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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Ba Sawdiatou DEANS  
Baah-Kpabitey Gifty DEANS  
Baatarkhuyag Oyunkhand PRESDT  
Baatartsogt Oyudari PRESDT  
Babakhanzoda Komroni DEANS  
Bachabi Francis DEANS  
Bachir Lora DEANS  
Bachmann Laurent PRESDT  
Backus Eric PRESDT  
Bacon Ronald DEANS  
Baek In Sung PRESDT  
Baeza Marcos PRESDT  
Bagai Ankit PRESDT  
Bagley Shelby DEANS  
Bagnell Ian DEANS  
Bagoulla Sophia DEANS  
Baha Najeeb PRESDT  
Baham Hilary DEANS  
Bahr Lauren PRESDT  
Bahrami Matt PRESDT  
bahsine fatima DEANS  
Baig Atif DEANS  
Baig Mohammad DEANS  
Bailey Elizabeth DEANS  
bailey francine PRESDT  
Bailey Jeremy DEANS  
Bailey Monica PRESDT  
Bailey Tasha DEANS  
Baird Joan DEANS  
Baird Michelle DEANS  
Baird Raymond DEANS  
Bajwa Hamayun DEANS  
Bajwa Novpreet PRESDT  
Baker Brianna DEANS  
Baker Christine PRESDT  
Baker Heather DEANS  
Baker Jazmine PRESDT  
Baker Jordan DEANS  
Baker Melissa PRESDT  
Baker Tanisha DEANS  
Baker Torria DEANS  
Baker Wesley DEANS  
Bakhat Said PRESDT  
Bakhshiyar Farahnoz DEANS  
Bakhshiyar Nilufar DEANS  
Bal Anupreet DEANS  
Balachandran Keerti PRESDT  
Balani Vishal PRESDT  
Balasu Edward DEANS  
Balbuena Ada DEANS  
Balbuena Andrea DEANS  
Baldandorj Temuulen PRESDT  
Baldelomar Genny DEANS  
baldiviezo javier DEANS  
Baldwin Nancy DEANS  
Baldwin Stephen DEANS  
Bales Michael DEANS  
Balile Wasima PRESDT  
Ball Katherine PRESDT  
Ballah Katy DEANS  
Ballantine Brian DEANS  
Ballard Kathrina PRESDT  
Ballou Helen DEANS  
Balmakhtar Houria DEANS  
Balmakhtar Lamiae DEANS  
Balow Tiffany DEANS  
Baluarte Joao DEANS  
Bamford Renee DEANS  
Bampoe Theresa DEANS  
Ban Byung DEANS  
Banach Richard DEANS  
Bani Husam PRESDT  
Banick Michael PRESDT  
Banister Kathryn DEANS  
Banks Avis DEANS  
Banks Michael DEANS  
Banner Marilynne DEANS  
Bannourah Rawan DEANS  
Bano Naseem DEANS  
Bansah Stephanie DEANS  
Baquedano Sonya DEANS  
Barahona-Ordonez Jose DEANS  
Barajas Daniel DEANS  
Barakat Abeer DEANS  
Barakat Omar DEANS  
Barakat Rola PRESDT  
Barazandehkar Bita PRESDT  
Barb Brandon DEANS  
Barbe Eric DEANS  
Barber Jessica PRESDT  
Barber Kelley DEANS  
Barber Solange DEANS  
Barber Stephen DEANS  
Barberena Jessica DEANS  
Barbosa Carrie DEANS  
Bare Joseph PRESDT  
Barefield Joey DEANS  
Barger Daniel PRESDT  
Barham Thomas PRESDT  
Barker Matthew DEANS  
Barkneh Solomon DEANS  
Barlow Adam DEANS  
Barnes Albert DEANS  
Barnes Gerald DEANS  
Barnes Mary DEANS  
Barnett Jessica PRESDT  
Barnette Michael DEANS  
Barney Tanisha DEANS  
Baron Carla DEANS  
Barqawi Abdallah PRESDT  
Barrale Allison PRESDT  
Barreto Atski PRESDT  
Barrett Emily DEANS  
Barrett Matthew DEANS  
Barrett-Perry Karen DEANS  
Barrie Al-hassan DEANS  
Barrientos Neil DEANS  
Barringer Jack PRESDT  
Barry Amadou DEANS  
Barry Barbara DEANS  
Barry Hadiatou DEANS  
