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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Saa Damian PRESDT  
Saadati Neda DEANS  
Saadulla Rozhan DEANS  
Saar Caitlin PRESDT  
Saavedra Jessica DEANS  
Saavedra Vanessa PRESDT  
Sabah Mosaab PRESDT  
Sabis Bridgette DEANS  
Sadiq-Ali Nadine PRESDT  
Sadler Christine PRESDT  
Saeed Ahmed DEANS  
Saeed Arslan DEANS  
Saeed Muhammad DEANS  
Saeed Reesha DEANS  
Saeedi Salma PRESDT  
Saengchanh Viengxay DEANS  
Saenz Eusebio DEANS  
Safdar Asim DEANS  
Saffell Katelyn PRESDT  
Safi Masih PRESDT  
Saghir Usman DEANS  
Sahilu Hiwote DEANS  
Said Khalid DEANS  
Saifollahi Janet DEANS  
Saini Anupama DEANS  
Saini Mandeep PRESDT  
Saint-Andrie Kevin DEANS  
Sainz Flor DEANS  
Sajjad Maryam DEANS  
Sakhatov Takhir DEANS  
Sakhi Khojesta PRESDT  
Sakyi Agnes DEANS  
Sakyi Mavis PRESDT  
Salam Nancy DEANS  
salameh eliana PRESDT  
Salameh Nael PRESDT  
Salas Cecilia DEANS  
Salas Tony DEANS  
Salas Uriel PRESDT  
Salas Yuki DEANS  
Salazar Eimy PRESDT  
Salazar Puerto Vicky DEANS  
Saldias Carlos DEANS  
Saleem Arslan DEANS  
Saleem Laila DEANS  
Saleem Sannan DEANS  
Saleh Anjilla DEANS  
Salemme Alex DEANS  
Salgado Carroll PRESDT  
Salguero Christopher PRESDT  
Salguero-Medrano Wendy DEANS  
Salik Kobir DEANS  
Salinas Julio PRESDT  
Salmi Sofiane PRESDT  
Salous Ranyah DEANS  
Salvador Jennifer DEANS  
Salvatierra Sarah Jane PRESDT  
Sam Edward DEANS  
Samavedam Sunita DEANS  
sami sarah PRESDT  
Sampana Samuel PRESDT  
Sample Tiara DEANS  
Samples Catherine DEANS  
Sampong Nerissa DEANS  
Samra Michelle PRESDT  
Sams Everett DEANS  
Samuel Dimple DEANS  
San Gabriel Nathaniel DEANS  
Sanchez Hugo DEANS  
Sanchez Juan PRESDT  
Sanchez Mauro DEANS  
Sanchez Malpartida Maria Fe DEANS  
Sandefur Tyler DEANS  
Sanders Monique DEANS  
Sanders Sarah PRESDT  
Sandifer Joshua DEANS  
Sandler Patrick DEANS  
Sands Ana DEANS  
Sands Cameron DEANS  
Sandulescu Ala PRESDT  
Sanie Laila PRESDT  
Sansbury Richard DEANS  
Santa Chihiro DEANS  
Santana Valerie DEANS  
Santander Marcelo DEANS  
Santos Andrea Camille DEANS  
Santos Joshua DEANS  
Santos Megan DEANS  
Santos Richard PRESDT  
Sapkota Prashanta DEANS  
Sapkota Samikshya DEANS  
Sapperstein Tami DEANS  
Sarabi Iraj DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee PRESDT  
Sargent Neil DEANS  
Sargent Shea DEANS  
Sarik Courtney PRESDT  
Sarkar Badhan PRESDT  
Sarpong Annette DEANS  
Satterwhite Christopher DEANS  
Satti Jamal DEANS  
Saud Haleema DEANS  
Saud Wajiha DEANS  
Saunders David PRESDT  
Saunders Shannon DEANS  
Savage Elsie DEANS  
Savchyn Mariya DEANS  
Sawasky Mark PRESDT  
Sawyer Racheal DEANS  
Saxton Robert DEANS  
Sayre Jessica DEANS  
sazegari sarang PRESDT  
