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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Aaron Tiffany DEANS  
Aasum Camilla DEANS  
Abanin Vadim PRESDT  
Abarca Xiomara PRESDT  
Abatagel Tewodros DEANS  
Abayasinghe Bhanu PRESDT  
Abbasi Muhammad DEANS  
Abbott Bridgett DEANS  
Abbott Jennifer DEANS  
Abbott Victoria DEANS  
Abdalla Rida DEANS  
Abdallah Abir PRESDT  
Abdelaziz Lean PRESDT  
abdelwahhab mohamed DEANS  
Abdevali Shiva DEANS  
Abdi sahra DEANS  
abdo Dina DEANS  
Abdo Lula PRESDT  
Abdon Jennifer PRESDT  
Abdul Ali Maniga PRESDT  
Abdul -Ali Frishta PRESDT  
Abdullah Zainab PRESDT  
Abdurehman Maria DEANS  
Abebe Bezawit DEANS  
Abebe Edom DEANS  
Abebe Emanuel DEANS  
Abebe Ferede DEANS  
Abebe Mickyas DEANS  
Abebe Yonas DEANS  
Abebe Yordanos DEANS  
Abed Rabbo Ala DEANS  
Abedelrazak Hanan PRESDT  
Abedrabo David DEANS  
Abedy Nadia DEANS  
Abel Blake PRESDT  
Abel Julia PRESDT  
Abell Leslie PRESDT  
Aberra Kerima PRESDT  
Abid Mohammad DEANS  
Abisourour Mohammed DEANS  
Ablikem Nurebiya DEANS  
Aboagye Mavis DEANS  
Abouhiha Ouafa DEANS  
Abouissa Mohamed DEANS  
Abrafi Priscilla DEANS  
Abraham Blen PRESDT  
abrari soheila PRESDT  
Abreu Maria PRESDT  
Abriham Menna DEANS  
Abt Chris DEANS  
Abt Spencer DEANS  
Abu Realh Omar DEANS  
Abuagla Mariam DEANS  
Abubaker Lina DEANS  
Abubakr Bilal DEANS  
Abughannam Amal DEANS  
abulhawa nisreen DEANS  
Aburish Tina DEANS  
Aburto Roberto DEANS  
Abu-Sharakh Maphase PRESDT  
Abyar Samaneh DEANS  
Accinelli Mary DEANS  
accornero anthony DEANS  
Aceituno Oscar DEANS  
Acha Claudia PRESDT  
Acharya Dipendra DEANS  
Acharya Vineeth DEANS  
Ackerman Jennifer DEANS  
Acosta Anggie DEANS  
acur ezgi DEANS  
Adal Elsa DEANS  
Adamonis Alexandria PRESDT  
Adams Christi DEANS  
Adams Colin DEANS  
Adams Jeana DEANS  
Adams kyle DEANS  
Adams Lauren DEANS  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie DEANS  
Adamson Travis PRESDT  
Adan Sundus DEANS  
Adao Ainsley Erden PRESDT  
Adcock Aarika DEANS  
addanki Anjana PRESDT  
Adem Nora DEANS  
Adhana Lidiya DEANS  
Adhikari Janak DEANS  
Adhikari Prakash PRESDT  
Adibpour Cyrus DEANS  
Adjaho Patience DEANS  
Adjei William PRESDT  
Adjetey Suzana DEANS  
Adkins III Paul PRESDT  
Afework Habteselassie Samuel PRESDT  
Affane Nguema Chris DEANS  
Afroilan Edward PRESDT  
afshar yasamin DEANS  
Afzalzada Hushang DEANS  
Agace Julie DEANS  
Agostini Joseph DEANS  
Agra Maria Gracia DEANS  
Agreda Mauro DEANS  
Agudosi Ginikachukwu DEANS  
Aguilar George DEANS  
Aguilar - Pineda Sodguie DEANS  
Aguilera Pablo DEANS  
Agyeman Abigail DEANS  
Agyemang Akwasi DEANS  
Agyemang Florence DEANS  
agyemang sarfo nana DEANS  
Ahadzada Nazifa DEANS  
Ahluwalia Aajay DEANS  
Ahmad Margaret DEANS  
Ahmad Naila DEANS  
Ahmad Naqib PRESDT  
Ahmad Ola DEANS  
Ahmad Zaira PRESDT  
Ahmad Zeyad DEANS  
Ahmadi Farhat DEANS  
Ahmed Ali DEANS  
Ahmed Ariba DEANS  
Ahmed Azza DEANS  
ahmed elwora DEANS  
