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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2011

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Aaronstein Amber-Celeste DEANS  
Aasum Camilla PRESDT  
Abadeer Becky DEANS  
Abanin Vadim DEANS  
Abate Tsdeneya DEANS  
abbas ayman DEANS  
Abbasi Muhammad DEANS  
Abbasi Surraya DEANS  
Abbley William DEANS  
Abbott Bridgett DEANS  
Abdala Zuzanna DEANS  
Abdalla Raga DEANS  
Abdelameer Amir DEANS  
Abdelkader Sarah DEANS  
Abdevali Shiva DEANS  
Abdi Abdiqafar DEANS  
Abdikeirk Kalthum DEANS  
Abdirahman Ismael DEANS  
abdo Dina PRESDT  
Abdo Lula PRESDT  
Abdoulaye Abdoulaie DEANS  
Abdsharifabadi Shahriar DEANS  
Abdul Ali Maniga DEANS  
Abdul -Ali Frishta PRESDT  
Abdul Wahab Shukufa DEANS  
Abdulahi Fozia DEANS  
Abdullah Dilan PRESDT  
Abdullah Zainab DEANS  
Abdulle Mohamed DEANS  
abdulmahbub sora DEANS  
Abdulrahman Kassem DEANS  
Abdul-Samii Hamdalatu DEANS  
Abdulwahhab Rand DEANS  
Abebe Bezawit PRESDT  
Abebe Emanuel PRESDT  
Abebe Ferede DEANS  
Abebe Tsegereda PRESDT  
Abebe Tsion DEANS  
Abebe Yordanos DEANS  
Abedrabo David PRESDT  
Abedy Nadia PRESDT  
Abel Blake PRESDT  
Abel Derek DEANS  
Abel Julia PRESDT  
Abell Leslie DEANS  
Abera Bethelhem DEANS  
Abera Emenet PRESDT  
Aberra Kerima PRESDT  
Abid Mouchkelly Sanaa DEANS  
Abla Abdo DEANS  
Ablikem Nurebiya PRESDT  
Abood Danielle PRESDT  
Abow Khalid DEANS  
Abraha Haftamu DEANS  
Abrefi Sarah DEANS  
Abrego Valentina DEANS  
Abreu Maria PRESDT  
Abrham Saba DEANS  
Abriham Menna DEANS  
Abt Spencer DEANS  
Abu Varian Percival DEANS  
Abuagla Mariam PRESDT  
Abu-Dayeh Abdull Rahman DEANS  
Abughannam Noor DEANS  
Abugharbieh Lana DEANS  
Abulaban Islam DEANS  
abulhawa nisreen PRESDT  
Abu-Sharakh Iman DEANS  
Abu-Sharakh Maphase PRESDT  
Abyar Samaneh DEANS  
Abza Tesfaye PRESDT  
accornero anthony DEANS  
Acevedo Valentina DEANS  
Acha Claudia DEANS  
Acharya Dipendra PRESDT  
Ackert Kelly DEANS  
Acosta Adrian DEANS  
Acquaye Elfreda DEANS  
Acuna Rebecca DEANS  
Adamonis Alexandria PRESDT  
Adams Brandon DEANS  
Adams Cody DEANS  
Adams Kristen PRESDT  
Adams Lauren DEANS  
Adamson Travis PRESDT  
Adao Ainsley Erden PRESDT  
Addams Barbara PRESDT  
Adem Nebil DEANS  
Adhikari Miwa DEANS  
Adil Madina PRESDT  
Adilbekova Dinara DEANS  
Adjei George DEANS  
Adjei Henry DEANS  
Adjei William DEANS  
Adkins Brian DEANS  
Adomako Albert DEANS  
Afanasyeva Yelena DEANS  
Afework Habteselassie Samuel PRESDT  
Affane Nguema Chris PRESDT  
Afghan Nadia DEANS  
Afroilan Edward PRESDT  
Afwork Yonas DEANS  
Agace Julie DEANS  
agcayazi betul DEANS  
Agee daniel DEANS  
Agoe-sowah Lawrencia DEANS  
Aguilar George PRESDT  
Aguilar - Pineda Sodguie DEANS  
Aguilera Shauna DEANS  
Aguilera Tasheena DEANS  
Agyei Kwabena PRESDT  
Agyekum Evelyn DEANS  
Agyeman-Duah Baffour DEANS  
Agyemang Florence DEANS  
agyemang sarfo nana DEANS  