Sbai Fatimazohra PRESDT  
Sbeitan Rema DEANS  
Sbitani Marwan PRESDT  
Scango Shelby DEANS  
Scarbrough Nathalie DEANS  
Sceales Gloria PRESDT  
Scerba John DEANS  
Schad Ayaka PRESDT  
Schafer Monic PRESDT  
Schalkalwies Claudia DEANS  
Schall Alexandra DEANS  
Scharles Kati DEANS  
Schell Nathan DEANS  
Schenck Victoria DEANS  
Scherer Gyula PRESDT  
Schinnerer Brandi PRESDT  
Schirmer Melissa DEANS  
Schirmer Patrick DEANS  
Schleede Diana DEANS  
Schleh Lysander DEANS  
Schley Corey DEANS  
Schloer Kelli DEANS  
Schluderberg Shelly DEANS  
Schmale Douglas PRESDT  
Schmalle Patrick DEANS  
Schmanski Heather DEANS  
Schmidt Monika DEANS  
Schmidt Natalie DEANS  
Schmidt Randall PRESDT  
Schmith Stephen DEANS  
Schmitt Kevin PRESDT  
Schmitt Tyler DEANS  
Schnabel Lisa DEANS  
Schneider Brittney DEANS  
Schneider Luke PRESDT  
Schneller Zachary DEANS  
Schools Lauren DEANS  
Schreiber Jeffrey PRESDT  
Schubert Marion PRESDT  
Schulte Samantha DEANS  
Schultz Erika DEANS  
Schultz Leonard DEANS  
Schulz Eric DEANS  
Schurtz Justin DEANS  
Schuster Sarah DEANS  
Schuweiler Marybeth PRESDT  
Schuyler Bradley DEANS  
Schwartz Emily PRESDT  
Schwegler Daniel DEANS  
Schweitzer Jacqueline DEANS  
Scoffield Julien DEANS  
Scordellis Lisa DEANS  
Scott Cody DEANS  
Scott Danielle PRESDT  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Joseph DEANS  
Scott Katherine PRESDT  
Scott Nancy DEANS  
Scott Nicholas DEANS  
Scott Timothy PRESDT  
Scott Travis PRESDT  
Scott W D DEANS  
Scott-Notyce Karmen DEANS  
Scruggs LaToya DEANS  
Scruggs Sandra PRESDT  
Scudder Emiko DEANS  
Scuteri William DEANS  
Seals Melanie DEANS  
Seawright Latonya DEANS  
Seche Ariel DEANS  
Secor David DEANS  
Sedaghatpour Ali DEANS  
Seddiq Abeda DEANS  
Sedlak Shannon DEANS  
Seemann Matthew DEANS  
Seese Crystal DEANS  
Sefain Ashraf DEANS  
Segura Michael DEANS  
Sehgal Neetin DEANS  
Seid Mohammed DEANS  
Seidenberg Rachelle DEANS  
Seidlitz Elizabeth DEANS  
Seiff Anne DEANS  
Sekhon Jenney DEANS  
Selfe Susan DEANS  
Sellman Aaron PRESDT  
Seltzer Abbie DEANS  
Selwaeh Katherine DEANS  
Selz Gregory DEANS  
Semakula Joseph DEANS  
Semenov Lydia DEANS  
Semikina Liubov DEANS  
Sen Rumela DEANS  
Senedara Lisa DEANS  
Seng Oray DEANS  
Sengnou Seudieu Liliane mirabelle PRESDT  
Senzara Gakunzi DEANS  
Seo Eun-sil PRESDT  
Seo Minjung PRESDT  
Serenyi Amanda DEANS  
Serino Scott PRESDT  
Serrahn William DEANS  
Serrano Maria DEANS  
Serwaa Boadu Theodora DEANS  
Sesay Abdul DEANS  
sesay Isata PRESDT  
Setayeshi Arash PRESDT  
setsoafia lawer DEANS  
Settel Deepshikha DEANS  
Sevier Justin DEANS  
Sevilla Grace DEANS  
Sewell Tessa PRESDT  
Sexton David DEANS  
Sey Grace DEANS  
Seydi Marieme DEANS  
Seye Diagne DEANS  
Seyford Nicholas DEANS  