Ahmed Faheem DEANS  
ahmed hamdi DEANS  
Ahmed Marzuk PRESDT  
Ahmed Medina DEANS  
Ahmed Nabeel DEANS  
Ahmed Nader DEANS  
Ahmed Sadath DEANS  
Ahmed Sami DEANS  
Ahn Joohwa DEANS  
Ahn Joong DEANS  
Ahola Peter DEANS  
Ahrens Brendan DEANS  
Ahsan Nabeel DEANS  
Ahuja Vishwajeet DEANS  
Ainte Nawal PRESDT  
Ait Anna DEANS  
Aizaz Saman PRESDT  
akakpo isaac DEANS  
Akakpo Kenneth DEANS  
Akbar Alysha DEANS  
Akbar Shazia DEANS  
Akbari Khpelwak DEANS  
Akbari Mehbooba DEANS  
Akbarzadeh Hosai DEANS  
Akenten Felicity PRESDT  
Akers Aaron DEANS  
Akers Anne DEANS  
Akhmerov Katherine DEANS  
Akhtar MD PRESDT  
Akhtar Tausif DEANS  
Akhter Parveen DEANS  
Akhwand Reihana PRESDT  
Akiki Layale DEANS  
Akins Melody DEANS  
Akranavaseri Nissana DEANS  
Akwuba Adora DEANS  
Al Abyad Abir DEANS  
Al Ahbabi Sultan DEANS  
Al Dailami Altaf DEANS  
Al Eid Zainab PRESDT  
Al Harthi Norah PRESDT  
AL Kaabi Mohammed PRESDT  
Al Kuwari Ali PRESDT  
AL Lamki Ibrahim PRESDT  
Al Romaithi Sultan DEANS  
Al Tuwaiyan Amin DEANS  
Alaghemand Mahdieh DEANS  
Al-Ajmi Reem DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Jaen DEANS  
Alarian Riad PRESDT  
Alayo Salas Lesly DEANS  
Alazzam Abdulrahman DEANS  
Alba Kimberlyn PRESDT  
Albertson David DEANS  
Albright Jessica DEANS  
Alderson Anne PRESDT  
Aldridge Megan DEANS  
Aleem Sahar DEANS  
Alemayehu Dawit DEANS  
Alemu Miraf PRESDT  
Alexander Jennifer DEANS  
alexander jerarmen DEANS  
Alexander Linda DEANS  
Alexander Sean PRESDT  
Alfaro Rosa DEANS  
Alford Dana PRESDT  
Alghailani Shahd PRESDT  
Alhashimi Lojain Abdullatif DEANS  
Alhassan Mohammed PRESDT  
Ali Abbas PRESDT  
Ali Aiyesha PRESDT  
Ali Ibrahim DEANS  
Ali Mohammed DEANS  
ali mohmmad DEANS  
Ali Samar PRESDT  
Ali Sanaa DEANS  
Ali Shaista DEANS  
Ali Sofia DEANS  
Aliaga Brandon PRESDT  
Alicea Alex DEANS  
Alikhani Elham DEANS  
Alim Youssuf DEANS  
Alimi Mariam DEANS  
Aliss Geraldine DEANS  
Alkaabi Khaled PRESDT  
Al-Kaabi Eid DEANS  
Alkhalaf Ibrahim PRESDT  
Alkuwari Mubarak PRESDT  
Alldredge Nicole DEANS  
Allen Andrew DEANS  
Allen Christopher PRESDT  
Allen Daniel PRESDT  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Joseph PRESDT  
Allen Nathan PRESDT  
Allen Symone DEANS  
Allen Tamecka PRESDT  
Allen Thomas DEANS  
Alley Piper DEANS  
Alleyne Gileszenna DEANS  
Allison Brian DEANS  
Allison Heather PRESDT  
Allison Kevin DEANS  
Allison William DEANS  
Alloway Christian DEANS  
Allred Ernest DEANS  
AlMashal Laith DEANS  
Almazan Itzel DEANS  
Almeida Roxanna DEANS  
Almiski Firass DEANS  
Almond Daniel DEANS  
Almudhafar Gaith DEANS  
Al-Musawi Haidar DEANS  
Al-nazer Louay DEANS  
Alomran Noor DEANS  
Alomran Thaer PRESDT  
Alperstein Barry DEANS  
Al-Saud Saud DEANS  
Al-shami Ebtehal DEANS  
Alshuaibi Aseel DEANS  
Alston Jesse DEANS  
Alsudairi Mohammed DEANS  
Altaf Farkhanda DEANS  
Altaf Sonia DEANS  
Althaus Silvia DEANS  
Altice Adam DEANS  
Altimus Heather DEANS  