Barry Ousmane DEANS  
Barry Shelly PRESDT  
Bartell Sarah DEANS  
Bartelt Cory DEANS  
Bartholomew Catherine PRESDT  
Bartlett Ashley PRESDT  
Bartlett Jennifer DEANS  
Bartlett Jordan DEANS  
Bartlett Rowland DEANS  
Bartlett Sherri DEANS  
Bartley Nichole DEANS  
Barto Carol Lynne PRESDT  
Barton Ann DEANS  
Barton Jerrod PRESDT  
Bartzsch Janina DEANS  
Barwick Rosanne DEANS  
Basco Martyn Lorenzo DEANS  
Baser Zide DEANS  
basharat kashif PRESDT  
Basheda Alexandra DEANS  
Bashir Amina DEANS  
Bashir Farooq PRESDT  
Bashir Shamaila DEANS  
Bashorun Timilehin DEANS  
Basilio Mary DEANS  
Baskov Dennis PRESDT  
Basnet Sadiksha PRESDT  
Bass Johnna DEANS  
Bass Sinan DEANS  
Bassiri Steven PRESDT  
Bataglioli Diego DEANS  
Batbayar Tsetsee DEANS  
Batchelor Carolyn PRESDT  
Bates Alec DEANS  
Bates Dylan DEANS  
Bates Jessica PRESDT  
Batiza Travis PRESDT  
Batool Raazia DEANS  
Batra Amanjit PRESDT  
Battaglia Joseph DEANS  
Batts Steven DEANS  
Batzorig Khongorzul DEANS  
Baugh Anthony DEANS  
Baugher Kyle DEANS  
Baumgartner Marcia PRESDT  
Bavera Marco DEANS  
Baxley John DEANS  
Baxter Scott DEANS  
Bayat Ahmad DEANS  
Baynes Kevin DEANS  
Bayrakovska Alexandra DEANS  
Bays Andrew DEANS  
Bayu Tizita PRESDT  
Bazarov Dmitry DEANS  
Bazemore Rashad DEANS  
Beach Roxanna PRESDT  
Beall Anna PRESDT  
Beam Katelyn PRESDT  
Bean Ian DEANS  
Bean Melissa DEANS  
Beard Jessica DEANS  
Beard Phillip DEANS  
Beard Robert DEANS  
Bearinger Lynette DEANS  
Beasley Kenneth DEANS  
Beasley Thomas PRESDT  
Beasley Whitney DEANS  
Beatty Andrew DEANS  
Beatty Virginia DEANS  
Beaudoin Hilary DEANS  
Beavers Eileen DEANS  
Becht Monica DEANS  
Beck Eileen DEANS  
Becker Christopher DEANS  
Beckert Angela DEANS  
Beckett Brittany DEANS  
Beckett Kenneth PRESDT  
Bedsole Kara DEANS  
Behnam Sonita PRESDT  
Behrens Kelly PRESDT  
Beil Katherine DEANS  
Beissel Caila PRESDT  
Bejaneishvili Bakur DEANS  
Bekele Ayda DEANS  
Bekele Bengessa Gigssa DEANS  
Bekkali Younes PRESDT  
Belay Tesfaye PRESDT  
Belayneh Fiseha PRESDT  
Belcheva Galina DEANS  
Belete Wondwossen DEANS  
Bell Curtis DEANS  
Bell Stephanie DEANS  
Bellegarde Joseph DEANS  
Bello Natalie PRESDT  
Belmont Erik DEANS  
Belmonte Nilo DEANS  
Beltethon Gordon DEANS  
Belton Jade PRESDT  
Belush Branden PRESDT  
Ben Tekaya Khaled PRESDT  
Benavides David DEANS  
Benavides Gerber DEANS  
Bencherki Morris Hajar PRESDT  
Benchich Jennifer DEANS  
Bender Winston DEANS  
Benferchad Rachida PRESDT  
Benfield Michael DEANS  
Benhusen Ramsey DEANS  
Benitez Romina PRESDT  
Benkahla Kelly DEANS  
Benner Amanda DEANS  
Bennett Bruce DEANS  
Bennett Carmen DEANS  
Bennett Erin DEANS  
Bennett Kenneth DEANS  
Bennett Laura DEANS  
Bennett Wendy PRESDT  
Benoit Debra DEANS  
Benson Kay DEANS  
Bent Tyler DEANS  
Benton Lindsay PRESDT  
Berasko Ayman PRESDT  
Berezny Elizabeth DEANS  
Berger Lorena DEANS  
Bergeron Alyssa DEANS  
