESDT  
Harvey Kristen DEANS  
Harvey Linda DEANS  
Harvey Steven DEANS  
Hasan Mohammad DEANS  
Hasan Syed DEANS  
Hasan Syeda PRESDT  
Hasandras Eratosthenis PRESDT  
Hashim Safa DEANS  
hashmi farah PRESDT  
Hassanshahi Taranah DEANS  
Hassen Leyla DEANS  
Hastings Madeline DEANS  
Hastings Sarah DEANS  
Hatcher Nathan PRESDT  
Hatfield Ashton DEANS  
Hatfield Marques PRESDT  
Hathaway Kaitlin DEANS  
Haun Garron DEANS  
Hauris Cynthia DEANS  
Hauser Elizabeth DEANS  
Hausfeld Kelley PRESDT  
Hausker Sara PRESDT  
Havener Mallorie DEANS  
Havrilla Timothy PRESDT  
Hawes Ashlie DEANS  
Hawkins Katrice DEANS  
Hawley Claude DEANS  
Hawley Jeryl DEANS  
Hay Kathleen DEANS  
Hayburn Jennifer PRESDT  
Haycraft Jennifer DEANS  
Haydari Noorzia DEANS  
Hayde Adam PRESDT  
Hayes Britany PRESDT  
Hayes Kevin DEANS  
Hayes Reva DEANS  
Haynes Andrew PRESDT  
Haynes Edith DEANS  
Haynes John PRESDT  
Hays Charlotte PRESDT  
Haywood Nekiea DEANS  
Hazlett Ana DEANS  
He Meijiao DEANS  
He Yuxin PRESDT  
Headley Richard DEANS  
Hearn Jeff DEANS  
Heasly Carolyn PRESDT  
Heaton Shannon DEANS  
Hebert Jesse DEANS  
Heck Stephanie PRESDT  
Hecker Benjamin DEANS  
Hedden Kevin PRESDT  
Heffron Leslie DEANS  
Heflin Denise PRESDT  
Hege Joellen DEANS  
Hege Juliana PRESDT  
Heidbreder Michael DEANS  
Hein Megan PRESDT  
Heinicke Marika DEANS  
Heinz Nadine DEANS  
Heisler David DEANS  
Helein Collin DEANS  
Helm Angela PRESDT  
Helm Philip PRESDT  
Helmey Nermeen DEANS  
Helms Jared DEANS  
Helms Jillian PRESDT  
Helwege Jessica DEANS  
Hembree Stefan PRESDT  
Hemdal James DEANS  
Hemmatian Mohammed PRESDT  
Hemmatian Ramteen DEANS  
Hemphill John DEANS  
Henchbarger Erin PRESDT  
Henderson Anja DEANS  
Henderson Jessica PRESDT  
Henderson Melanie DEANS  
Henderson Meredith PRESDT  
Hendrian Rachel DEANS  
Hendricks Laurence DEANS  
Hendrickson Christopher DEANS  
Hendrix Chelsea PRESDT  
Henecke Terry DEANS  
Henley Dylan DEANS  
Henley Maryann PRESDT  
Hennigan James DEANS  
Henriksen Matthew PRESDT  
Henriquez Graciela DEANS  
Henriquez William DEANS  
Henry Amanda DEANS  
Henry Jennifer DEANS  
Henry-gross Caroline PRESDT  
Hensley Matthew DEANS  
Henson Tiffanie DEANS  
Hepburn Keami DEANS  
Herbas Carlos PRESDT  
Herman Sally DEANS  
Hernandez Alba DEANS  
Hernandez Anthony DEANS  
hernandez gustavo DEANS  
Hernandez James DEANS  
Hernandez Jose DEANS  
Hernandez Joshua DEANS  
Hernandez Yvonne DEANS  
Hernandez-Portillo Ana PRESDT  
Herndon Bryan DEANS  