Altiparmak Ozgur DEANS  
Altiparmak Tammy PRESDT  
Alvarado Hugo DEANS  
Alvarado Nancy DEANS  
alvarado beingolea denise PRESDT  
Alvarenga Keyry DEANS  
Alvarez Enrique DEANS  
Alvarez Flor PRESDT  
Alvarez Katerine DEANS  
Alvarez Monica DEANS  
Alvey Keith DEANS  
alwardi amna DEANS  
Alworth Jato DEANS  
Aly Mohamed PRESDT  
Alzayat Mihad PRESDT  
Alzayat Mlyard DEANS  
Amador Salmeron Tania PRESDT  
Amador-Salmeron Fatima DEANS  
Amaning Ama DEANS  
Amante Sir Charles DEANS  
Amas Esteban DEANS  
Amaya Nancy DEANS  
Amaya Ramiro DEANS  
ameir salama DEANS  
Amelga Hella PRESDT  
Amha Haddis DEANS  
Amin Brijesh DEANS  
Amini Salma DEANS  
Amireh Mariam DEANS  
Amireh Mona DEANS  
Amjad Danial DEANS  
Amjad Rabia PRESDT  
Amjad Sana PRESDT  
Ammar Hassan DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amooson Michael DEANS  
Amoussou Donald DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo PRESDT  
Ampomah Diana PRESDT  
amponsah amma DEANS  
Ampuero Karla DEANS  
Amri Hanan DEANS  
Amyx Eliska DEANS  
An Lucas DEANS  
an young e PRESDT  
Anable Kristi DEANS  
Anand Swapnil DEANS  
Ananyan Levon DEANS  
Anaya AnaClarissa DEANS  
Andarge Michael PRESDT  
Andersen Laura PRESDT  
Anderson Charles DEANS  
Anderson Christopher PRESDT  
Anderson Courtney DEANS  
Anderson Elizabeth DEANS  
Anderson Erika PRESDT  
Anderson Gene DEANS  
Anderson Hae-Rim DEANS  
Anderson Hilary PRESDT  
Anderson Janie PRESDT  
Anderson Matthew PRESDT  
Anderson Michele DEANS  
Anderson Rafael DEANS  
Anderson Shelby DEANS  
Anderson Sonja DEANS  
Anderson Summer DEANS  
Anderson Veronica DEANS  
Andia-Claure Lucero DEANS  
Andjeski Mitchell DEANS  
Andrade Ingrid DEANS  
Andrade Jenny DEANS  
Andreassen Keith DEANS  
Andreatos Anthony DEANS  
Andrews Annamarie DEANS  
Andrews Joel DEANS  
Andrianifahanana Nirina DEANS  
Andrino Emily PRESDT  
Aneiva Margarita DEANS  
Anezin Meghan DEANS  
Angel Brooke DEANS  
Angeles Ryan DEANS  
anjum seemaab DEANS  
Ankney Robert PRESDT  
Anne Meghana DEANS  
Ansah-Wobil Ann DEANS  
Ansari Sonia DEANS  
Ansari Syed DEANS  
Anton Joshua PRESDT  
Anton Richard DEANS  
Antonova Olga PRESDT  
Anwar Bushra DEANS  
Anwar Sajad DEANS  
Anwar Sheraz DEANS  
Anwar Subine DEANS  
Anwar Zonara DEANS  
Aparicio Arthur DEANS  
Aparicio Evelyn PRESDT  
Apgar Melinda DEANS  
Apodaca Jose DEANS  
Apoldite Daniel DEANS  
aponte milagros DEANS  
Apperson Jennifer PRESDT  
Appiah Emmanuel PRESDT  
Appiah Michael DEANS  
Aquilino Jennifer DEANS  
Aquino Deacons DEANS  
Aquino Mary PRESDT  
Aquino Miguel DEANS  
Ara Israt DEANS  
Arabie Michelle DEANS  
Aragaw Assifaw PRESDT  
Araki Luis PRESDT  
aramayo lindsay DEANS  
Aramayo Roberto PRESDT  
Arana Norma DEANS  
Arandia Kenia DEANS  
Aranibar Christian DEANS  
Arant Eric DEANS  
Araujo Jose DEANS  
Arbulu George DEANS  
Arcenia Robert DEANS  
Archer Rita PRESDT  
Arciniega Andrea DEANS  
Ard Alicia DEANS  
Ardaya Vanesa PRESDT  
Areno James DEANS  