Seymore Tiffany PRESDT  
Seymour Katherine DEANS  
Seymour Thomas DEANS  
Seyyed Fauzia PRESDT  
Shabib Ryan DEANS  
Shack Jeffrey DEANS  
Shafer Leanne PRESDT  
Shaff Megan DEANS  
Shaffer Angela DEANS  
Shaffer David PRESDT  
Shah Henna PRESDT  
Shah Sehrish DEANS  
Shah Usman DEANS  
Shahi Banti PRESDT  
Shahid Roma DEANS  
Shahidi Mani DEANS  
Shahjahan Abu DEANS  
Shaikh Fozia DEANS  
Shaikh Zoya PRESDT  
Shaker Wice DEANS  
Shakya Shova PRESDT  
shalabi khaled DEANS  
Shamloo Erik DEANS  
Shanahan Jacquelyn DEANS  
Shanholtz Michele DEANS  
Shank Esther PRESDT  
Shankle Megan PRESDT  
Shanley Colleen DEANS  
Shannag Hatem DEANS  
Shanta Dennis DEANS  
Shapiro Jesse PRESDT  
Sharar Sanyan DEANS  
Sharif Onai DEANS  
Sharif-reyazi Homa DEANS  
Sharify Shala DEANS  
Sharkey Lora DEANS  
Sharma Sudha DEANS  
Sharmin Tanzila PRESDT  
Sharpe Benjamin DEANS  
Shattuck Kayla DEANS  
Shaukat Adnan DEANS  
Shavlik Shawn DEANS  
Shaw Catherine DEANS  
Shaw Katrina DEANS  
Shaw Robert DEANS  
Shaw Stania DEANS  
Shawuti Salayiding DEANS  
shawuti zulibukaer DEANS  
Shearer Brittany PRESDT  
Shearn Carisma PRESDT  
Sheedy Michael DEANS  
Sheets Melanie DEANS  
Shefawe Faisale DEANS  
Sheikh Fatima DEANS  
Sheikh Humera PRESDT  
Sheikh Qasim DEANS  
Sheimo Kassim DEANS  
Shekar Nirmala DEANS  
Sheleheda Hylary DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas PRESDT  
Shelmerdine Daniela PRESDT  
Shelton Tiffany DEANS  
Shepherd Sara DEANS  
Shepko Laura PRESDT  
Shepler Denise DEANS  
Sheppard Brendan PRESDT  
Sheppard Darlene DEANS  
Sheppard Tammy DEANS  
Sheraz Syed DEANS  
Sherbondy Janine DEANS  
Sheref Hannah DEANS  
Sherman Nicholas PRESDT  
Sherrill ChristyAnne DEANS  
Sherry Lindsay DEANS  
Sherwood Jody DEANS  
Shetty Sowmya DEANS  
Shi Shou DEANS  
Shields Jon DEANS  
shiferaw michael DEANS  
Shiffler Kristin DEANS  
Shifflett Kelly DEANS  
Shifflett Kristen DEANS  
Shim Sahng DEANS  
Shim Seong Hee PRESDT  
Shim Whui Su PRESDT  
Shima Elsion DEANS  
Shin Diana DEANS  
Shin Eun Soon PRESDT  
shin jamie DEANS  
SHIN Kwang Woo DEANS  
Shin MinHyung PRESDT  
Shin Seung-ran DEANS  
Shin Yong DEANS  
Shin Yoo Rim PRESDT  
Shinde Vidula PRESDT  
Shinn Greg DEANS  
Shirley Delores PRESDT  
Shirzadian Sepehr PRESDT  
Shisler Kristen PRESDT  
Shkolnikova Yekaterina PRESDT  
Sholokh Tereza PRESDT  
Shook Kevin DEANS  
Shooltz Kathleen PRESDT  
Shoop Bryan DEANS  
Shorish Bejan DEANS  
Showalter Scott PRESDT  
Shrestha Jeena DEANS  
Shrestha Manoj PRESDT  
Shrestha Rojina DEANS  
Shreve Hannah DEANS  
Shuaib Danieh DEANS  
Shuaib Pary PRESDT  
Shukrullah Sulaymon DEANS  
Shultz Anne DEANS  
Shumakova Alina PRESDT  
Shuster Rebecca DEANS  
Shvedova Iryna PRESDT  
Sial Omar PRESDT  