Ahadzada Nazifa DEANS  
Ahferom Feben DEANS  
Ahmad Mahtalat DEANS  
Ahmad Nabilah DEANS  
Ahmad Sarah DEANS  
Ahmad Umar DEANS  
Ahmed Ariana DEANS  
Ahmed Husain DEANS  
Ahmed Marzuk PRESDT  
Ahmed Minhaz PRESDT  
Ahmed Nader PRESDT  
Ahmed Samira DEANS  
Ahmed Syed PRESDT  
Ahn Joohwa DEANS  
Ahner Kristina PRESDT  
Ahsan Muhammad DEANS  
Ahsan Nabeel DEANS  
Ahuja Vishwajeet PRESDT  
Aiken Johnnie DEANS  
Aimoto Kenji DEANS  
Ainte Nawal DEANS  
Ait daoua Fadila DEANS  
Aitken Melissa DEANS  
Aiuto Nicholas DEANS  
Akakpo Kenneth PRESDT  
Akbar Alysha DEANS  
Akbari Mehbooba DEANS  
Akenji Brenda DEANS  
Akers Aaron PRESDT  
Akers Jeremy DEANS  
Akhavanmalayeri Mahdiyar DEANS  
Akhtar MD PRESDT  
Akhter Munira DEANS  
Akhter Yasmeen PRESDT  
Akhwand Reihana PRESDT  
Akiki Layale DEANS  
Akin Shoshanna DEANS  
Akouete Akomala DEANS  
Akpa Melei Victorine DEANS  
Akram Fareeda DEANS  
Akranavaseri Nissana PRESDT  
Akridge Whitney DEANS  
Al Abyad Abir PRESDT  
Al Ahbabi Mohammed DEANS  
Al Eid Zainab DEANS  
Al- Hassan Khalid PRESDT  
AL Helfi Mohammed DEANS  
AL Kaabi Mohammed PRESDT  
AL Lamki Ibrahim PRESDT  
Al Mansouri Abdulla DEANS  
Al Romaithi Humaid PRESDT  
Al Romaithi Sultan PRESDT  
Al Thani Abdulla DEANS  
Alaghemand Mahdieh DEANS  
Alarian Riad PRESDT  
Al-Arian Lama DEANS  
Al-Aruri Mohned DEANS  
Alayo Salas Lesly PRESDT  
Al-Baiati Vian DEANS  
Albers Danielle DEANS  
Albright Jessica DEANS  
Alderson Anne PRESDT  
Aleem Sahar PRESDT  
Alejandro Paul DEANS  
Aleman Virginia DEANS  
Aleman William DEANS  
Alemu Miraf DEANS  
AL-Eryani Nuha DEANS  
Alexander Sean PRESDT  
Alexander Sherina DEANS  
Alfadli Khaled DEANS  
Alghazzouli Ola DEANS  
alhajri Qais PRESDT  
Ali Abbas PRESDT  
Ali Aiyesha PRESDT  
ali amira DEANS  
Ali Farkhunda DEANS  
Ali Ibrahim PRESDT  
Ali Marian PRESDT  
Ali Sobia PRESDT  
Ali Sofia DEANS  
Alicea-Torres Mayra DEANS  
Alikozai Hasib DEANS  
Alingasa Heronn Jenn DEANS  
Aljazairi Maha DEANS  
Al-Khayarin Abdulla DEANS  
Alkhunizan Faisal DEANS  
Al-kublan Hind DEANS  
Al-Kuwari Abdulrahman PRESDT  
Allard Stephanie DEANS  
Alldredge Nicole DEANS  
Allen Andrew DEANS  
Allen Barbara DEANS  
Allen Beth DEANS  
Allen Christopher PRESDT  
Allen Elizabeth DEANS  
Allen Jeffrey DEANS  
Allen John DEANS  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Kaylin PRESDT  
Allen Tamecka PRESDT  
Allison Heather DEANS  
Allison William DEANS  
Allotey Henry PRESDT  
Alloway Christian PRESDT  
Allred Ernest PRESDT  
Almazan Itzel DEANS  
Almechatt Anas PRESDT  
Almeraikhi Khaled DEANS  
Almiski Firass PRESDT  
Almodovar Amanda DEANS  
Almodovar Judith DEANS  
Almond Daniel PRESDT  
Almudhafar Gaith DEANS  
Alnahri Ahlam DEANS  
ALnatsheh Merna DEANS  
Alomran Noor PRESDT  
Alomran Thaer PRESDT  
Alperstein Barry DEANS  
Alsaadi Maisa PRESDT  
Altaf Farhana PRESDT  
altaye deborah DEANS  
Althaus Jessica DEANS  