Bergeron Christal DEANS  
Bergman Jessica PRESDT  
Bergman Joshua PRESDT  
Bergman Kari DEANS  
bergstrom nicholas DEANS  
Bergsveinsson Bjarki DEANS  
Berhane Yacob PRESDT  
Berhanu Selam PRESDT  
Berhie Awot DEANS  
beri marta DEANS  
Bermudez Oscar DEANS  
Bernard Terence PRESDT  
Berndt Timothy PRESDT  
Bernedo Sandy DEANS  
Bernhardt Thomas DEANS  
Berrios John PRESDT  
Berrios Manuel DEANS  
Berrios Alfaro Juan DEANS  
Berry Brooke DEANS  
Berry Danielle PRESDT  
Berry Nicholas DEANS  
Berry Seth PRESDT  
Bertrand Dante DEANS  
Beshir Asmaa PRESDT  
Beshir Ekbal DEANS  
Bessey Rosemary DEANS  
Best Juliana DEANS  
Best Vern DEANS  
Betker Caitlin DEANS  
Betremariam Hanna DEANS  
Bettius Jason DEANS  
Betts Benjamin DEANS  
Bettucci Kim DEANS  
Beutel Peter PRESDT  
Bevenour Kaitlyn DEANS  
Beveridge James DEANS  
Beverstock David DEANS  
Beving Mary DEANS  
Beyene Tsedenya PRESDT  
Beyers Leah DEANS  
Bezkishchenko Viktoriia DEANS  
Bezrhite Zouheir DEANS  
Bhadel Shriti PRESDT  
Bhandari Bishnu DEANS  
Bhandari Prekshya DEANS  
Bhandari Shova PRESDT  
Bhat Ashwini DEANS  
Bhatti Jasmine PRESDT  
Bhatti Taimoor PRESDT  
Bhuiyan Tahmina DEANS  
Bias Nicole DEANS  
biascoechea carlina DEANS  
Bibi Amina DEANS  
Bidarian Roya DEANS  
Biela Matthew DEANS  
Biggs Morgan DEANS  
Bigley Joseph PRESDT  
Bigos Diane DEANS  
Bikoulova Kristina DEANS  
Bilbow Christa DEANS  
Bilgili Bingul DEANS  
Billeb Todd DEANS  
Bilowus Jeremy DEANS  
Bilson Andrea DEANS  
Bingham James PRESDT  
Binn Dany DEANS  
Birhane Gebriel DEANS  
Birihanyuma Beatrice DEANS  
Birt Ashley PRESDT  
Biru Amen DEANS  
Bischoff Alice DEANS  
Bishop Kimberly DEANS  
Bishop Logan DEANS  
Bismarck Natalia DEANS  
Bisyir Hykel DEANS  
Bittick Sean DEANS  
Bivens Dominique DEANS  
Blackard Bonny DEANS  
Blacketor Sharon DEANS  
Blackwell Tijuana DEANS  
Blaha Brittney DEANS  
Blaine Joshua DEANS  
Blair Dawn DEANS  
Blair Jennifer DEANS  
Blake Anna DEANS  
Blake Brian DEANS  
Blakeney Helen DEANS  
Blanchette Zachary DEANS  
Blanco Elmer DEANS  
Blanco Jenny DEANS  
Blanco Nataly DEANS  
Bland Kevin DEANS  
Blank Jonathan DEANS  
Blank Leslie PRESDT  
Blankenship James DEANS  
Blankenship Sarah PRESDT  
Blassingame Kim DEANS  
Blazvick Shaun DEANS  
Ble Airron DEANS  
Bleach Joe DEANS  
Blevins Charles DEANS  
Blincoe Blair DEANS  
Blinder Erica DEANS  
Blinn Shannon DEANS  
Bliss Christine DEANS  
Bliss Maria DEANS  
Blizniak Allison DEANS  
Blount Cameron DEANS  
Blume Scott DEANS  
Blythe Kelly DEANS  
Boada Fernanda DEANS  
Boadu Akua DEANS  
Boateng Ama DEANS  
Boateng Andrew PRESDT  
Boateng Rosemond DEANS  
Bobadilla Alejandra DEANS  
Bode Katrin PRESDT  
Body Michele PRESDT  
Boe Tristin PRESDT  
Boehm Christine DEANS  
Boehs-Dunlap Brittany PRESDT  
Boemerman Louis DEANS  
Boes Catherine DEANS  
Boes Richard DEANS  
Boesen Kelly PRESDT  
Boggio Patricia DEANS  
Bogumil Lily PRESDT  