Sibay Samer DEANS  
Siddiki Rabelle DEANS  
Siddique Adeel DEANS  
Siddiqui Sharmin DEANS  
Sidiqi Maryam PRESDT  
Siegel Shaun DEANS  
Siemion Kelly PRESDT  
Sieve Caroline DEANS  
sifuentez steve DEANS  
Sigler Walker DEANS  
Sikandar Areeba DEANS  
Silence Lucie DEANS  
Siles Mishell PRESDT  
Sillah Memuna DEANS  
Sills Douglas DEANS  
Silva Danielle PRESDT  
Silva Michael DEANS  
Silverstein Ashley DEANS  
Simeonova Zorina DEANS  
Simi Alison DEANS  
Simkins Jonathan DEANS  
Simmons Colin DEANS  
Simmons Nicole PRESDT  
Simmons Victoria DEANS  
Sims James DEANS  
Sims Mary DEANS  
Sims Meredith DEANS  
Sinclair Irene-Margarette PRESDT  
Sindi Haveen DEANS  
Sindi Maryam PRESDT  
Singer Jeffrey PRESDT  
Singer Joshua DEANS  
Singh Balwinder DEANS  
Singh Gurbaz DEANS  
Singh Gurpreet DEANS  
Singh Harpreet DEANS  
Singh Jaspreet PRESDT  
Singh Jatinder DEANS  
Singh Jitendra DEANS  
Singh Manish DEANS  
Singh Manisha DEANS  
Singh Pritika PRESDT  
Singh Ravneet PRESDT  
Singh Sahil DEANS  
Sinkfield Chernenka DEANS  
Sinks James PRESDT  
Sintayehu Rahel DEANS  
Sioco Maria Carmela DEANS  
Sipes Deborah DEANS  
Siriwardena Janaka PRESDT  
Sirstins Melissa PRESDT  
Sisemore Katherine DEANS  
Sisk Ashlynne DEANS  
Sison Nicolle DEANS  
Sistoza Rachel DEANS  
Sitnik Andree DEANS  
Sitter Karen DEANS  
Siu Jessica DEANS  
Sivels Darrian DEANS  
Sizdahkhani Aram DEANS  
Skaff Kathryn PRESDT  
Skinner Talia PRESDT  
Skoog Patricia DEANS  
Skowronski Chad DEANS  
Skowronski Matthew PRESDT  
Slattery Carolyn PRESDT  
Slaubaugh Amy DEANS  
Slaughter Cynthia DEANS  
Slimp Laura PRESDT  
Sloan Taylor PRESDT  
Slocum Molly DEANS  
Slowey-Brown Judith DEANS  
Small Andrea DEANS  
Small Phillip DEANS  
Smathers Tracy PRESDT  
Smentkowski Stacie DEANS  
Smiell Mary DEANS  
Smit Johan DEANS  
Smit William DEANS  
Smith Ashley PRESDT  
Smith Audrey PRESDT  
Smith Barbara DEANS  
Smith Brendan DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Chris DEANS  
Smith Christina DEANS  
Smith Christopher PRESDT  
Smith Cory PRESDT  
Smith Courtney DEANS  
Smith Dallas DEANS  
Smith Dana DEANS  
Smith Donovan PRESDT  
Smith Erica DEANS  
Smith Glennda DEANS  
Smith Ian DEANS  
Smith James DEANS  
Smith Janet DEANS  
Smith Joshua PRESDT  
Smith Judy PRESDT  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Katie PRESDT  
Smith Kevin DEANS  
Smith Margaret DEANS  
Smith Matthew PRESDT  
Smith Montgomery DEANS  
Smith Nalen DEANS  
Smith Nicole DEANS  
Smith Paola DEANS  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Susan PRESDT  
Smith Tanita DEANS  
Smith Tony DEANS  
Smith William PRESDT  
Smith Zarela DEANS  
Smithers Jared PRESDT  
sneed mike DEANS  
Snell Laura DEANS  
Snellbaker Ladonna DEANS  
Snellings Jamie PRESDT  