Altimus Heather DEANS  
Altiparmak Ozgur DEANS  
alvarado beingolea denise PRESDT  
Alvarenga Henry DEANS  
Alvarenga Yessica DEANS  
Alvarez Alejandra DEANS  
Alvarez Enrique DEANS  
Alvarez Flor DEANS  
Alvarez Ivonne DEANS  
Alvarez Marielba DEANS  
Alvey Keith DEANS  
alwardi amna PRESDT  
Alworth Jato DEANS  
Aly Karim DEANS  
Alyamani Hadil DEANS  
Amacio Steven PRESDT  
Amador Salmeron Tania PRESDT  
Amador-Salmeron Fatima PRESDT  
Amaniampong Tony DEANS  
Amaro Rosales Elaine DEANS  
Amas Esteban PRESDT  
Amato Joseph DEANS  
Amdie David PRESDT  
Amelga Hella DEANS  
Ameri Maryam DEANS  
Amin Akash PRESDT  
Amin Arifa DEANS  
Amin Iqra DEANS  
Amini Nabil DEANS  
Amir Abdullah DEANS  
Amir Sadaf DEANS  
Amireh Mona PRESDT  
Amjad Amna DEANS  
Amjad Danial PRESDT  
Ammirati Patrick DEANS  
Ammons Carlin DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amnathvong Vitto DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo DEANS  
Ampomah Diana PRESDT  
Amponsah Ebenezer DEANS  
Ampuero Karla DEANS  
Amri Hanan PRESDT  
Amyx Eliska PRESDT  
An Lucas DEANS  
An Seung Kwon DEANS  
Anable Jared DEANS  
Anable Kristi DEANS  
Anam Maryam DEANS  
Anand Swapnil PRESDT  
Anaya Granados Raul DEANS  
Anderson Bradley DEANS  
Anderson Courtney PRESDT  
Anderson Hilary DEANS  
Anderson Hugh DEANS  
Anderson Jacklyn DEANS  
Anderson Joel DEANS  
Anderson Kirsten DEANS  
Anderson Matthew PRESDT  
Anderson Michele PRESDT  
Anderson Rosa Anna DEANS  
Anderson Shelby PRESDT  
Anderson Sonja PRESDT  
Anderson Zeyna PRESDT  
Andia-Claure Lucero DEANS  
Andino-rexach Germaine DEANS  
Andjeski Mitchell PRESDT  
Andoh Jojo DEANS  
Andolsun Basla DEANS  
Andorful Benjamin DEANS  
Andrade Elizabeth DEANS  
Andrade Jenny PRESDT  
Andrade William PRESDT  
Andrawes Jacklin PRESDT  
Andre Rafaela DEANS  
Andrews Dennis DEANS  
Andrews Garrett DEANS  
Andrews Stephen DEANS  
Andrianifahanana Nirina PRESDT  
Andrino Emily DEANS  
Andritsis David PRESDT  
Andrus Tashina DEANS  
anenia Hanna DEANS  
Angel Brooke PRESDT  
Angel William DEANS  
Anglin Jessica DEANS  
Angord De Armas Lourdes DEANS  
Aninkorah Adwoa DEANS  
Anis Bisma DEANS  
Anklam Sean DEANS  
Anouilh Sarah PRESDT  
Ansah Adelaide PRESDT  
Ansah Esther DEANS  
Ansari Sofia DEANS  
Antezana Martha DEANS  
Anthony Mark DEANS  
Anton Joshua DEANS  
Antonio Audrey DEANS  
Antonova Olga DEANS  
Apea-otu Tetebea DEANS  
Apgar Melinda DEANS  
Apoldite Daniel DEANS  
aponte milagros DEANS  
Appiagyei Osei DEANS  
Appiah Emmanuel DEANS  
Apraku Adwoa DEANS  
Aquino Deacons DEANS  
Aquino Felipe DEANS  
Aragaw Assifaw PRESDT  
Arain Faiza DEANS  
Araki Luis PRESDT  
aramayo lindsay DEANS  
Arana Norma DEANS  
Aranibar Christian DEANS  
Archer Rita PRESDT  
Arches Ana Andrea DEANS  
Ardaya Vanesa PRESDT  
Ardley Aaron DEANS  
Areno James DEANS  
Arents Martine DEANS  
Argentieri Daniel DEANS  
Argentieri Elizabeth DEANS  