Bohn Leann DEANS  
Bohnet Albert DEANS  
Boice Jeffrey PRESDT  
bokru alem DEANS  
Bolling Steven DEANS  
Bolojan Danuta DEANS  
Bolton Rebecca PRESDT  
Bomar Adam PRESDT  
Bombick Jeffrey DEANS  
Bomfim Raissa DEANS  
Bond Alexander PRESDT  
Bondarenko Oxana PRESDT  
Bonds David DEANS  
Bonger Abiy DEANS  
Bongiovanni Kirsten DEANS  
Bonifate Larissa DEANS  
Bonilla Carolina DEANS  
Bonilla Jeannie DEANS  
Bonilla Julia DEANS  
Bonilla Monica DEANS  
Bonilla Cortes Sergio PRESDT  
Bonner Adam DEANS  
Booker Michelle DEANS  
Boom Dylan DEANS  
Boone Kimberly DEANS  
Boos John DEANS  
Booth Michelle DEANS  
Booth Patrice DEANS  
Borcheller Lisa DEANS  
Borean Richard PRESDT  
Borel Michelle DEANS  
Boron Jonathan PRESDT  
Borowski Michael DEANS  
Borray Castillo Yeraldin DEANS  
Bosley Michael DEANS  
Bostjanick Rachel DEANS  
Boston Rachel PRESDT  
Boswell Rune PRESDT  
Bottelson Mari DEANS  
Botticello Casey DEANS  
Botto Tonya DEANS  
Botts Alexander DEANS  
Boualam Soukaina DEANS  
Boudnik Larissa DEANS  
Bouguerra Lisa DEANS  
Boules Michael DEANS  
Boulier Lila DEANS  
Bouquet Joshua DEANS  
Bour Douglas DEANS  
Bourassa Marsha DEANS  
Bourbonnais Christopher DEANS  
Bourdon Naomia DEANS  
Bourgault Steve PRESDT  
Bourkard Robert DEANS  
Bourogaa Fehd PRESDT  
Bourque Chadwick DEANS  
Boutselis Tasha DEANS  
Bouydra Abdelilah DEANS  
Bouzaiene Jamila DEANS  
Bowen Jessica DEANS  
Bowen Kevin DEANS  
Bower Michelle DEANS  
Bowers Tyler DEANS  
Bowman Joseph DEANS  
Bowman Joshua DEANS  
Bowman Rebecca PRESDT  
Bowman Towanda DEANS  
Boyce Karyn DEANS  
Boyd John DEANS  
Boyd Khalil DEANS  
Boyle Matthew DEANS  
Boyt Marcia DEANS  
Bozzay Benjamin DEANS  
Bradshaw Jessica DEANS  
Brady Catherine PRESDT  
Brady Ryan DEANS  
Bramlett Ashley DEANS  
Branch Kirsten DEANS  
Branch Sheri DEANS  
Brandt Francis DEANS  
Brandt Linus DEANS  
Branick Joshua DEANS  
Branscome Cory PRESDT  
Braswell Joy PRESDT  
Braun Scot DEANS  
Brawner Sandra DEANS  
Bray Rebecca DEANS  
Brazeale Kellie DEANS  
Brazie Nicole PRESDT  
Breads Patrick PRESDT  
Breau Brittiny DEANS  
Breazile Cecilia DEANS  
Breithaupt Joseph DEANS  
Breland Teresa PRESDT  
Bremmer Jennifer DEANS  
Bresley Patrick DEANS  
Breth John DEANS  
Breton Emily DEANS  
Brettman Casey DEANS  
Breuers Paige PRESDT  
Brewer Andrew DEANS  
Brewer Angelica DEANS  
Brewer Kaelyn DEANS  
Brewster Kathryn DEANS  
Brewster Whitney PRESDT  
Brice Asia DEANS  
Briggs Lela PRESDT  
Bright-abu George DEANS  
Briley Sorena DEANS  
Brill Rachel PRESDT  
Brillantes Ricardo Amiel DEANS  
Bring Alexander DEANS  
Brobbey Nana PRESDT  
Brocaille Sheila PRESDT  
Brody Chris PRESDT  
Brogan Ana Maria PRESDT  
Brooks Crystal DEANS  
Brooks Ellyn DEANS  
Brooks Giovana DEANS  
Brooks Mariah DEANS  
Brooks Michael PRESDT  
Brooks Richard DEANS  
Brooks Tiffany DEANS  
Brooks Toby DEANS  
Brooks-Kenney Anna DEANS  
Broste Timothy PRESDT  