Arens Genevieve PRESDT  
Arevalo Fatima DEANS  
Argentieri Elizabeth DEANS  
Arguello Raquel DEANS  
Argueta Danny DEANS  
Argueta Evelyn DEANS  
Argus Robert PRESDT  
Ariaban Varjavand DEANS  
Arian Negin DEANS  
Arias Leslie DEANS  
Arias Caballero Jose DEANS  
Arif Fatima PRESDT  
Arkhipova Anastasia DEANS  
Arm Rebecca DEANS  
armanieh azita DEANS  
Armanont Umaporn DEANS  
Armas Claudia DEANS  
Armbruster Lacey DEANS  
Armentrout Sarah DEANS  
Armstrong Jenavese PRESDT  
Arnade Elizabeth DEANS  
Arnett James DEANS  
Arney Amanda PRESDT  
Arney Jessica PRESDT  
Arnez Raul PRESDT  
Arnold Cheyenne DEANS  
Arnold Claire DEANS  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Arriaza Michael DEANS  
Arrighi Gordon DEANS  
Arrington Lolita DEANS  
Arrington Melissa DEANS  
Arriola Karla PRESDT  
Arroyo Sabrina PRESDT  
Arsenault Jamie PRESDT  
Arshad Jaweria PRESDT  
Arthur Mary DEANS  
Artinian Garine PRESDT  
Arvelo Carlos DEANS  
Arzadon Rene DEANS  
asamoah-darko felix DEANS  
Asefa Lidiya DEANS  
Asfour Sana PRESDT  
Asghar Humaira DEANS  
Asghar Jawairia PRESDT  
Ash Tracy DEANS  
Ashame Ashenafi PRESDT  
Ashby Matthew DEANS  
Ashebir Betelhem DEANS  
Ashfaq Sonia PRESDT  
Ashkar Michael PRESDT  
Ashkar Sady PRESDT  
Ashkenas Samuel DEANS  
Ashkiani Sepehr DEANS  
Ashraf Sayyam DEANS  
ashton-lewis monty DEANS  
Asif Hira DEANS  
asif sana DEANS  
Askew Kyunghui DEANS  
Askey Patricia PRESDT  
Askin Emily DEANS  
Aslam Humaira PRESDT  
Asma Umma DEANS  
Asomuah Linda DEANS  
asonganyi kayla PRESDT  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Alex DEANS  
Assefa Hilina DEANS  
Assefa Meron PRESDT  
Assefa Nigist DEANS  
Assefaw Zelealem PRESDT  
Astudillo Scarlet DEANS  
Atachagua Arias Katherine DEANS  
Atahuaman Juan PRESDT  
Atalan Zeynep DEANS  
Atalla Andrew PRESDT  
Atanasov Michael DEANS  
Ataya Ahmad DEANS  
Athay Rachel DEANS  
Athey Kathy DEANS  
Atiq Rosy DEANS  
Attayan Navid DEANS  
Attwa Matthew DEANS  
Au Timothy DEANS  
Audia Eric PRESDT  
Augustine Brandon PRESDT  
Augustine Matthew PRESDT  
Ausan Julian DEANS  
Austin Jamie PRESDT  
Austin Joseph DEANS  
Avalos Nataly PRESDT  
Avalos Ventura Ivan DEANS  
Avazova Lola DEANS  
Avila Claudia DEANS  
Avila Cadavid Eloisa DEANS  
Aviles Alberto DEANS  
Aviles Elizabeth DEANS  
Avino Melissa PRESDT  
Awad Asma DEANS  
Awad May DEANS  
Awad Roah DEANS  
Ayala Ana PRESDT  
Ayala Claudia DEANS  
Ayala Isaac DEANS  
Ayala Stephanie DEANS  
Ayala Tracy DEANS  
Ayala - Marinero Francisco DEANS  
Aycock Angela DEANS  
Ayele Mahlet Workayehu DEANS  
Ayele Senaiet DEANS  
Ayeni Jacquelyn DEANS  
Aylestock Dan DEANS  
Ayliff Bruce PRESDT  
Ayneabeba Mahder DEANS  
Ayoub Souleiman DEANS  
Ayub Zainab PRESDT  
Ayyad Nadia DEANS  
Ayyad Sawsan DEANS  
Azadi Ladan PRESDT  
Azamy Ahmad DEANS  
Azamy Farah DEANS  
Azarani Sima PRESDT  
Azeem Muhammad DEANS  
Azeem Vikas DEANS  
Azizzada Siawash DEANS  
Azmi Rahima DEANS  
Azouqha Steven DEANS