Argetsinger Michelle DEANS  
Argueta Danny DEANS  
Argueta-Valiente Jairo DEANS  
Argus Robert PRESDT  
Arias Leslie DEANS  
Arias Vanessa DEANS  
Arkhipova Anastasia PRESDT  
Arleth Joseph DEANS  
Armanont Umaporn PRESDT  
Armel Michael DEANS  
Armenia Whitney DEANS  
Armentrout Sarah DEANS  
Armstrong Alexis DEANS  
Armstrong Gina DEANS  
Armstrong Jenavese DEANS  
Armstrong Raven DEANS  
Arnett Phillip DEANS  
Arnett Sean DEANS  
Arney Amanda PRESDT  
Arney Jessica DEANS  
Arnez Raul DEANS  
Arnold Cheyenne DEANS  
Arnold Claire DEANS  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Aronson Renato DEANS  
Arredondo Andres DEANS  
arriaga sandy DEANS  
Arrington Melissa PRESDT  
Arrington Perez Andrew DEANS  
Arroyo Jose DEANS  
Arroyo Sabrina DEANS  
Arruda Rebecca DEANS  
Arsado Lucy DEANS  
Arsenault Jamie DEANS  
Arthur Kiley DEANS  
Arthur Prince DEANS  
Arvelo Carlos DEANS  
Arze Arze Juan DEANS  
Arzomand Hiedi DEANS  
Asay Nadja DEANS  
Asefa Lidiya PRESDT  
Asfaw Elias DEANS  
Asfaw Tesfalidet DEANS  
Asfour Sana DEANS  
Asghar Humaira DEANS  
Asghar Jawairia PRESDT  
Ash Tracy DEANS  
Ashame Ashenafi PRESDT  
Ashebir Betelhem DEANS  
Ashkar Michael PRESDT  
Ashkar Sady PRESDT  
Ashley Amy DEANS  
Ashley Victoria DEANS  
Ashraf Sayyam PRESDT  
Asif Eqan DEANS  
Asif Mohammad DEANS  
Asim Imrana DEANS  
Askarov Atilla DEANS  
Askey Patricia PRESDT  
Askin Emily DEANS  
Aslami Fatana DEANS  
Asmare Abebe DEANS  
Asomuah Linda DEANS  
asonganyi kayla PRESDT  
Asonganyi Kimberley DEANS  
Assaad Ahmed DEANS  
Assefa Hilina PRESDT  
Assefa Meron PRESDT  
Asseko Sigride Vencesla Jenniska DEANS  
Assouramou Eleuthere DEANS  
Astudillo Scarlet DEANS  
Atalla Andrew PRESDT  
Atchley Cornelia DEANS  
Ather Adnan DEANS  
Athey Kathy DEANS  
Atkins Briant DEANS  
Atmore Matthew DEANS  
Attayan Navid DEANS  
Attwa Matthew DEANS  
Atwal Rajanjot DEANS  
Au Yen DEANS  
Augustine Kathryn DEANS  
Augustine Matthew PRESDT  
Aulakh Lakhwant DEANS  
Aung Ye-Mon DEANS  
Aurilio Antonia DEANS  
Ausan Julian DEANS  
Austin David DEANS  
Avazova Lola PRESDT  
Avedissian Mary DEANS  
Avery Ryan DEANS  
Avesta Armin DEANS  
Avila Lopez Andres DEANS  
Avomo Ndong Sandy Steven DEANS  
Awad Asma DEANS  
Awad Odi DEANS  
Awad Roah PRESDT  
Awais Muhammad PRESDT  
Awantoh Elsie DEANS  
Awasthi Gaurav DEANS  
Ayala Ana PRESDT  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Claudia DEANS  
Ayala Isaac PRESDT  
Ayala Karen DEANS  
Ayalew Wendmnew DEANS  
Ayange Rachel DEANS  
Aycock Angela DEANS  
ayeh ellen DEANS  
ayehu Yeshewawork DEANS  
Ayeni Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Aylestock Dan DEANS  
Ayliff Bruce PRESDT  
Ayoub Aziz DEANS  
Ayoub Souleiman PRESDT  
Ayyad Nadia DEANS  
Azad Shahyasta DEANS  
Azahari Sofia DEANS  
Azhar Muhammad DEANS  
Aziz Madihah DEANS  
Azor Viktoriya PRESDT  
Azrour Driss DEANS  
Azuma Sefe DEANS