Herrera Carolina DEANS  
Herrera Christine DEANS  
Hershkovitz Michael DEANS  
Hersi Hibaq PRESDT  
Heselton April DEANS  
Heselton Jonathan DEANS  
Heslin Nicole DEANS  
Hess Catherine DEANS  
Hesse Poramaporn PRESDT  
Hester Kipp DEANS  
Hester Lauren DEANS  
Heuer Paige PRESDT  
Hickey Paul DEANS  
Hickey Phakkajira DEANS  
Hickle Daniel DEANS  
Hicks Sarah DEANS  
Hicks Terry DEANS  
Hidalgo Mireya DEANS  
Hidremariam Mihret DEANS  
Higbee John PRESDT  
Highsmith Rachel DEANS  
Hilbert Benjamin DEANS  
Hilburn Amanda PRESDT  
Hildebrand Michael DEANS  
Hilgenhurst Kristina PRESDT  
Hill Barry PRESDT  
Hill Daniel DEANS  
Hill Derek DEANS  
Hill Kacee DEANS  
Hill Lindsey PRESDT  
Hill Matthew PRESDT  
Hill Monica DEANS  
Hill Myranda DEANS  
Hill Shawnna PRESDT  
Hill Stephanie DEANS  
Hillaert Laura DEANS  
Hill-Clemons Kristen DEANS  
Hillgren Lorelei PRESDT  
Hills Julia DEANS  
Hillyer Lisa DEANS  
Hilton Kimberly DEANS  
hindi ruba DEANS  
Hindman Jessica DEANS  
Hinnant Rhiannon-Nadine DEANS  
Hinojosa-Guevara Diego DEANS  
Hinson Oliver DEANS  
Hinzman Kayla DEANS  
Hirschhorn Rachel DEANS  
Hisham Raif DEANS  
Hively Jennifer DEANS  
Hjelm Olivia PRESDT  
Hlivka Lindsay DEANS  
Ho Hayley DEANS  
Ho Julian PRESDT  
Ho Thanh Thao PRESDT  
Ho Thao DEANS  
Hoang Anh DEANS  
Hoang Johnny DEANS  
Hoang Katherine DEANS  
Hoang Minh DEANS  
Hobbie Kristopher DEANS  
Hobbs Lauren PRESDT  
Hobbs Sarah DEANS  
Hocter Annette DEANS  
Hodgson David DEANS  
Hodson Brandon PRESDT  
Hoedt Ryan DEANS  
Hoeft Gordon PRESDT  
Hofer Elizabeth DEANS  
Hofer Marion PRESDT  
Hoff Summer DEANS  
Hoffer Philecia PRESDT  
Hoffman Catherine DEANS  
Hoffman John DEANS  
Hoffman Matthew DEANS  
Hoffman Michele DEANS  
Hoffman Molly DEANS  
Hoffman Scott DEANS  
Hofler Vivian DEANS  
Hohensee Erich DEANS  
Holl Kathleen DEANS  
Holland Jason DEANS  
Holland John DEANS  
Hollett Seon Ok PRESDT  
Hollinger Faith DEANS  
Hollinger Maya DEANS  
Holloman Kacy DEANS  
Holloway Cassandra DEANS  
Holloway Valeria DEANS  
Hollowood Sean DEANS  
Holman Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Holmes Jennifer DEANS  
Holmes Kristy DEANS  
Holmes Olga DEANS  
Holmes Robert DEANS  
Holsclaw Matt DEANS  
Holt Shawn DEANS  
Holzman Brandy DEANS  
Homayouni Brandon DEANS  
Homet Sarah PRESDT  
Homoud Ramsey DEANS  
Honaker Robert PRESDT  
Hong Daniel DEANS  
Hong Justin DEANS  
Hong Perry DEANS  
Hong Sung Ha PRESDT  
Honores Franco PRESDT  
Hope Brian DEANS  