Snider Heather DEANS  
Snodgrass Carlye DEANS  
Snoussi Mohammed PRESDT  
Snow Thomas DEANS  
Snowden Michael DEANS  
Snuffer Alexander DEANS  
Snyder Maria PRESDT  
Snyder Nicole DEANS  
So Jeansil DEANS  
Sobrio Tonya PRESDT  
Sohn Seohee DEANS  
Sohraby Sepehr DEANS  
Sohsalla Simone PRESDT  
Sokol Rita DEANS  
Sola Violetta DEANS  
Solano Mario PRESDT  
Solares Miguel DEANS  
Soles Brendan PRESDT  
Solis-Ledezma Jose DEANS  
Solomon Asmeret DEANS  
Solomon Efrem PRESDT  
Solomon Elizabet PRESDT  
Solomon Mehari DEANS  
Solomon Rachel PRESDT  
Solon Amelia DEANS  
Solosi Tiberiu DEANS  
Somaschini Vittoria DEANS  
Son Dat DEANS  
Son Ji Sun PRESDT  
Son Ju Hee DEANS  
Son Min DEANS  
Son Tony DEANS  
Son Yi Ok DEANS  
Song Chung-ah PRESDT  
Song Eun Hye PRESDT  
Song Hongsub DEANS  
Song Jin Young DEANS  
Sood Elisa PRESDT  
Sood Sheetal PRESDT  
Soria Shannon DEANS  
Soto Katheryn PRESDT  
Soto Noel PRESDT  
Souksaengmany David DEANS  
Southerland Christopher PRESDT  
Sova Nataliia DEANS  
Sowers Sean PRESDT  
Sozio Julie DEANS  
Spain David PRESDT  
Spalding John DEANS  
Sparks Stephanie PRESDT  
Speach George DEANS  
Spears Krystal DEANS  
Speckhard Camille DEANS  
spencer kristeen DEANS  
Sperling Donat PRESDT  
Spicer Jenice PRESDT  
Spielman Victoria DEANS  
Spindel Daniel PRESDT  
Spittal Dixie DEANS  
Spitzer Dewayne DEANS  
Spofford Haley DEANS  
Spradlin Matthew PRESDT  
Sprester Forrest DEANS  
Spurlock Kaitlin DEANS  
Sreang Sotheara DEANS  
St Clair Milenka DEANS  
St Sauveur Jeanelle DEANS  
Stackhouse TeShawna DEANS  
Stagman Kelsey DEANS  
Stagno Danielle DEANS  
Staller Emma DEANS  
Stallings Kevin DEANS  
Stames Caitlin PRESDT  
Stamper Ashley DEANS  
Stan Whitney DEANS  
Standrich Erica DEANS  
Stanford Jeanne DEANS  
Stanger Justin DEANS  
Stanislaus-Johnson Glenda DEANS  
Stanley Alyssa DEANS  
Stanley Aubrey PRESDT  
Stanley Terri DEANS  
Stanton Alex PRESDT  
Stanton Andrew DEANS  
Stanton-Hoyle Eric DEANS  
Staples Heather DEANS  
Stark John DEANS  
Starr Christine PRESDT  
Starrett Nicholas DEANS  
Starrs Elizabeth DEANS  
Stash Lindsay DEANS  
Stasik Matthew DEANS  
Stasny Jackson PRESDT  
Staudt Lisa PRESDT  
Stauffer Molly DEANS  
Stawowczyk Maryann DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
Steele Malia DEANS  
Steever Brittany DEANS  
Stegemiller April DEANS  
Stegherr Christopher DEANS  
Stein Tanya DEANS  
steinberg andrew DEANS  
Steiner Douglas DEANS  
Steiner Jessica PRESDT  
Steitz Ashley PRESDT  
Stephens Allison DEANS  
Stephens Jacob DEANS  
Stephens Marisa DEANS  
stephens nathaniel DEANS  
Stephenson Karen DEANS  
Sterling Jody DEANS  
Sterling Michael PRESDT  
Stets David DEANS  
Stevens Elizabeth DEANS  
Stevens Kristin PRESDT  