Brothers Jennifer DEANS  
Brothers Madeline DEANS  
brou shariza PRESDT  
Brough Ann DEANS  
Broussard Ian DEANS  
Brower Cara PRESDT  
Brower Olivia PRESDT  
Brown Alex DEANS  
Brown Alexis DEANS  
Brown Barton PRESDT  
Brown Bianca DEANS  
Brown Brittany DEANS  
Brown Dawn DEANS  
Brown Eleftheria PRESDT  
Brown Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brown Florence DEANS  
Brown Gabriel DEANS  
Brown Hope DEANS  
Brown Jenekat DEANS  
Brown Justin DEANS  
Brown Kimberly DEANS  
Brown Laura PRESDT  
Brown Lavanda DEANS  
Brown Malcolm DEANS  
Brown Melissa DEANS  
Brown Nacole DEANS  
Brown Revelation PRESDT  
Brown Sharon DEANS  
Brown Tatiana PRESDT  
Browne Chris PRESDT  
Browne Kalin PRESDT  
Browning Sandra DEANS  
Bruccoleri Joelah DEANS  
Bruce Anders PRESDT  
Bruce Halima DEANS  
Bruce Sedinam DEANS  
Bruce Shao DEANS  
Brueneman Peter PRESDT  
Bruner Stephanie DEANS  
Brunner Rebecca PRESDT  
Bryan Nick DEANS  
Bryan Tonia DEANS  
Bryan Vickers DEANS  
Bryant Justin DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Brynczak Andrew PRESDT  
Bryner Angela DEANS  
Bsra Salman PRESDT  
Buari Adijatu DEANS  
Bucciarelli Matthew PRESDT  
Buchanan Marjorie DEANS  
Bucher Mackenzie DEANS  
Buckley Hannah DEANS  
Buckwalter Jessica DEANS  
Budhinata Arie DEANS  
Budji Yvonne DEANS  
Budzichowski Katherine DEANS  
Bueno Anjelica DEANS  
Bui Anh PRESDT  
Bui Anh DEANS  
Bui Sarah PRESDT  
Bui Thu DEANS  
Buitrago Carlos DEANS  
Bujokiene Rosita DEANS  
bukatava zoya DEANS  
Bukowski Alison DEANS  
Bulcroft Kerstin DEANS  
Bulger Thomas DEANS  
Bull Hudson DEANS  
Bumgarner John DEANS  
Bunce Sirlanka DEANS  
Bunn Kathy DEANS  
Bunting Michael DEANS  
Buras Amy DEANS  
Buras Eric DEANS  
Burbage Stefanie PRESDT  
Burch Laura DEANS  
Burciaga Kevin DEANS  
Burden Leonard DEANS  
Burdett Tyler DEANS  
Burdette Mark PRESDT  
Burgess Jason DEANS  
Burgess Jonathon DEANS  
Burgess Marta DEANS  
Burke Emily DEANS  
Burke James DEANS  
Burke Matthew DEANS  
Burke Patrick DEANS  
Burke Rituja DEANS  
Burke William DEANS  
Burkholder Louise PRESDT  
Burks Ebony DEANS  
Burman Tyler DEANS  
Burnett Jacob DEANS  
Burnett Karen PRESDT  
Burns Daniel DEANS  
Burns John PRESDT  
Burns Matthew PRESDT  
Burns Rayne DEANS  
Burr Stacy DEANS  
Burrell Martha DEANS  
Burt Geoffrey DEANS  
Burt Lauren PRESDT  
Burtis Cheryl DEANS  
Burton Chelsea DEANS  
Burton James DEANS  
Burton Nichole DEANS  
Bushnaq Zayd DEANS  
Bushong Sara PRESDT  
Bustillo Jette DEANS  
Bustle Brittany DEANS  
Butcher Nicole DEANS  
Butefuhr Julia PRESDT  
Butkiewicz Erica DEANS  
Butler Austin PRESDT  
Butler Bruce DEANS  
Butler Clayton DEANS  
Butler Jacqueline DEANS  
Butler Lisa PRESDT  
Butler Venee DEANS  
Butters Gillian DEANS  
Buyanbadrakh Enkh-Ochir PRESDT  
Byars Chandria PRESDT  
Byers Donald DEANS  
Byington Jonathan DEANS  
Bynum Jessica DEANS  
Byrne John DEANS  
Byrum Rachel DEANS