Hope Linda DEANS  
Hopkins Merima DEANS  
Hopson Rachel DEANS  
Hopwood Lauren DEANS  
Horn Leisa DEANS  
Horne Charles DEANS  
Horness John DEANS  
Hornsby Joshua PRESDT  
Horton Jeremy DEANS  
Hossain Forhad DEANS  
Hossain Kayes DEANS  
Hossain Mohammed DEANS  
Hossain Sazid DEANS  
Hotaki Mariam PRESDT  
Hough Jordan DEANS  
Hough Kyle DEANS  
house christina PRESDT  
House Victoria DEANS  
Hovhannissian Maro DEANS  
Howard David DEANS  
Howard Glenn DEANS  
Howard Kimber PRESDT  
howard Nicholas PRESDT  
Howard Shakira DEANS  
Howard Timothy DEANS  
Howe Elysia PRESDT  
Howe Ian PRESDT  
Howe Lauren DEANS  
Howell Nolan DEANS  
Howell Patricia DEANS  
Hsu Lily DEANS  
Hsu Ya-han DEANS  
Hsueh Hao PRESDT  
Hu Xin DEANS  
Hua Eva PRESDT  
hua Somnang DEANS  
Hua Vi DEANS  
Huang Hai DEANS  
Huang YingFei DEANS  
Huang Zi DEANS  
Hubbard Courtney DEANS  
Huber John DEANS  
Huber Katherine DEANS  
Huber Michael DEANS  
Huckstep Heather PRESDT  
Hudie Daniela DEANS  
Hudson Christopher DEANS  
Hudson Hannah DEANS  
Hudson Regina DEANS  
Huertas Francesca DEANS  
Huff Jesse DEANS  
Huffman Anthony DEANS  
Hughes David DEANS  
Hughes Lauren DEANS  
Hughes Thomas DEANS  
Hughes-Segroves Kyle DEANS  
Hulbert Dennis DEANS  
Huley Hilarie DEANS  
Hulita Oksana PRESDT  
Hull Rebecca DEANS  
Hull Scott DEANS  
Hull Stephen DEANS  
Hum Jonathan DEANS  
Humeid Hilmi PRESDT  
Hummell Brandan DEANS  
Humphries Nick PRESDT  
Hunley Rhonda DEANS  
Hunt Colby DEANS  
Hunt David DEANS  
Hunt Lacie DEANS  
Hunter Dana DEANS  
Hunter Glenda DEANS  
Hunter Patricia PRESDT  
Hunter Richard DEANS  
Hunter Vania DEANS  
Huntt Matthew DEANS  
Hur Jiin PRESDT  
Hurley Emelia DEANS  
Hurt Jennifer PRESDT  
Hurtado Sofia DEANS  
Husain Sana PRESDT  
hussain ashiq DEANS  
hussain Bilal DEANS  
Hussain Helina DEANS  
Hussain Saqib DEANS  
Hussein Deqa DEANS  
Hussein Mohamed DEANS  
Hussein Samar PRESDT  
Hussein Tahera DEANS  
Hussien Abubeker PRESDT  
Hutcherson Matthew PRESDT  
Hutcherson Robert PRESDT  
Hutton Kara DEANS  
Huybrechts Wendy DEANS  
Huyen Le PRESDT  
Huynh Binh PRESDT  
Huynh Cam Thuy DEANS  
Huynh David DEANS  
Huynh Hong-An DEANS  
Huynh Jennefer DEANS  
huynh linh DEANS  
Huynh Lucy PRESDT  
Huynh Mai PRESDT  
Huynh My PRESDT  
Huynh Nicole DEANS  
Huynh Truc Anh PRESDT  
Huynh Van DEANS  
Hwang Hye Won DEANS  
Hwang Hyun DEANS  
Hwang Inyoung DEANS  
Hwang Jae Hyoung PRESDT  
Hwang Shannon DEANS  
Hydrick Jonathan DEANS  
Hylan Jack DEANS