Stevens Norvin DEANS  
Stevens Sarah DEANS  
Stevenson Daniel DEANS  
Stevenson Kyle PRESDT  
Stewart Amber PRESDT  
Stewart Don PRESDT  
Stewart Kelsey DEANS  
Stewart Monica PRESDT  
Stewart Robin DEANS  
Stewart Samuel DEANS  
Stewart Stephen PRESDT  
Stewart Tomoko DEANS  
Stiles Colin DEANS  
Stiles Jacqueline DEANS  
Stiller Tyler PRESDT  
Stillman Jeremy DEANS  
Stiner Alyssa PRESDT  
Stitts Shane DEANS  
Stockslager Supinda DEANS  
Stoffel Jessica PRESDT  
Stoicu Daniela DEANS  
Stoker Rachel DEANS  
Stokes Catherine PRESDT  
Stolworthy Erika DEANS  
Stone Corey DEANS  
Stone Michael DEANS  
Stone Scott PRESDT  
Stoner Russel PRESDT  
Storvick Jonathan PRESDT  
Stout Kevin DEANS  
Stover John PRESDT  
Stowe Ashley PRESDT  
Stowe Serena DEANS  
Strain Mairead DEANS  
Strasel Emily PRESDT  
Straub Elise DEANS  
Street Erin PRESDT  
Stricker Carol DEANS  
Strickland Pamela DEANS  
Strickler Stephen DEANS  
Stroud Rebecca DEANS  
Stuart David PRESDT  
Stucky Barbara DEANS  
Studholme Michael DEANS  
Stukey Jetly DEANS  
Stuller Derek DEANS  
Stumpo Veronika DEANS  
Sturgill Phillip DEANS  
Suarez Alejandro DEANS  
Suarez Marcos DEANS  
Suarez Saul PRESDT  
Subedi Vivek PRESDT  
Sucher Anthony PRESDT  
Suciu Timothy DEANS  
Sudberry Richard DEANS  
Suer Anil DEANS  
Suh Daniel DEANS  
Suh Hyeong Seok DEANS  
Suh Jennifer PRESDT  
Suhana Shakila DEANS  
Sukol Sean DEANS  
Sullivan Dolan DEANS  
Sullivan Jonathan DEANS  
Sullivan Kirk DEANS  
Sullivan Matthew DEANS  
Sultani Khamza DEANS  
Sultani Zorah DEANS  
Sulzbach Julie DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Sun Jing DEANS  
Sun Xiaowei DEANS  
Sunde James DEANS  
Sunderland Matthew DEANS  
Sung Jin PRESDT  
Sung MiRi PRESDT  
Suresh Rishi PRESDT  
Surma Edmund DEANS  
Surmaty Hez PRESDT  
Suthard Crystal DEANS  
Sutherland Chelsea DEANS  
sutherland matthew DEANS  
Sutton Tiffany PRESDT  
Suxo Dayshva PRESDT  
Svetaka Uljana PRESDT  
Swain Dana DEANS  
Swan Devan DEANS  
Swann Katja PRESDT  
Swanson Christine DEANS  
Swanson Erin DEANS  
Swapan Morium DEANS  
Swartwood Joshua DEANS  
Swartz Amanda DEANS  
Swartz Tara DEANS  
Swazya Karin PRESDT  
Sweeney Frederick DEANS  
Sweeney Lauren DEANS  
Sweet Jessica DEANS  
Sweezy Dallas PRESDT  
Sweiderk Joseph PRESDT  
Sweigart Bonnie PRESDT  
Swiger Ashley DEANS  
Swiger Nicole PRESDT  
Swing Marshall DEANS  
Swink Peter DEANS  
Syckes Steven DEANS  
Sydlik Katrin PRESDT  
Syed Azghar DEANS  
Syed Fateeha PRESDT  
Syed Kamrul DEANS  
Syed Rasheduzzama DEANS  
Syed Ridwan DEANS  
Sylla Alpha Omar PRESDT  
Sylvia Leah DEANS  
Symoun Sudsenesav DEANS  
Synnestvedt Kiia DEANS  
Szalach Michael DEANS  
Szczechura Aneta PRESDT  
Szczepaniak Kamila DEANS  
Szoke Holly PRESDT  
Szostak Kari DEANS